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After The Last Round - Looks At The Effects Of Boxing On Fighters After Their Carrers Are Over ( 90 Minutes )

Alexander, Devon - Gateway To Greatness ( 30 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - The Whole Story
(6 Hours)

Ali, Muhammad on Sixty minutes

Ali, Muhammad - Outside The Lines

Ali, Muhammad - Dean Martin Celebrity Roast ( 1 Hour )

Ali, Muhammad – The Fighter
(90 Minutes)

Ali, Muhammad - Trevor Berbick; Pre-Fight Press Conference

Ali, Muhammad - Inside Story

Ali, Muhammad / Cus D'amato - Duke It Out

Ali / Frazier - One Nation, an HBO Special

Ali, Muhammad - Shooting From The Lip

Ali, Muhammad - Skills, Brains & Guts
(1 Hour)

Ali - The 5 Laws Of

Ali, Muhammad - A&E Biography

Ali Rap - Quotes and Predictions From Ali
(45 Minutes)

Alis, 65th - A tribute To Ali from Friends On His 65th Birthday
(40 Minutes)

Alis, Dozen - 12 Rounds That Define Ali
(45 Minutes)

Ali, Muhammad On Joe Namath Show

Ali, Muhammad On David Frost Show, 15-12-1969

Ali, Muhammad - Made In Miami ( 1 Hour )

Ali, Muhammad On David Parkinson Show, 1974

Ali, Muhammad - Meets Cathal ( 50 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - This Is Your Life ( 45 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad On David Parkinson Show 1971 ( 1 Hour )

Ali, Muhammad On David Parkinson Show 1981 ( 1 Hour )

Ali, Muhammad On Flip Wilson Show ( 10 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad 60th Birthday Special
(1 Hour)

Ali, Muhammad - Through The Eyes Of The World
(100 minutes)

Ali, Muhammad - Real Sports
(15 minutes)

30 For 30 – Muhammad & Larry : Documentary On The Holmes Vs Ali Fight , Pre and Post Fight ( 1 Hour )

Ali, Muhammad - An Audience With 27/12/1974 ( 45 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - 70th From Vegas ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - The Trials Of ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - I Am Ali ( Boxing Cinema ) ( 2 Hours )

Ali, Laila - Daddy’s Girl
(2 Hours)

Ali, Laila - On Emeril Live ( 1 Hour )

Ali, Laila - On Tim McCarver ( 25 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - The Mission ( 10 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - The Then And Now Of
David Frost Interviews Ali, 2003
(45 minutes)

Ali, Muhammad - Ringside

The Beginning
Part 1
(2 Hours)
Part 2
(2 Hours)
Part 3
(45 Minutes)

The Comeback

Part 1
(2 Hours)
Part 2
(2 Hours)
Part 3
(1 Hour)

The Final Chapter

Part 1
(2 Hours)
Part 2
30 Minutes)

Ali, Muhammad - Lives That Changed The World ( 45 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - Came To Ireland ( 50 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - Greatest Fight - Movie About Ali’s Draft Sentence and Cancellation ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - HBO Fight Game Tribute ( 1 Hour )

Ali, Muhammad - Birth Of A Legend ( 45 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - HBO Tribute ( 15 Minutes )

Ali, Muhammad - On Frank Skinner (2017) - BBC Documentary ( 1 Hour )

Ali, Laila – On Mad Sports
(20 minutes)

Alvarez, Canelo / Lopez - All Access Part 1,2 ( 25 Minutes Each )

Alvarez, Canelo - Portrait Of A Fighter ( 15 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Trout - All Access ( 15 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Angulo - All Access ( 25 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Angulo - All Access Part 2 ( 25 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Angulo - All Access Epilogue ( 20 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Angulo - Toe To Toe ( 25 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Lara - All Access Part 2 ( 25 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Lara - Weigh In Live ( 30 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Lara - All Access ( 25 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Lara - Countdown ( 25 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Lara - All Access - Epilogue ( 15 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Kirkland - 24/7 ( 30 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Cotto - 24/7 Parts 1,2 ( 30 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Cotto - Weigh In Live ( 1 Hour )

Alvarez, Canelo / Cotto - Face Off ( 15 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo - 2 Days ( 15 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Cotto - Preview Show ( 30 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Khan - 24/7 Parts 1&2 ( 30 Minutes Each )

Alvarez, Canelo / Khan - Countdown Words ( 30 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Khan - Face Off ( 15 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Khan - In Their Own Words ( 25 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Khan - Weign Inn Live ( 30 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Smith – The Road To ( 15 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Smith - Promo ( 30 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Smith - Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Chavez Jr – A Fighting Tradition ( 30 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Chavez Jr - Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Chavez Jr - Face Off ( 15 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Chavez Jr - Weigh Inn Live ( 50 Minutes )

Alvarez, Canelo / Chaver Jr - Promo ( 30 Minutes )

A Melbourne Story - The Tale Of Barry Michael Vs Lester Ellis

Assault In The Ring - The Story Of Resto vs Collins Cut Glove Fight ( 90 Minutes )

Atlas, Teddy - The Game 365 ( 25.00 )

Australian Heavyweight Tournament ( Winner take all in one night )

Misipati, Tafa W4 Kingsley Enedeghe
Kirby, Michael KO2 Nathan Briggs III
Nasio, Willie KO1 Royce Sio
Tuivasa, Tai KO1 Brett Smith
Kirby, Michael KO1 Tafa Misipati
Tuivasa, Tai KO1 Willie Nasio
Zappavigna, Leonardo KO10 Shuhei Tsuchiya
Kirby, Michael W4 Tai Tuivasa

Sixty Minutes Profiles - Ali, Foreman,Lyle
(45 minutes)

Bad Blood - UFC President Dana White Trains For His Upcoming Fight Against Tito Ortiz
(1 Hour)

Baer, Max - Tender Hearted Tiger ( 25 Minutes )

Barker, Darren - Ringside Special ( 1 Hour )

Basilio, Carmen Story - Fighting The Mob

Bayless, Kenny – Cornered (HBO ) (15.00 )

Bazooka – The Battles Of Wilfredo Gomez (In Spanish)
(1 Hour)

Belfast Boxers - Documentary: (1993) – BBC ( 30 Minutes )

Beltran, Ray - State Of Play ( 30 Minutes )

Benitez, Roberto - USA Olympic Pursuit
(30 minutes)

Benn, Nigel – My Childhood
(1 Hour)

Benn, Nigel – Ringside ( 50 Minutes )

Benn, Nigel Meets Fern Britton (BBC1) 4th December 2016 ( 1 Hour )

Benn, Nigel - Uncut: The Dark Destroyer (London Real) ( 2 Hours 50 Minutes )

Berg, Jack Kid - This Is Your Life ( 25 Minutes )

Between The Ropes - The Physics Of Boxing
(15 minutes)

Big John McCarthny On Jay’s Brawl Call
(25 minutes)

Bleed For This - The Vinnie Pazienza Story ( Movie 2 Hours )

Booth, Tony - I Could Have Been A Contender
(50 minutes)

Boston Boxing Documentary ( 25 Minutes )

Boxers' Greatest Fights - Hagler, Patterson, Hearns, Foreman, and Cooper review their favorite fights (80 minutes)

Boxing In America - The Immigrants ( 45 Minutes )

Boxing Gym - Looks At The Ins And Outs Of A Boxing Gym In Texas ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Boxing Natalia - Documentary About A Young Girl Trying To Make It To The 6th Womens World Amatuer Championships ( 1 Hour )

Boxing In & Out The Ring - Looks at today's promoters
(2 Hours)

Boxing: This Bloody Business - A Look At Promoters
(1 Hour)

Bozella, Dewey - Story – 26 Years ( 50 Minutes )

Bradley, Timothy - Portrait Of A Fighter ( 15.00 )

Bradley, Timothy / Marquez 24/7 - Part 1,2 ( 30 Minutes Each )

Bradley, Timothy / Marquez - Weigh Inns ( 1 Hour )

Broner, Adrian - Two Days ( 15 Minutes )

Broner, Adrian - All Access - Epilogue ( 15 Minutes )

Broner, Adrian - The Reveal ( 10 Minutes )

Bruno, Frank - Inside The Mind Of, 2003
(45 minutes)

Bruno, Frank - Tonight Interview, 2003
(25 minutes)

Bruno, Frank - Laid Bare, 2003
(50 minutes)

Bruno, Frank – Gloves Off 2005
(1 Hour)

Buffer, Michael - Cornered ( 15 Minutes )

Cadilli, Gil Story - Fighting For Life ( 55 Minutes )

Calzaghe, Joe - The Prince Of Wales
(75 minutes)

Calzaghe, Joe - Calzaghe Comes Home
(50 minutes)

Calzaghe, Joe - No Average Joe
(50 minutes)

Calzaghe, Joe / Bernard Hopkins – Countdown
(30 minutes)

Calzaghe, Joe - Jonathan Ross Show 2008
( 20 Minutes )

Calzaghe/ Jones Jr Preview On MSG ( 15 Minutes )

Calzaghe / Jones – 24/7 on HBO ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Calzaghe Clan – A look at Enzo Calzaghe Behind The Scenes and Home Life ( Reality Show ) ( 30 Minutes Each )

Calzaghe, Joe - Ringside ( 45 Minutes )

Episodes 1-4

Carter, Hurricane - Justice Denied
(1 Hour)

Carter, Hurricane - ESPN Classic Profile

Carter, Hurricane - On Larry King Show
(1 Hour)

Castillo, Jose Luis / Corrales II – Pre Fight Show
(30 minutes)

Castillo, Jose Luis / Corrales III Cancelation Aftermath
(25 minutes)

Celebrity Boxing Matches 1
(1 Hour)

Celebrity Boxing Matches 2
(90 minutes)

Chambers, Eddie - Fight Night 36 ( 25 minutes )

Champions - Dinner With Ali, Frazier, Foreman And Norton ( 30 Minutes )

Champions Forever - Ali, Frazier, Foreman And Norton ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Champs - Documentary -- Looks at the Carrers Of Hopkins, Holyfield & Tyson ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Chavez Jr, Julio Vs John Duddy – Preview ( Spanish ) 30 Minutes

Chavez Jr, Julio Cesar - 2 Days ( 15.00 )

Chavez Jr, Julio Cesar - Vera 2 – The Road To ( 15.00 )

Chavez Jr, Julio - All Access ( 30 Minutes )

Chisora, Dereck – All About The Green (London Real) ( 1 -40 )

Chuvalo, George - Interview ( 50 Minutes )

Chuvalo, George - In This Corner ( 25.00 )

Cinderella Man – The James Braddock Story
(45 minutes)

Clash Of The Titans - Eubank Vs. Benn Saga

CNBC – UFC - A Fistfull Of Dollars ( 1 Hour )

Cooney, Gerry - After The Garden
(30 minutes)

Cooper, Henry - Our Enry A Tribute To Sir Henry Cooper ( 45.00 )

Cooper, Henry - This Is Your Life 1970 ( 25 Minutes )

Corbett, Jim - The Gentleman Prize Fighter ( 75 Minutes )

Corrales, Diego – ESPN Tribute
(10 minutes)

Cotto / Abduleav Pre Fight
(25 minutes)

Cosell, Howard - Telling It The Way It Is

Cotto / Judah Countdown
(30 minutes)

Cotto / Mosley Countdown
(30 minutes)

Cotto, Miguel - A Champion On A Mission ( 1 Hour )

Cotto / Mayorga Preshow – Relentless ( 30 Minutes )

Cotto / Mayorga Weigh Inns ( 30 Minutes )

Cotto/ Margarito 2 - Face Off ( 15 Minutes )

Cotto/ Margarito 2 - 24/7 – Parts 1,2 - ( 30 Minutes Each )

Cotto, Miguel / Martinez - Weigh Inns ( 1 Hour )

Cotto, Miguel / Martinez 24/7 - Parts 1,2 ( 30 Minutes each )

Cotto, Miguel / Martinez - Face Off ( 15 Minutes )

Cotto, Miguel - The Game 365 Conversations With Fran Healy ( 25 Minutes )

Cotto, Miguel - A Retrospective HBO ( 30 Minutes )

Countdown To Shamrock Vs Baroni
(30 minutes)

Couture, Randy - All Access
(20 minutes)

Couture, Randy - Biography ( 1 Hour)

Crawford, Terrence - My Fight ( 30 Minutes )

Crawford, Terrence / Postol Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Crawford, Terrence / Postol Weigh Inn Live ( 1 Hour )

Crime Fighters - Documentary About Boxers And Crime ( 45 Minutes )

Cuban Boxing Documentary
(50 minutes)

Darcy, Les - The Maitland Wonder

Dawson / Ward - Road To 24/7 ( 30.00 )

DeLeyenda ; El Boxeo Mexicano - Mexican Boxing Documentary ( In Spanish ) ( 45.00 )

De La Hoya, Oscar - A&E Biography

De La Hoya, Oscar On Millionaire

De La Hoya - Vargas Press Conference, Feb. 2002
(40 minutes)

De La Hoya - Vargas; Pre-Fight Show
(30 minutes)

De La Hoya – Mayorga Pre Fight Show
(30 minutes)

De La Hoya, Oscar On Jay Leno Show ( Pre Mayweather Fight )
(10 minutes)

De La Hoya, Oscar – Photo Scandal On Entertainment Tonight
(15 minutes)

De La Hoya, Oscar - Center Stage ( 45 Minutes )

De La Hoya, Oscar - Punked ( 6 Minutes )

De La Hoya, Oscar - In Depth With Graham Bensinger (25 Minutes)

Donaire, Nonito - Two Days ( 15 Minutes )

Donaire, Nonito - In this corner (part 1) 30 Minutes )

Douglas, Buster - Mike Tyson; Post-Fight Studio Interviews
(1 Hour)

Douglas, Buster - Where Are They Now ?
(20 minutes)

Douglas, Buster – In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Douglas, Buster - 15 minutes Of Fame
(30 minutes)

Duddy, John - The Contender
(30 minutes)

Duddy, John –BBC Documentary – Season Ticket
(30 minutes)

Dundee, Angelo - Secrets Of Boxing ( 1 Hour )

Duran, Roberto - Greatest Hits

Duran, Roberto - Beyond The Glory

Durelle, Yvon - Story ( 50 Minutes )

Eklund, Dick - High On Crack Street – Lost Lives In Lowell ( 1 Hour )

ESPN Boxing KO’s And Bloppers ( 30 Minutes )

ESPN 30 for 30 – No Mas: The Story Of Duran Vs Leonard ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Eubank, Chris – Uncut: Simply The Best (London Real) ( 2 Hours 25 Minutes )

Eubank, Chris meets Louis Theroux - A behind-the-scenes look at Eubank the family man (50 minutes)

At Home With The Eubanks (25 minutes Each)
Episodes 1-8

Eubank, Chris - Sports Life Stories ( 50 Minutes )

Fan Man - Whatever Happened To ?
(15 minutes)

The Fight - 4 Part BBC Series
(1 Hour Each)

Part 1.  The Rules Of The Ring - Looks at Dempsey, Tyson and John L. Sullivan

Part 2.  Black and White - Looks at Jack Johnson and Joe Louis

Part 3.  A Dirty Business - Looks at The Mob’s Involvement With Boxing

Part 4.  The Closest Thing To Dying - Looks at Ali Vs. Frazier 1

Fenech, Jeff - I Love You’se All - A Look At Fenech In The Lead Up To Nelson 3 ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Fenech, Jeff – In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Fedor Vs Rogers ( 30 Minutes ) -

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 1 ( 20 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 2 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 4 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 3 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 5 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 6 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 7 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 8 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 9 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 10 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 11 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Inside The Super 6 World Boxing Classic – Part 12 ( 30 Minutes )

Fight Camp 360 - Pacquiao vs Mosley ( Part 1 ) 30 Minutes )
Fight Camp 360 - Pacquiao vs Mosley ( Part 2 ) 30 Minutes
Fight Camp 360 - Pacquiao vs Mosley ( Part 3 ) 45 Minutes
Fight Camp 360 - Pacquiao vs Mosley ( Part 4 ) 45 Minutes
Fight Camp 360 - Pacquiao vs Mosley ( Part 5 ) 15 Minutes

Fight For Life Charity Event - Watch The Warriors From Down Under Put The Gloves On For Charity; Australian Rules Football Vs. Rugby League Footballers, including Jacko (2 Hours)

Fight Like A Girl – Inside Story
(1 Hour)

Fight Science - MMA
(45 Minutes)

Fightville - Doc On MMA Fighting ( 90 Minutes )

Fighters : Road To Golden Gloves ( 30 Minutes )

Foreman, George - Blow By Blow

Foreman, George - Relatively Speaking
(1 Hour)

Foreman, George – Beyond The Glory
(45 Minutes)

Foreman, George – The Big Deal With Donny Deutsh ( 35 Minutes )

Foreman, George On Quite Frankly
(35 Minutes)

Foreman, George On Jimmy Kimmel Show
(10 Minutes)

Foreman, George - CNBC Titans ( 45 Minutes )

Forrest, Vernon - Jim Rome Show, Feb 2002
(15 minutes)

Frampton, Carl - The Reveal ( 10 Minutes )

Frazier, Joe - Beyond The Glory
(45 Minutes)

Frazier, Joe - Centerstage
(45 Minutes)

Frazier, Joe – The Thrilla In Manilla ( Joe Speaks about Ali & Fights ) ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Frazier, Joe – Hall Of Fame Interview ( 20 Minutes )

Frazier, Joe – Howard Stern Show 1995 ( 45 Minutes )

Frazier, Joe – Howard Stern Show 1996 ( 30 Minutes )

Frazier, Joe – Howard Stern Show 2008 ( 30 Minutes )

Frazier, Joe – Howard Stern Show 2009 ( 55 Minutes )

Frazier, Joe – On Dick Cavett Show 1973 ( 20 Minutes )

Frazier, Joe - In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Frazier, Joe – The Best Damn Sports Show, 2004
(10 Minutes)

Froch / Groves 2 - Behind The Ropes – Part 1 ( 30 Minutes )

Froch / Groves 2 - Behind The Ropes – Part 2 ( 30 Minutes )

Froch / Groves 2 - The Gloves Are Off ( 25 Minutes )

Fury, Tyson - The Gypsy King ( 20 Minutes )

Garcia, Danny - The Reveal ( 10 Minutes )

Garcia, Mikey - 2 Days ( 15 Minutes )

Gatti, Arturo - 48 Hours Mystery – Gattis Last Fight ( 40 Minutes )

Glory Road - The Story Of Phillipine Boxing

Golovkin, Gennady - 2 Days ( 15 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Geale - Road To ( 15 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Lemieux - Road To ( 15 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Lemieux - Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Lemieux - Weigh In Live ( 30 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Jacobs - Weigh In Live ( 30 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Jacobs - Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Jacobs - 24/7 ( 30 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Alvarez – Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Alvarez – Episode 1 - 24/7 ( 30 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Alvarez – Episode 2 - 24/7 ( 30 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Alvarez – Under The Lights ( 15 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Alvarez – Mano A Mano ( 25 Minutes )

Golovkin, Gennady / Alvarez – Weigh In Live ( 1 Hour )

Gonzalez, Roman - 2 Days ( 25 Minutes )

Graciano, Rocky - ESPN Classic

Gracie, Rickson - Choke ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )

Griffith, Emile Story – Ring Of Fire

Green, Danny Sparring James Toney Snippets

Green, Danny – Story – Traces His carrer from pro debut to 2nd Beyer Loss
(1 Hour 30 Minutes)

Green, Danny - Closed Fists, Open Heart – Interview with Green talking about carrer and retirement with fight highlights ( 2 Hours )

Green, Danny / Jones Jr Preview – Nothing Else Matters ( 1 Hour )

Guerrero, Robert - In This Corner ( 25.00 )

Bud Greenspan's Reflections - Pound For Pound, Non Heavyweights
(50 Minutes)

Hagler, Marvin - Sports Century
(45 Minutes)

Hamed, Naseem - Greatest Hits

Hamed, Naseem - The Prince Who Was King

Hamed, Naseem - The Little Prince / The Big Fight - All The Lead Up And behind the scenes to Naz’s fight vs Barrera ( 1 Hour )

Hamed, Naseem - Sporting Heroes ( 50 Minutes )

Harrison, Scott - On The Ropes ( 40 Minutes )

Hatton / Tszyu – Pre Fight
(20 minutes)

Hatton, Ricky - David Parkinson Show Pre Mayweather Fight 2007
(20 minutes)

Hatton, Ricky - Seconds Out ( 25 Minutes )

Hatton, Ricky - The Fightback ( 45 Minutes )

Hatton, Ricky / Juan Lazcano Countdown On Sky Sports UK ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )

Hatton, Ricky - Speaks – Ricky Before His Fight With Paul Malignaggi ,In Studio With Guests And Family.

Hatton, Ricky - The Comeback ( 45 Minutes )

Haye, David – Harrison Build Up - Behind The Ropes ( 2 Hours )

HBO Tribute – Gatti, Arguello, Forrest ( 15 Minutes )

Episodes - 1,2,3,4 ( 50 Minutes each )

Hamer, Tor On Carson Daly Show ( 6 Minutes )

Hernandez, Carlos - More Than Famous
(1 Hour)

High On Crack - HBO Doc Featuring Dick Eklund ( 1 Hour )

High Stakes With Ben Mezrich – A Look At Behind The Scenes Of Boxing
(25 minutes)

The Hitman – Ricky Hatton
(1 Hour)

Holmes, Larry - Ringside – Talks About His Carrer ( 50 Minutes )

Hollywood's Love Affair with Boxing
(40 minutes)

Holyfield, Evander - Beyond The Glory
(1 Hour)

Holyfield, Evander On Real Sports 2005

Holyfield, Evander - The Real Deal
(1 Hour)

Holyfield / Tyson - In Focus
(25 minutes)

Holyfield, Evander - Sports Century ( 45 Minutes )

Holyfield, Evander - Legend ( 25 Minutes )

Hopkins, Bernard on Jim Rome Show, Feb. 2002
(15 minutes)

Hopkins, Bernard on Real Sports, 2004
(15 minutes)

Hopkins / De La Hoya Interview; Pre-Fight

Hopkins, Bernard Interview 2004
(15 Minutes)

Hopkins, Bernard – Undisputed; Pre-De La Hoya

Hopkins, Bernard / Tarver On Quite Frankly With Stephen Smith
(45 Minutes)

Hopkins, Bernard / Tarver – HBO Preview
(25 Minutes)

Hopkins / Wright - Countdown
(30 Minutes)

Hopkins / Pavlik - Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Hopkins / Pascal 2 - Face Off ( 15 Minutes )

Hopkins, Bernard / Kovalev - 24/7 ( 30 Minutes )

Hughes, Matt - Life Story ( 1 Hour )

Irish Jack Doyle – A Legend Lost ( Doco about 1930’s Irish Heavyweight ( 1 Hour )

Irish Ropes - Documentary
(25 Minutes)

Inside The UFC Parts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
(25 Minutes Each)

Jackson, Quinton - All Access
(20 minutes)

Jackson, Quinton - Special
(40 minutes)

Jacobs, Daniel / Quillin All Access ( 30 Minutes )

Jacobs, Daniel - I Am Fighter ( 10 Minutes )

Jacobs, Jimmy - Sports Is A Tough Business ( 55 Minutes )

Jawbone - Movie ( 1 hour 30 Minutes)

Jays Brawl Call - Evan Tanner ( 25 Mintes )

Jays Brawl Call - Vendetta In Aruloa ( 25 Mintes )

Jays Brawl Call - Extreme Cage Fighting ( 25 Mintes )

Jays Brawl Call - Jens Pulver ( 25 Mintes )

Jays Brawl Call - The Art Of Fighting 4 ( 25 Mintes )

Jays Brawl Call - UWC Capital Punishment ( 25 Mintes )

Jays Brawl Call - Traumatized ( 45 Minutes )

Jays Brawl Call - Polynesia ( 25 Minutes )

Jays Brawl Call - Banner Promotions ( 30 Minutes )

Jennings, Bryant - Fight Night 36 ( 30 Minutes )

Jennette, Joe - The Boxer Who Refused To Quit ( 25 Minutes )

Jones Jr, Roy - Beyond The Glory
(1 Hour)

Jones Jr, Roy / John Ruiz; Pre-Fight Show
(30 minutes)

Jones Jr, Roy - The Sweet Science
(1 Hour)

Jones Jr, Roy - Greatest KO’s

Jones Jr, Roy - Greatest Power Shots

Jones Jr, Roy - The Game 365
(25 minutes)

Jones Jr, Roy / Trinidad - Countdown
(30 minutes)

Jones Jr, Roy - Halls Of Fame ( 20 Minutes )

Jones Jr, Roy - (part 2) ( 30 Minutes )

Johnson, Glen 2006 - In This Corner
(30 minutes)

Johnson, Jack – Unforgivable Blackness Part 1
(2 Hours)

Johnson, Jack – Unforgivable Blackness Part 2
(1 Hour 45 minutes)

Johnson, Jack - Boxing's Best
(1 Hour)

Johnson, Jack - The Best Years
(50 minutes)

Judah, Zab - Fight Night 36 ( 25 Minutes )

Khan, Amir - His Story So Far - After Limond Fight
(50 Minutes)

Khan, Amir - Tony Lopez Show July 2011 ( 10 Minutes )

Khan, Amir / Alexander – Weigh Inn ( 30 Minutes )

Khan, Amir - 2 Days ( 10 Minutes )

Khan, Amir ( 2015 ) - In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

King, Don on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch

King, Don – EZPN Sports Century
(25 Minutes)

King, Don Interview ( 30 Minutes )

King, Don - Unauthorized ( 1 Hour )

Kings Of The Ring - Special On Ali, Dempsey, Louis

Kirkland, James - 2 Days – Portrait Of A Fighter ( 15 Minutes )

Klitschko / Haye - Behind The Ropes ( 50 Minutes )

Klitschko / Haye - Countdown ( 1 Hour )

Klitschko / Haye - Face Off ( 15 Minutes )

Klitschko - Inside The Ropes - Documentary On The Brothers ( 2 Hours )

Klitschko, Wladimir - Conan O’Brien Show 2012 ( 7.00 )

Klitschko - HBO Films ( 2 Hours )

Klitschko, Vitali - Hardtalk ( Talks Boxing and Politics ) ( 25 Minutes )

Kovalev, Sergey - 2 Days ( 15 Minutes )

Kovalev, Sergey/ Pascal - The Road To ( 15 Minutes )

Knuckle - Documentary On Bare Knuckle Fighting In Ireland ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Kovalev, Sergey / Hopkins 24/7 ( 30 Minutes )

The Last Round - Chuvalo Vs. Ali Documentary
(100 minutes)

Laing, Kirkland Interview With Steve Bunce
(10 Minutes)

Lane, Mills - Behind The Fights ( 45 Minutes )

Lasheen, Johar Abu – Raging Dove
(1 Hour)

Leonard, Ray - ESPN Classic Documentary

Leonard, Ray – Beyond The Glory

Leonard, Ray - Interview With Michael Schiavello ( 55 Minutes )

Leonard, Ray - Interviewed By Hugh Mcllvaney (Ch 4 – 1988 ) 55 Minutes

Leonard, Ray / Hearns - In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Lesnar, Brock - UFC All Access ( 20 Minutes )

Lewis - Rahman Studio Brawl
(1 Hour)

Lewis - Tyson Preview; Making Of History
(30 minutes)

Lewis, Lennox - Tyson; Pre-Fight Interviews and Stories
(1 Hour)

Lewis, Lennox - Tyson; Post-Fight Interviews and Wrapup
(40 minutes)

Lewis, Lennox - Beyond The Glory
(1 Hour)

Lewis, Lennox - Holyfield HBO Preview
(25 minutes)

Lewis, Lennox - Holyfield II Preview
(30 minutes)

Lewis, Lennox - Vitali Klitschko; Post-Fight Press Conference
(30 minutes)

Lewis, Lennox On Carson Daly Show 2008
(10 minutes)

Liddell, Chuck - All Access
(20 minutes)

Liddell, Chuck / Griffin, Forrest / Holmes, Larry on Dennis Miller Show ( 35 Minutes )

Liddell, Chuck - Ultinate Iceman

Liddell, Chuck – Spike TV Profile ( 1 Hour )

Lionel – 2008 Documentary On the life and carreer of Legendary Australian Boxer Lionel Rose, Includes interviews and highlights…( 1 hour 30 Minutes )

Liston, Sonny - A&E Biography

Liston, Sonny - The Mysterious Life & Death Of A Champion

Liston, Sonny - The Champ Nobody Wanted
(50 minutes)

Liston, Sonny - Behind The Fights ( 45 Minutes )

Lodge Boys - Story Of The Fitzroy Lodge Gym ( 50 Minutes )

Lomachenko, Vasyl – 2 Days ( 15 Minutes )

Lomachenko, Vasyl / Rigondeaux – Weigh In Live ( 25 Minutes )

Louis, Joe - The Brown Bomber

Louis / Schmeling – An American Experience (90 minutes)

Louis, Joe - The Man That Beat Hitler

Louis, Joe – Americas Hero Betrayed ( 90 Minutes )

Louis, Joe - Ringside ( 6 Hours )

Lyle, Ron – One On One
(25 minutes)

Macho Monuments - Gleason's Gym

Madison Square Garden – The Mecca Of Boxing
(50 minutes)

Maidana, Marcos /Broner All Access – Part 2 ( 30 Minutes )

Maskaev, Oleg / Rahman II - Countdown
(25 minutes)

Ringside (Rocky Marciano) – Teddy Atlas, Brian Kinney and Bert Sugar discuss Rocky Marciano's career between watching highlights and full fights.

Part 1 (2 Hours)
Part 2 (2 Hours)
Part 3 (1 Hour)

Ringside (Evander Holyfield) – Teddy Atlas, Brian Kinney and Bert Sugar discuss Rocky Marciano's career between watching highlights and full fights.

Part 1 (2 Hours)
Part 2 (30 Minutes)

Ringside (Lennox Lewis) – Teddy Atlas, Brian Kinney and Bert Sugar discuss Lennox Lewis's career between watching highlights and full fights.

Part 1 (2 Hours)
Part 2 (30 Minutes)

Malignaggi, Paul - Magic Man ( Documentary )
(1 Hour 30 minutes)

Manicini, Ray - Story – Triumph & Tragedy ( 50 Minutes )

Mancini, Ray – In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Manicini, Ray - The Good Son – The Story Of Mancini Vs Kim. Ray meets Kim’s family years later ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Marciano, Rocky - A Life Story ( 2 Hours )

Marciano, Rocky - Behind The Fights ( 45 Minutes )

Margarito, Antonio / Miguel Cotto - Countdown ( 30 Mintes )

Margarito, Antonio / Miguel Cotto - Pre Show ( 15 Minutes )

Marquez, Juan Manuel / Alvarado - The Road To ( 15 Minutes )

Martinez / Chavez Jr - Face Off ( 15.00 )

Martinez / Chavez Jr - 24/7 - Part 1 ( 30.00 )

Martinez, Sergio - 2 Days ( 15 Minutes )

Mayorga/ Vargas - Countdown ( 25 Minutes )

Mayweather / Gatti – HBO Pre Fight
(30 minutes)

Mayweather / Gatti – MSG Preview
(30 minutes)

Mayweather, Floyd On Quite Frankly 2006
(30 minutes)

Mayweather, Floyd - Soul Of A Champion
(1 Hour)

Mayweather, Floyd - Countdown To Baldomir ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd / Baldomir – Pre Fight Show ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / De La Hoya - HBO Interview
(15 minutes)

Mayweather / De La Hoya - 24/7 - Pre Fight Show
(2 Hours)

Mayweather, Floyd On Craig Ferguson Show
(5 minutes)

Mayweather / Hatton - 24/7 - Prefight Show ( 2 Hours )

Mayweather / Hatton Post Fight Interview with Teddy Atlas On ESPN ( 15 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd Vs The Big Show at Wrestlemania 24 – all build up and fight
(1 Hour 15 minutes)

Mayweather, Floyd - Countdown To Marquez ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Marquez - Weigh Inns ( 50 Minutes )

Mayweather / Marquez - 24/7 - Prefight Show ( 2 Hours )

Mayweather / Mosley - 24/7 - ( 2 Hours )

Mayweather / Mosley - PPV Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Ortiz - Face Off ( 15 Minutes )

Mayweather / Ortiz 24/7 Overtime Live ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Ortiz Weigh Inns ( 35 Minutes )

Mayweather / Ortiz In And Out Of The Ring ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Ortiz - Fight Day Live ( 1 Hour )

Mayweather / Ortiz - Star Power ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Ortiz 24/7 ( 2 Hours )

Mayweather / Ortiz 24/7 The Fight - Pre , Post & Fight ( 1 Hour )

Mayweather / Cotto 24/7 - Part 1,2,3,4 ( 2 Hours )

Mayweather / Guerrero - All Access Parts 1,2,3,4 ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd - 30 Days In May ( 1 Hour )

Mayweather, Floyd - “ Mayweather “ ( 45 Minutes )

Mayweather / Alvarez - All Access Part 1,2,3,4,5 ( 30 Minutes Each )

Mayweather / Alvarez - Weigh In Live ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Alvarez - Showtime Preview ( 1 Hour )

Mayweather / Alvarez - CBS Post Fight Press Confrence ( 1 Hour 5 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana - All Access ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana - All Access Part 2 ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana - Showtime Countdown Live ( 1 Hour )

Mayweather / Maidana - Post Fight Press Confrence ( 1 Hour 20 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana - All Access – Epilogue ( 20 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana - All Access Part 3 ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana - Pre Fight Press Confrence ( 1 Hour 5 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana - Weigh Inns ( 55 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana - The Moment - GBP Promotions ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana - One On One – Fox Sports ( 20 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana II - All Access – Parts 1,2,3 ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana II - All Access – Epilogue ( 20 Minutes )

Mayweather / Maidana II - Weigh Inns ( 50 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - At Last ( 1 Hour )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - Press Conference ( 50 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - Behind The Scenes ( 25 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - HBO Countdown Live ( 55 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - Inside – Showtime Parts 1,2,3 ( 25 Minutes Each )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - Inside – Showtime Epilogue ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - Mayweather Open Workout ( 1 Hour 10 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - Pacquiao Open Workout ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - Post Fight Press Confrence ( 1 Hour )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - The Legends Speak ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ Pacquiao - Weign Inn Live ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather / Berto - All Access – Parts 1,2 ( 30 Minutes )

Part - 3 ( 15 Minutes )

Mayweather / Berto - All Access – Epilogue ( 15 Minutes )

Mayweather / Berto - Weigh In Live ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ McGregor - All Access Episodes 1,2,3,4 ( 30 Minutes Each )

Mayweather, Floyd/ McGregor - Post Fight Show ( 1 Hour 25 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ McGregor - Pre Fight Press Confrence ( Las Vegas ) ( 2 Hours )

Mayweather, Floyd/ McGregor - Weigh Inn Live ( Fox Sports 1 - 50 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ McGregor - Weigh Inn Live ( Showtime 50 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ McGregor - 2 Days Out ( 45 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ McGregor - All Access – Epilogue ( 30 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ McGregor - How Conor Wins ( 25 Minutes )

Mayweather, Floyd/ McGregor - Pre Fight Show Fox Sports ( 45 Minutes )

McBride, Kevin - I Beat Mike Tyson ( 15 Minutes )

McGuigan, Barry -- Meets Gerry
(25 Minutes)

McGuigan, Barry - In Sunshine In Shadow ( Documentary On Barry’s Carrer ) ( 1 Hour )

McGuigan, Barry - Life Stories ( 45 Minutes )

McCullough, Wayne - The Fight Of His Life
(30 minutes)

Miletich - Ultimate Team

Mitchell, Seth - 2 Days ( 15 Minutes )

Molina, Eric / Adamek – Pre Fight ( 35 Minutes )

Moore, Archie - ESPN Classic Documentary

Morel, Eric – CBS Interview ( 10.00 )

Morrison, Tommy ESPN 30 For 30 ( 1 Hour 20 Minutes )

Mosley, Shane / Vargas – Pre Fight
(30 minutes)

Mosley, Shane / Vargas II – Pre Fight
(30 minutes)

Mosley, Shane On Tony Lopez Tonight 2011 ( 10 Minutes )

Mosley, Shane / Anthony Mundine – Before The Bell ( Preview 30 Minutes )

Narvaez, Omar – Carrer Highlights In Spanish
(2 Hours)

Nelson,, Azumah - Zoom Zoom – Interviews and Highlights Of Nelson’s Carrer ( 1 Hour )

Never Give Up - A Boxing Survival Story ( Anthony Dirrell & Daniel Jacobs ) 20 Minutes

Norton, Ken / Muhammad Ali - Robbed – 30 for 30 ( 30 Minutes )

The Next Great Champ – Reality TV Show To Find A World Champion Boxer
Episodes 1-9 (1 Hour Each)

Olympic Champions - The Road To Glory
(45 minutes)

On The Ropes - Academy Award winning special on a Small American Boxing Gym (2 Hours)

Ortiz, Tito - All Access ( 20 Minutes )

Ortiz, Victor - All Access ( 30 Minutes )

O’Sullivan, Shawn - 16.9 – The Big Picture (25 Minutes )

Owen, Johnny - The Long Journey
(40 minutes)

Ouma, Kassim - Inside Sports (15 Minutes)

Outback Fight Club - The Last Of Australias Outback Travelling Tent Boxing Shows ( 2 Hours )

Pacquiao, Manny - No Fear; Highlights & Interviews of Manny’s Career Up Until Ledwaba Fight (90 minutes)

Pacquiao, Manny - The Peoples Champion; Highlights & Interviews of Manny’s Career from Ledwaba to Barrera (90 Minutes)

Pacquiao, Manny / Morales II – Pre Fight Show
(30 Minutes)

Pacquiao, Manny / Barrera II - Countdown
(25 Minutes)

Pacquiao, Manny / Marquez II - Countdown
(30 Minutes)

Pacquiao, Manny / Diaz Countdown ( 15 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Oscar De La Hoya - 24/7
( 2 Hours )

Pacquiao, Manny / Ricky Hatton – 24/7 ( 2 Hours )

Pacquiao, Manny / Ricky Hatton – Weigh Inns ( 1 hour )

Pacquiao, Manny / Ricky Hatton – Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Pacquiao / Cotto – Weigh Inns

Pacquiao, Manny - Jimmy Kimmel Show 2009 ( 10 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny - Rise To Greatness ( 1 Hour )

Pacquiao / Clottey - The Road To ( HBO ) ( 30 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny - Jimmy Kimmel Show 2010 ( 10 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Antonio Margarito – 24/7 ( 2 Hours )

Pacquiao, Manny - In Depth With Graham Bensinger 2010 ( 25 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Antonio Margarito – Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny - On 60 Minutes 2010 ( 15 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny - Jimmy Kimmel Show 2010 ( 15 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny - In Depth With Graham Besinger ( 20 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / J M Marquez III – Face Off ( 15 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / J M Marquez III – 24/7 ( 30 Minutes Each )

Pacquiao, Manny / Marquez III - Weigh In Live ( 30 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Marquez III - Overtime ( 30 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Marquez III - Fight Day Now – Preview with fighters, celebs and experts on the day of the fight ( 1 Hour )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley – Face Off ( 15.00 )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley – The Road To ( 30 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley – 24/7 Part 1,2,3

Pacquiao, Manny / Marquez IV - 24/7 - Parts 1,2,3,4 ( 30 Minutes Each )

Pacquiao, Manny - Jimmy Kimmel Show 11/21/ 2012 ( 10 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Rios – Face Off ( 15 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Rios – 24/7 Parts 1,2,3 ( 30 Minutes Each )

Pacquiao, Manny / Rios - Top Rank Pre Show ( 30 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Rios - Weign Inn Live ( 1 Hour )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley II – 24/7 Part 1

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley II Interview – HBO ( 10 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley II - The Road To – HBO ( 30 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley II – Face Off ( 15.00 )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley II – Countdown ( 30.00 )

Pacquiao, Manny / Algieri – 24/7 Parts 1 ( 30 Minutes Each )

Pacquiao, Manny - Motion Picture 2015 ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Algieri – Under The Lights ( 15 Minutes )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley III – Countdown ( 30.00 )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley III – Legacy On The Line ( 30.00 )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley III – Under The Lights ( 15.00 )

Pacquiao, Manny / Bradley III – Weigh Inn Live ( 30.00 )

Pacquiao, Manny / Vargas – Weigh Inn Live ( 1 Hour )

Pavlik, Kelly / Taylor Countdown
(30 Minutes)

Pavlik, Kelly - Prelude To A Championship
(25 Minutes)

Pavlik, Kelly / Taylor II Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Pavlik, Kelly / Taylor II Preview ( 30 Minutes )

Pavlik, Kelly : Ringside With The Champ ( 30 Minutes )

Pavlik, Kelly / Robio Countdown ( 15 Minutes )

Perfect 10 Model Boxing - WARNING: Full Nudity Previews
(90 minutes)

Pryor, Aaron - In This Corner ( 25.00 )

Prison Boxing – A Look Into The Prison Boxing Program; Focus On Cliff Ettiene (50 Minutes)

Prison Fighters – 5 Rounds To Freedom ( A look Into Thailands Muay Thai Fighting Jail Realese Program) ( 1.30 )

Provodnikov, Ruslan – 2 Days ( 15 Minutes )

Ramirez, Gilberto / Ahmed - Weigh In Live ( 25 Minutes )

Rigondeaux, Guillermo / Donaire - Road To ( 15 Minutes )

Rijker, Lucia – In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Rios, Brandon / Alvarado III - The Road To ( 15 Minutes )

Qawi, Dwight Muhammad – In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Smoger, Steve – In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Spinks, Michael – In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Spinks, Leon – In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Sunnyside Gardens – The History Of ( 25 Minutes )

The Lineup : Greatest Fight ( 25 Minutes )

The Lineup : Greatest Heavyweight ( 25 Minutes )

The Fight Of Their Lives - Benn / McCllelan ( 1 Hour )

The Culture Show With Tony Parsons – The Art Of Boxing (30 Minutes )

The Best Of Boomer And Carlton - Don King & Ray Leonard Interviews ( 1 Hour )

The Rocky Saga - Going The Distance ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

The Fighters - Gym owner and former fighter Peter Welch enlists Boston’s top boxing trainers in the fight to revive boxing in Boston. Episodes 1,2,3 ( 45 minutes each )

The Fight Game – Hosted By Jim Lampley Inludes Intervies, Stories, Profiles. ( 30 Minutes Each )

Episodes- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14

The Fight Game - Season 5 Episodes 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9 ( 30 Minutes Each )

The Fight Game - Season 6 Episodes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 ( 30 Minutes Each )

The Lineup: Greatest Fight of All Time – MSG ( 25.00 )

The Lineup: Greatest Heavyweight of All Time – MSG ( 25.00)

The Undercard – 6 Boxers , 2 Trainers - Episodes 1,2,3,4 & Epilogue ( 25 Minutes each )

Thurman, Keith / Garcia – All Access ( 10 Minutes each ) Episodes 1,2,3,4

Valdez, Oscar / Marriage - Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

Ward, Andre / Carl Froch – Staredown ( 17 Minutes )

Ward, Andre - 2 Days ( 15.00 )

Ward, Andre - In This Corner ( 30 Minutes )

Ward / Kovalev – My Fight ( 30 Minutes )

Ward / Kovalev – Pound For Pound ( 30 Minutes )

Ward / Kovalev – Weigh Inn Live ( 1 Hour )

Ward / Kovalev – The Road To ( 15 Minutes )

Ward / Kovalev 2 – 24/7 ( 30 Minutes )

Ward / Kovalev 2 – Remath Promo HBO ( 30 Minutes )

Ward / Kovalev 2 – Weigh Inn Live ( 1 Hour )

Ward, Mickey - In This Corner ( 25.00 )

Wepner, Chuck - The Real Rocky Story ( 55 Minutes )

Wilder, Deontay / Stiverne - All Access ( 15.00 )

Wilder, Deontay / Stiverne Weigh Inns ( 1 Hour )

Wilder, Deontay / Molina - Weigh Inns ( 30 Minutes )

Wilder, Deontay / Molina - All Access ( 25 Minutes )

Wilder, Deontay - The Reveal ( 10 Minutes )

Witherspoon, Tim - Sporting Heroes ( 45 Minutes )

Prize Fighter #1 – UK Heavyweight Tournament – 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours )

Ferguson, David W3 Billy Bessey
Rogan, Martin KO2 Alex Ibbs
Butlin, Paul KO2 Colin Kenna
Dolan, David W3 Darren Morgan
Rogan, Martin W3 David Ferguson
Dolan, David W3 Paul Butlin
Rogan, Martin W3 David Dolan

Prize Fighter #2 – UK Heavyweight Tournament – 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours )

Sexton, Sam W3 Pele Reid
Simpkin, Luke W3 David Ferguson
Burton, Chris W3 Dave Ingleby
Swaby, Lee W3 Darren Morgan
Sexton, Sam W3 Luke Simpkin
Burton, Chris W3 Lee Swaby
Sexton, Sam W3 Chris Burton

Prize Fighter – UK Middleweight Tournament – 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours )

Maxwell, Max W3 Steve Ede
Renda, Cello KO2 Danny Thornton
Butler, Danny W3 Paul Samuels
Martin Murray W3 Joe Rea
Renda, Cello W3 Max Maxwell
Martin Murray W3 Danny Butler
Martin Murray W3 Cello Renda

Prize Fighter – Light Heavyweight Tournament - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours )

Fry, Courtney W3 Shone Davies
Oakey, Tony W3 Billy Boyle
Dilks, Carl W3 Bob Ajisafe
Stubbs, Darren KO2 Steve Spartucus
Oakey, Tony W3 Courtney Fry
Stubbs, Darren W3 Carl Dilks
Oakey, Tony W3 Darren Stubbs

Prize Fighter – Lightweight Tournament - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 30 Minutes )

Brawley, Ryan W3 Ben Murphy
Holborn, Paul W3 Charlie King
McArthur, Gary W3 Steve Saville
Burke, Steven W3 Stuart Green
Brawley, Ryan W3 Paul Holborn
Burke, Steve KO1 Gary McArthur
Brawley, Ryan W3 Steven Burke

Prize Fighter – Cruiserweight Tournament - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours )

Francis, Dean KO3 Neil Simpson
Keeton, John W3 Bruce Scott
McKenzie, Ovil W3 Terry Dunstan
Corbett, Darren W3 Micky Steeds
Keeton, John KO1 Dean Francis
McKenzie, Ovil KO2 Darren Corbett
McKenzie, Ovil W3 John Keeton

Prize Fighter – Heavyweight Tournament - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours )

Harrison, Audley KO2 Scott Belshaw
Baker, Carl W3 Danny Williams
Hughes, Danny W3 Neil Perkins
Barrett, Coleman W3 Scott Gammer
Harrison, Audley W3 Danny Hughes
Barrett, Coleman W3 Carl Baker
Harrison, Audley KO2 Coleman Barrett

Prize Fighter – Junior Welterweight - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Cook, Jason KO3 Michael Grant
Rees, Gavin W3 Ted Bami
Lynes, Colin W3 David Barnes
Mutley, Young W3 Barrie Jones
Rees, Gavin W3 Jason Cook
Lynes, Colin W3 Young Mutley
Rees, Gavin W3 Colin Lynes

Prize Fighter – Jr Middleweights - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Arron, Prince W3 George Hillyard
Pryce, Bradley W3 Neil Sinclair
Flournoy, Brett W3 Danny Butler
O’meara, Steve W3 Martin Concepcion
Arron, Prince W3 Bradley Pryce
Flournoy, Brett W3 Steve O’meara
Arron, Prince W3 Brett Flournoy

Prize Fighter – Cruiser Weights 2 - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Krence, Mark W3 Zahid Kahut
Dickinson, Jon Lewis W3 Leon Williams
Corbett, Darren W3 John Anthony
Hide, Herbie W3 Wayne Brooks
Dickinson, Jon Lewis KO1 Mark Krence
Okoth, Nick W3 Darren Corbett
Dickinson, Jon Lewis KO3 Nick Okoth

Prize Fighter – Bantamweights - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Casey, Willie KO3 Mark Moran
Wale, Josh W3 Esham Pickering
Arthur, Jamie W3 Robbie Turley
Owen, Ricky W3 Gavin Reid
Casey, Willie W3 Josh Wale
Owen, Ricky W3 Jamie Arthur
Casey, Willie W3 Paul McElhinney

Prize Fighter – Middleweights - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Mendy, Patrick KO1 Sam Horton
Cadman, Daniel W3 Eddie McIntosh
Evans, Jeff W3 Peter Fedorenko
David, Paul KO3 Carl Drake
Mendy, Patrick W3 Daniel Cadman
Davis, Paul W3 Jeff Evans
Mendy, Patrick W3 Paul Davis

Prize Fighter – Heavyweights - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Skelton, Matt W3 Ali Adams
McBride, Kevin W3 Franklin Egobi
McPhilbin, Shane KO2 Declan Timlin
Sprott, Michael W3 Danny Hughes
Skelton, Matt W3 Kevin McBride
Sprott, Michael W3 Shane McPhilbin
Sprott, Michael W3 Matt Skelton

Prize Fighter – Featherweights - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Choi, Tseveenpurev W3 Ben Murphy
Matthews, Derry KO3 Gary McArthur
Sykes, Gary W3 Scott Lawton
Buckland, Gary W3 Stevie Bell
Matthews, Derry W3 Tseveenpurev Choi
Buckland, Gary KO1 Gary Sykes
Buckland, Gary KO2 Derry Matthews

Prize Fighter – Light Heavyweights - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Morris, Jack W3 Billy Slate
Dickinson, Travis W3 Llewllyn Davies
Dodson, Tony W3 Michael Banbula
Edwards, Menay KO2 Joe Smyth
Dickinson, Travis W3 Justin Jones
Dodson, Tony KO3 Menay Edwards
Dickinson, Travis KO2 Sam Couzens

Prize Fighter – Middleweights 2 - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Fielding, Rocky KO2 Patrick Maxwell
Ainscough, Joe W3 Wayne Reed
Webb, Tobias W3 Robin Reid
Smyle, Jahamaine W3 Carl Dilks
Fielding, Rocky KO1 Joe Ainscough
Webb, Tobias W3 Jahamaine Smyle
Fielding, Rocky KO1 Tobias Webb

Prize Fighter – International Heavyweights - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Perez, Mike W3 Kerston Manswell
Tony, Gregory W3 Evgeny Orlov
Fields, Tye W3 Michael Sprott
Airich, Konstantin W3 Lucian Bot
Perez, Mike KO1 Gregory Tony
Fields, Tye KO1 Konstantin Airich
Perez, Mike KO1 Tye Fields

Prize Fighter – Welterweights 2 - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

McIntyre, Kevin W3 John Wayne Hibbert
Witter, Junior W3 Nathan Graham
Lynes, Colin W3 Bobby Gladman
El Maachi, Yassine W3 Peter McDonagh
Witter, Junior W3 Kevin McIntyre
El Maachi, Yassine W3 Colin Lynes
El Maachi, Yassine W3 Junior Witter

Prize Fighter – Jr Middleweights 2 - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Lloyd – Taylor, Robert W3 Takaloo
Vaughn, Peter W3 Wayne Goddard
Agyei-Dua, Kris W3 Jeff Thomas
Quigley, Nick W3 Steve Harkin
Lloyd – Taylor, Robert W3 Peter Vaughn
Quigley, Nick W3 Kris Agyei-Dua
Lloyd – Taylor, Robert W3 Nick Quigley

Prize Fighter – Flyweights 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Broadhurst, Don W3 Usman Ahmed
Robinson, Mike W3 Nathan Reeve
Haskins, Lee W3 Terry Broadbent
Farrag, Ryan W3 Craig Lyon
Broadhurst, Don W3 Mike Robinson
Haskins, Lee W3 Ryan Farrag
Haskins, Lee W3 Don Broadhurst

Prize Fighter – Featherweights 2 - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Tseveenpurev, Choi KO2 Lee Glover
Jupp, George KO2 Lee Jennings
Roberts, Rhys W3 Ian Bailey
James, Troy W3 Barrington Brown
Tseveenpurev, Choi W3 George Jupp
Roberts, Rhys W3 Troy James
Tseveenpurev, Choi W3 Rhys Roberts

Prize Fighter – Junior Welterweight 2 - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Mutley, Young W3 Mark Lloyd
Nurse, Tyrone KO3 Dale Miles
Anwar, Adil W3 Barry Morrison
Watson, John KO1 Dean Harrison
Nurse, Tyrone W3 Young Mutley
Anwar, Adil W3 John Watson
Anwar, Adil W3 Tyrone Nurse

Prize Fighter – Middleweights ( All Irish ) - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

O’Kane, Eamonn W3 Anthony Fitzgerald
Greene, Ryan W3 Ciaran Healy
McDonagh, JJ W3 Darren Cruise
Rea, Joe W3 Simon O’Donnell
O’Kane, Eamonn KO1 Ryan Greene
McDonagh, JJ W3 Joe Rea
O’Kane, Eamonn W3 JJ McDonagh

Prize Fighter – International Heavyweights 2- 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Sosnowski, Albert W3 Maurice Harris
Johnson, Kevin KO1 Noureddine Meddoun
Hamer, Tor W3 Marcelo Nascimento
Dallas, Tom KO3 Tom Little
Johnson, Kevin W3 Albert Sosnowski
Hamer, Tor KO1 Tom Dallas
Hamer, Tor W3 Kevin Johnson

Prize Fighter – Junior Welterweight - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Thompson, Mark KO3 Rob Hunt
Evans, Dale W3 Sam Eggeington
Gaynor, Chad KO1 Calum Cooper
Foot, Glenn KO2 Steven Pearce
Evans, Dale W3 Mark Thompson
Foot, Glenn W3 Chad Gaynor
Foot, Glenn W3 Dale Evans

Prize Fighter – Lightweight Tournament - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Mathews, Derry W3 Jamie Spence
Flannigan, Terry W3 Patrick Walsh
Crolla, Anthony W3 Stephen Jennings
Sykes, Gary W3 Tommy Coyle
Flannigan, Terry W3 Derry Mathews
Sykes, Gary W3 Anthony Crolla
Flannigan, Terry W3 Gary Sykes

Prize Fighter – International Heavyweights 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Rogan, Martin KO3 Albert Sosnowski
Harrison, Audley KO1 Claus Bertino
Lewison, Ian KO1 Timo Hoffman
Rossy, Derric W3 Travis Walker
Harrison, Audley W3 Martin Rogan
Rossy, Derric W3 Ian Lewison
Stalker, Thomas W4 Kristian Laight
Harrison, Audley KO2 Derric Rossy

Prize Fighter – Cruiser Weights 3 - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Camacho, Wadi W3 Martyn Grainger
Owens, Nathan W3 Shane McPhilbin
Miles, Hari W3 Conall Carmichael
McIntosh, Danny W3 Neil Dawson
Camacho, Wadi W3 Nathan Owens
Miles, Hari W3 Danny McIntosh
Camacho, Wadi KO2 Hari Miles

Prize Fighter – Junior Welterweight 3 - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Connor, Danny W3 Charlie Rice
Taylor, Ryan W3 Matty Tew
Arif, Eren W3 Liam Shinkwin
Jenkins, Chris W3 Tony Owen
Connor, Danny W3 Ryan Taylor
Jenkins, Chris W3 Eren Arif
Jenkis, Chris KO2 Danny Connor

Prize Fighter – USA Vs UK ---Heavyweight Tournament – 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All

Gavern, Jason W3 Larry Olubamiwo
Toney, James KO3 Matt Legg
Sprott, Michael W3 Damian Wills
Minto, Brian W3 Tom Little
Gavern, Jason W3 James Toney
Sprott, Michael W3 Brian Minto
Sprott, Michael W3 Jason Gavern

Prize Fighter – Welterweights 4 - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Ochieng, Erick W3 Paddy Gallagher
Douglas, mark W3 Dean Byrne
Eggington, Sam KO2 Johnny Garton
Coyle, Johnny W3 Jason Cook
Gallagher, Paddy KO1 Mark Douglas
Coyle, Johnny W3 Sam Eggington
Coyle, Johnny W3 Paddy Gallagher

Prize Fighter – The Lightweights 3

Martin, Lee W3 Craif Whyatt
Devine, Michael W3 Danny Connor
Carroll, Jono W3 Stephen Foster Jr
Buckland, Gary W3 Floyd Moore
Devine, Michael KO1 Lee Martin
Carroll, Jono W3 Gary Buckland
Carroll, Jono W3 Michael Devine

Prize Fighter – Middlewights 3 - 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Renda, Cello KO1 Liam Conroy
Arnfield, Jack W3 Mick Hall
Keeler, Luke W3 Luke Crowcroft
Doran,Tom W3 Craig Cunningham
Renda, Cello W3 Jack Arnfield
Doran,Tom W3 Luke Keeler
Doran,Tom KO3 Cello Renda

Super 8 - Heavyweight Tournament New Zealand

Nansen, Anthony W3 Hasim Rahman
Ritani – Coe, Brice W3 Alonzo Butler
Meehan, Kali W3 Hunter Sam
Sprott, Michael W3 Martin Rogan
Sprott, Michael W3 Anthony Nansen
Meehan, Kali W3 Brice Ritani – Coe
Meehan, Kali KO1 Michael Sprott

Biggers Better - Heavyweight Tournament From Cyprus – 1 Night, 1 Winner Takes All ( 2 Hours )

Bocian, Bartosz W3 Gianluca Sirci
Bellahmar, Omar W3 Panayiotis Diakos
Paunov, Milan W3 Andy Schadenberg
Danilencu, Lucian W3 Bartosz Bocian
Paunov, Milan W3 Omar Bellahmar
Loizou, Louis W3 Miroslav Andrasov
Paunov, Milan W3 Lucian Danilencu

World Boxing Series - Country Vs Country

Miami Gallos Vs Los Angeles Matadors ( Week 1 )

Martinez, Fernando W5 Jose Meza
Fowler, Eric KO4 Adrian Martinez
Williams, William W5 Charles Watson
Egan, Kenneth W5 Dorian Anthony
Rawlins, Trent W5 David Imoesiri

Miami Gallos Vs Memphis Force ( Week 2 )

Dennis, Donovan W5 Angelo Buchanan HL
Szello, Imre W5 Sijoula Shabazz ( HL
Gausha, Terrell W5 Anthony Campbell
Dalakliev, Detelin W5 Luis Miguel Diaz
Willimas, Raynell W5 Roberto Navarro

Mexico City Guerreros Vs Los Angeles Matadors ( Week 2 )

Lopes, Everton KO4 Angel Gutierrez
Lamour, Russell W5 Armando Espinosa
Shabranskyy, Vyacheslav TW2 Lamar Fenner
Warren, Raushee W5 Elias Emigdio
Torres, Javier KO4 Alex Rivera

Paris United Vs Istanbulls ( Week 4 )

Oubaali, Nordine W5 Abdullah Dursun
Azzedine, Rachid KO4 Bunyamin Aydin
Vastine, Alexis W5 Evren Tibukuglu
Kolling, Enrico W5 Hrvoje Sep
Hrgovic, Filip KO3 Remzi Ozbek

Mexico City Guerreros Vs Memphis Force ( Week 1 )

Avila, Braulio W5 Ernesto Garza
Romero, Juan W5 Munkh Erdene Uranchimeg
Florentino, Yamaguchi Falcoa W5 Christopher Jones
Ortega, Francisco W5 Robert Brant
Charles, Javonta L5 Juan Martinez Hiracheta

Miami Gallos Vs Mexico City Guerreros ( Week 4 )

Diaz, Luis Miguel W5 Elias Emigdio
Valdez, Oscar W5 Leonid Malkov
Florentino, Yamaguchi W5 Anthony Campbell
Hiracheta, Juan W5 Craig Lewis

Miami Gallos Vs Memphis Force ( Week 5 )

Garza, Ernesto W5 Paulo Carvalho
Malkov, Leonid KO4 Elian Veselinov Dimitrov
Williams, William W5 Terrell Gausha
Shabazz, Sijuola W5 Robert Brant
Dennis, Donovan KO3 Danny Cahoun

Pohang Posiedons Vs Bejing Dragons ( Week 5 )

Kim, Ju Seong W5 Shaofang Luo
Jongsub, Baik W5 Lei Fang
Lima, Pedro W5 Victor Cotiujanschii
Benchabla, Abel Hafid W5 Wei Zhang II
Muntean, Mihail W5 Zhihua Ma

Mexico City Guerreros Vs Los Angeles Matadors ( Week 5 )

Lopes, Everton W5 Juan Pablo Romero
Gongora, Carlos W5 Yamaguchi Florentino
Shabranskyy, Vyacheslav W5 Francisco Ortega
Imoesiri, David W5 Juan Hiracheta

Paris United Vs Milano Thunder ( Week 6 )

Nevin, John Joseph W5 Vitaliy Volkov
Azzedine, Rachid W5 Enkhzorig Zorigtbaatar
Tavares, Michel W5 Diego Di Luisa
Groguhe, Ludovic KO2 Entoni Juric
Russo, Clemente W5 Tony Yoka

Paris United Vs Milano Thunder ( Week 7 )

Parrierello, Jahyn Vittorio W5 John Joseph Nevin
Azzedine, Rachid W5 Enkhzorig Zorigtbaatar II
Derevyanchenko, Sergiy TW3 Michel Tavares
Groguhe, Ludovic W5 Tommy McCarthy
Russo, Clemente W5 Tony Yoka II

Kremlin Bears Vs Istanbulls ( Week 6 )

Topcakar, Mehmet WDQ5 Alisher Mahmudov
Abdurashidov, Adlan W5 Bunyamin Aydin II
Sipal, Onur KO1 Movsur Yusupov
Usmanov, Zhavlonbek W5 Sergiy Lepin

Miami Gallos Vs Los Angeles Matadors ( Week 7 )

Warren, Rau’shee W5 Luis Miguel Diaz
Fowler, Eric W5 Leonid Malkov
Shabranskyy, Vyacheslav W5 Kenny Egan
Imoesiri, David W5 Craig Lewis

Pohang Poseidons Vs Astana Arlans ( Week 7 )

Akshalov, Merey W5 Baik Jongsub
Nurmatov, Alibi W5 Victor Cotiujanschii II
Benchabla, Abdelhafid W5 Ramzjon Ahmedov
Bouloudinats, Chouaib W5 Milutin Stanovic

Memphis Force Vs Mexico City Guerreros ( Week 7 )

Gutierrez, Angel W5 Yahman Phelps II
Gausha, Terrell W5 Esquiva Florentino
Ortega, Francisco W5 Anthony Mack
Charles, Javonta KO5 Alex Rivera

Istanbulls Vs Milano Thunder Guerreros ( Week 8 )

Picardi, Vincenzo TW2 Seluk Eker II
Valentino, Domenico W5 Redouane Kaya
O’Kane, Eamonn W5 Onder Sipal
Grisunins, Nikolajs TD1 Constantin Benjenaru
Sivko, Oleksiy W5 Benjey Zimmerman

Pohang Posiedons Vs Bejing Dragons ( Week 8 )

He, Zhiwei W5 Lukasz Adam Maszcyzk HL
Wang, Zhimin W5 Bahodirjon Sultonov
Lima, Pedro W5 Kyucheol Lee
Qoorbonov, Ahrorbek KO2 Wei Zhang
Muntean, Mihal W5 Zihua Ma II

Paris United Vs Kremlin Bears ( Week 8 )

Oubaali, Nordine W5 Alikhan Autorkhanov II
Schmidt, Artur W5 Ziyodulla Hadiyatullaev II
Sep, Hrvoje W5 Denis Tcariuk II
Kudukhov, Vitaly W5 Filip Hrgovic

Mexico City Guerreros Vs Los Angeles Matadors ( Week 8 )

Avila, Braulio W5 Joseph Diaz Jr
Manzanilla, Hector W5 Jose Seanz
Florentino, Yamaguchi W5 Charles Watson
Passos, Elber KO3 Christian Montenegro

Milano Thunder Vs Kremlin Bears ( Week 9 )

Volkov, Vitaliy W5 Rafik Magerramov
Valentino, Domenico W5 Valery Plyaskin
O’kane, Eamonn W5 Eugeny Myakinin
Zimmerman, Benjey W5 David Daudov

Paris United Vs Istanbulls ( Week 9 )

Apodaresei, Ciprian W5 Giorgi Kilana
Azzedine, Rachid W5 Safiq Chitou
Tavares, Michel W5 Henry Saliku Biembe
Groguhe, Ludovic W5 Enrico Kollins
Yoka, Tony W5 Mohammed Arjaoui

Pohang Poseidons Vs Baku Fires ( Week 10 )

Nyambayar, Tugstsogt W5 Dongsik Seo
Gadzhialiyev, Gaybatulla W5 Jongsub Baik
Migitinov, Soltan W5 Kyucheol Lee
Magomedau, Ramazan W5 Ahrorbek Qoorbonov
Medzhidov, Magomedrasul W5 Mihail Muntean

Astana Arlans Vs Baku Fires ( Week 11 )

Rakhimzhanov, Mirzhan W5 Tugstsogt Nyambayar II
Mussafirov, Yerzhan W5 Koba Pkhakadze II
Slam, Kanat KO3 Botirjon Mahmudov
Ahmedov, Ramzjon W5 Denys Poyatsyka
Myrsatagev, Ruslan W5 Beka Lobjanidze

Mexico City Guerreros Vs Los Angeles Matadors ( Week 11 )

Flores, Eric TW2 Juan Romero
Katende, Kennedy W5 Vyacheslav Shabranskyy
Perason, Chris W5 Yamaguchi Florentino
Warren, Rau’shee W5 Braulio Avila
Imoesiri, David W5 Mario HerediaHL

Paris United Vs Milano Thunder ( Week 12 )

Safaryants, Vazgen KO2 Artur Schmidt
O’kane, Eamonn W5 Stephane Cuevas
Sep, Hvroje W5 Nikolajs Grisunins
Russo, Clemente KO2 Zied Jouini II

Baku Fires Vs Bejing Dragons ( Week 12 )

Abdulhamidov, Magomed W5 Zhiwei He
Grivachev, Semen W5 Lei Fang
Nurudzinav, Mahamed W5 Wei Liu II
Kharitonov, Sergey KO2 Awusone Yekeni

Baku Fires Vs Paris United ( Semi Final )

Abdulhamidov, Magomed W5 Giorgi Kilanava
Grivachev, Semen W5 Abdelkaber Chadi
Nurudzinav, Mahamed KO3 Stephane Cuevas
Groguhe, Ludovic W5 Denys Poyatsyka
Medzhidov, Magomedrasul W5 Tony Yoka

Astana Arlans Vs Los Angeles Matadors ( Semi Final )

Lopes, Everton W5 Merey Akshalov
Slam, Kanat KO2 Russel Lamour
Ahmedov, Ramzjon W5 Vyacheslav Shabranskyy
Myrsatayev, Ruslan KO4 David Imoesiri

Baku Fires Vs Paris United ( Semi Final ) Second Leg

Oubaali, Nordine W5 Tugstsogt Nyambayar
Azzedine, Rachid W5 Koba Pkhakadze
Tavares, Michel W5 Soltan Migitinov
Sep, Hrvoje W5 Rivan Alimuradov
Hrgovic, Filip W5 Sergey Kharitonov

Astana Arlans Vs Los Angeles Matadors ( Semi Final ) Secong Leg

Abutalipov, Kanat W5 Fernando Martinez
Flores, Eric W5 Yerzhan Mussafirov
Pearson, Christopher W5 Bakhyt Sarsekbayev
Moldagereyev, Marat W5 Alber Passos
Bernath, Istvan W5 Javier Torres

Astana Arlans Vs Paris United (Final ) First Leg

Abutalipov, Kanat W5 Giorgi Kilanava
Azzedine, Rachid W5 Merey Akshalov
Slam, Kanat KO1 Stephane Cuevas
Ahmedov, Ramzjon W5 Hvroje Sep
Yoka, Tony W5 Ruslan Myrsatayev

Astana Arlans Vs Paris United (Final ) Second Leg

Nevin, Joe W5 Mirzhan Rakhimzhanov
Mussafirov, Yerzhan W5 Abdelkader Chadi
Tavares, Michel W5 Bakhyt Sarsekbayev
Bouhenia, Abdelkader W5 Marat Moldgagereyev
Hrgovic, Filip W5 Sardor Abdullaev

The Champions - ITV Special – McGuigan & McKenzie Watch and Talk About Champions Of The Past ( 45 Minutes )

The Purse - Bristish Documentary On Managers
(55 minutes)

Quarry, Jerry - A Forgotten Fighter
(50 minutes)

Ringlife - Short Profiles on Fighters Preparing for Fights ( 15 Minutes Each )

Chris Arreola
Dimitriy Salita
Miguel Cotto

Rios, Brandon - 2 Days – Portrait Of A Boxer ( 15 Minutes )

Rahman, Hasim - Training With The Champ
(1 Hour)

Real Sports Special – Gatti, Forrest, Arguello ( 1 Hour )

Relentless - Shamrock / Ortiz – The Untold Truth

Ring Life - Mayweather vs Ortiz ( 13.00 )

Ringside UK - Studio Guest Wladimir Klitschko & Interviews with other fighters ( 2 Hours )

Rios / Alvarado 2 - Road To ( 30 Minutes )

Roach, Freddie - Story
(45 Minutes)

Roach, Freddie - Real Sports 2009 ( 15 Minutes )

Roach, Freddie - On Freddie (HBO ) 30 Minutes Per Episode

Roach, Freddie - Last Call With Carson Daly 2012 ( 7.00 )

Roach, Freddie - The Game 365 Coversations With Fran Healy ( 25 Minutes )

Road To Dream - Shows Different Countries Preparing For the 2012 London Olympics Boxing ( 50 Minutes )

Robinson, Sugar Ray - An American Legend

Robinson, Sugar Ray - Pound For Pound

Robinson, Sugar Ray - The Bright Lights And Dark Shadows Of A Champion

Robinson, Sugar Ray - Sporting Greats ( 30 Minutes )

Rodriguez, Francisco - ESPN Short Documentary ( 15 Minutes )

Ringside (Ray Robinson) - Atlas, Kinney and Bert Sugar discuss Ray Robinson's career between watching highlights and full fights. (6 Hours)

The Rumble In The Jungle 30th Anniversary
(20 Minutes)

Salita, Dmitry On Carson Daly Show ( 6 Minutes )

Salita, Dmitry -- Orthodox Stance ( 90 Minutes )

Santa Cruz, Leo - The Reveal ( 10 Minutes )

Saviours - Fighting For A Better Life – Looks at 3 irish boxers training for the 2005 Irish Championships, Including Darren Sutherland ( 90 Minutes )

Selby, Lee - Bad Boy Boxer ( Doco 55 Minutes )

Shadow Boxing - The Journey Of The American Black Fighter

Sikahema, Vai - Talks Boxing On Friday Night Fights ( 40 Minutes )

Silva, Anderson - All Access ( 20 Minutes )

Silva, Vanderlei - All Access ( 20 Minutes )

Spinks, Cory - Defending The Belt
(25 Minutes)

St Pierre, Georges - All Access
(20 Minutes)

Tales From A Neutral Corner - Celebrating 100 Years Of Irish Amatuer Boxing ( 1 Hour 45 Minutes )

The Steak - Documentary On Gaeton Hart

The Game 365 – All American Heavyweights ( 25 Minutes )

Stevenson, Teófilo - Profile
(25 minutes)

Tapia, Johnny - In This Corner
(25 minutes)

Tapia, Johnny On Real Sports May 2007
(15 minutes)

Tarver, Antonio - Jones Jr III Preview Show
(30 minutes)

Taylor / Hopkins II - Countdown
(30 minutes)

Taylor / Wright - Countdown ( 30 Minutes )

The Story Of Boxing - Presented By Henry Cooper ( 2 Hours )

The Gloves Are Off - Eubank, Collins, Woodhall, Jones Jr, Calzaghe Talk About The Great Days Of The Super Middleweight Division ( 1 Hour )

Tiger, Toy - Art Hafey Story ( 1 Hour 45 Minutes )

Time Of Our Lives – The Lawless Years - Johh Stracey,Jim Watt & Charlie Magri Look Back At The Carrer Of Trainer And Manager Terry Lawless ( 1 Hour )

Toney / Booker; Pre-Fight Conference
(15 Minutes)

Toney, James / Ruiz Preview Show
(25 Minutes)

Toney, James On Best Damn Sports Show
(10 Minutes)

Toney, James On Your World With Neil Cavuto
(10 Minutes)

Toney, James / Sam Peter – Pre Fight
(25 minutes)

Toney, James / Hasim Rahman - Best Damn Sports Show ( 15 Minutes )

Torres, Jose - After The Garden
(30 minutes)

Trinidad - De La Hoya Preview
(35 minutes)

Trinidad – Jones Jr Preview ( 30 Minutes )

Trout, Austin – Miguel Cotto ( All Access ) ( 30 Minutes )

Trout, Austin – Miguel Cotto ( All Access Epilogue ) ( 30 Minutes )

Tszyu, Kostya on 60 minutes, May 2002
(10 minutes)

Tszyu, Kostya – Interview, Nov. 2004
(15 Minutes)

Tszyu, Kostya - Destiny
(90 Minutes)

Tszyu, Kostya – Dancing With The Stars (10 minutes Each)
Episodes 2-5, 7-8
Semifinals 1 and 2

Tszyu, Kostya – Dancing With The Stars Finale
(50 minutes)

Tszyu 2.0 - The Rise of Tim Tszyu ( 6 Minutes )

Turpin, Randolph - 64 Day Hero

Twisted Fate, The Hilton Family Story ( 1 Hour 15 Minutes )

Vargas, Fernando / Mayorga - Countdown
(25 minutes)

Tyson - Seldon; Pre & Post-Fight Interviews
(25 minutes)

Tyson, Mike on Larry King Show; Pre-Bruno II
(20 minutes)

Tyson, Mike - The Trial; Looks behind the scenes of the Tyson rape trial
(1 Hour)

Tyson, Mike - The Pulse; Mike Talks About His Rape Conviction, May 2003
(30 minutes)

Tyson, Mike On Carson Daly Show, May 2003
(20 minutes)

Tyson, Mike - Brooklyn's Own; Traces Mike Tyson's career in and out the ring until his release from prison (1 Hour)

Tyson, Mike - The Story; Looks at Tyson's career in and out of the ring
(50 minutes)

Tyson, Mike - Nevada License Hearing, Feb 2002
(2 Hours 20 minutes)

Tyson, Mike - People In The News
(25 minutes)

Tyson, Mike - Mugshots, Rage & Ruin
(1 Hour)

Tyson, Mike - Best Damn Sports Show, 2002
(30 minutes)

Tyson, Mike - On Jimmy Kimmel Live 12/7/2012 ( 15 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - Beyond The Glory
(2 hours)

Tyson, Mike Presents A Trip Down Boxing History
(35 minutes)

Tyson, Mike - 2008 - Brilliant Documentary with Tyson Talking About His Life In and Outside The Ring ( 1.30 )

Tyson & Holyfield - Oprah Winfrey Show ( 30 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - Oprah Winfrey Show ( 50 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike on The View 2010 ( 25 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - On Larry King 2010 ( 45 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - Center Stage ( 1 Hour )

Tyson, Mike – Sports Century ( 45 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike – In Depth With Graham Besinger ( 20 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - Real Sports 2013 ( 15 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike & Harry Carpenter Discuss Past Greats ( BBC 1987 ) – 50 Minutes

Tyson, Mike - On Howard Stern Show ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - On Katie Couric Show (25 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - On Piers Morgan CNN November 2013 ( 40 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - On Jimmy Kimmel Show November 2013 ( 10 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - On Arsenio Hall Show November 2013 ( 17 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - On Katie Show November 2013 ( 10 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - Clare Balding Show 2013 (45 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - The Game 365 Conversations With Fran Healy ( 25 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - Being – Mike Talks About His life.. (25 Minutes Per Espisode ) 1,2,3,4,5,6

Tyson, Mike - Undisputed Truth - Mike Tysons Live Stage Show filmed by HBO ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Tyson, Mike - Chasing Tyson ( 1 Hour 20 Minutes )

Ward, Micky - The Fighter ( 25 Minutes )

Ward, Micky On Tony Lopez Tonight ( 6 Minutes )

Watson, Michael - Ringside ( 1 Hour )

30 For 30 - One Night In Vegas - Tyson, Seldon, Tupac ( 1 Hour )

Ringside (Mike Tyson) – Atlas, Kinney and Bert Sugar discuss Mike Tyson's career between watching highlights and full fights.

Part 1 (2 Hours)
Part 2 (2 Hours)
Part 3 (70 minutes)

UFC 62 - Weigh Ins
(20 minutes)
UFC 66 - Countdown To
(40 minutes)
UFC - Beyond The Glory ( 1 Hour )

Vazquez, Israel – Rafael Marquez Trilogy – Showtime Documentary
(2 hours)

Walcott - Charles Series Highlights
(Fights 2,3,4)

The Warrior Ethos - The Experience And Tradition Of Boxing At West Point
(80 Minutes)

Ward, Micky On Lopez Tonight Show 23/3/2011

Ward, Micky - Charlie Moore’s No Offense ( Fishing Show ) ( 22.00 )

Watson, Michael Story - Fighting Back
(45 minutes)

White Collar Boxing Documentary
(50 minutes)

Who's The Greatest - Ali Or Marciano ?
(25 minutes)

Wright / Trinidad – Pre Fight
(25 minutes)


6 Decades Of Madison Square Boxing - A Look Back
(2 Hours)

The 12 Greatest Rounds Of Boxing - The Untold Stories
(100 minutes)

Behind The Fights
(1 Hour each)

1. Gil Chancy - A Look Back With Gil At His Training Career
2. Emile Griffith - A Look Back At Emile's Career

Classic Wide World Of Sports Documentaries;
Ali and Cosell Interviews and Lighter Moments

Ali - Terrell; What's my Name? (1 Hour)
Ali - The Road To Frazier 2 (1 Hour)
Ali - A Partnership Begins (1 Hour)
Ali - The Classic Heaveyweights (1 Hour)
Ali - Rematch And Redemption (1 Hour)
Ali - Sublime And Ridiculous (1 Hour)
Ali - The Final Round (1 Hour)
Ali - Best All Time Heavyweights(1 Hour)
Ali - Exile To Exoneration (1 Hour)

HBO - 30 Years Of Boxing Legendary Fights Documentaries
(30 minutes each)

1. Leonard Vs. Hearns
2. Holmes Vs. Cooney
3. Pryor Vs. Arguello
4. Hagler Vs. Hearns
5. Leonard Vs. Hagler
6. Tyson Vs. Douglas
7. Bowe Vs. Holyfield
8. Chavez Vs. Taylor
9. Trinidad Vs. De Lahoya
10. Foreman Vs. Moorer
11. Bowe Vs. Golota

12. Gatti Vs Ward ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

HBO - Boxing's Best
(1 Hour Documentaries)

1. Heavyweights - The Stylists
2. Heavyweights - The Big Punchers
3. Boxing's Best Grudge Matches
4. Best Welterweights
5. Best Middleweights
6. Boxing's Best Heavyweights - Joe Louis
7. Boxing's Best Heavyweights - Jack Dempsey
8. Boxing's Best Heavyweights - Rocky Marciano

The Fight Game – Hosted By Jim Lampley Inludes Intervies, Stories, Profiles. ( 30 Minutes Each )

Episode 1-15

In This Corner Interviews With Smitty
(30 minutes Each)

1. Cortez, Joe 2004
2. Martin, Christy 2004
3. Pacquiao, Manny 2004
4. Tapia, Johnny 2004
5. Steward, Emmanuel 2004
6. Muhammad, Eddie Mustafa 2004
7. Ruiz, John 2004
8. Corrales, Diego 2004
9. Kelley, Kevin 2004
10. Rahman, Hasim 2004
11. Byrd, Chris 2004
12. McCullough, Wayne 2004
13. Mayweather, Floyd 2004
14. Wright, Ronald 2004
15. Palomino, Carlos 2004 Part 1
16. Palomino, Carlos 2004 Part 2
17. McCallum, Mike 2005
18. Peter, Samuel 2006
19. De La Hoya, Oscar 2006
20. Hopkins, Bernard 2006 Part 1
21. De La Hoya, Oscar 2007
22. Mayweather, Floyd 2007
23. Hatton, Ricky 2007
24. Jackson, Samuel L 2007
25. Tyson, Mike 2007
26. Holyfield, Evander 2007 27. Hopkins, Bernard 2006 Part 2
28. Dawson, Chad 2011 29. Earnie Shavers
30. Jackson, Julian
31. Laporte, Juan
32. Norton, Ken
33. Cooney, Gerry
34. Holmes, Larry
35. Tarver, Antonio
36. Hill, Virgil

Up Close ESPN Interviews
(30 minutes Each)

1. Ray Leonard
2. Roy Jones Jr

Ringside Top 10 Heavyweights - Bert Sugar, Brian Kinney and guests count down their greatest 10 heavyweights

Part 1 (2 Hours)
Part 2 (100 Minutes)
Part 3 (90 Minutes)

The Way It Was - Both fighters view their fight and talk about it together
(30 Minutes Each)

1. Willie Pep Vs. Sandy Saddler IV
2. Louis, Joe Vs. Tony Galento
3. Zale, Tony Vs. Rocky Graciano III

The Ultimate Fighter - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter

Episodes 1-12 (45 Minutes Each)
Final Episode (90 Minutes)

The Ultimate Fighter 2 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter

Episode 1 - 12 (45 Minutes Each)
Finale Episode (90 Minutes)

The Ultimate Fighter 3 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter

Episodes 1 - 12 (45 Minutes Each)
Final Episode (2 Hours 10 Minutes)

The Ultimate Fighter 4 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter

Episodes 1-12(45 Minutes Each)
Finale ( 2 Hours )

The Ultimate Fighter 5 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter

Episodes 1-12(45 Minutes Each)
Finale ( 2 Hours 15 Minutes )

The Ultimate Fighter 6 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter

Finale - ( 2 Hours 30 Minutes )

The Ultimate Fighter 7 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter

Finale - ( 2 Hours 30 Minutes )

The Ultimate Fighter 8 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter


The Ultimate Fighter 9 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter


The Ultimate Fighter 10 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter

Finale - 3 Hours

The Ultimate Fighter 11 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter

Finale - ( 2 hours )

The Ultimate Fighter 12 - Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter

Finale ( 3 Hours )

The Ultimate Fighter 13 ( Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter) ( 45 Minutes Each )

Episodes 1-10
Finale - ( 2 hours )

The Ultimate Fighter 14 ( Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter) ( 45 Minutes Each )

Episodes 1-11

The Ultimate Fighter 15 ( Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter) ( 45 Minutes Each )

Episodes 1-12


The Ultimate Fighter 16 ( Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter) ( 45 Minutes Each )

Episodes 1- 12


The Ultimate Fighter - The Smashes - Australia Vs UK ( Reality Show to Find The Ultimate No Holds Barred Fighter) ( 1 Hour Each )

Episodes 1-12


Iron Ring MMA Fighting - Rap Stars Inluding Dipset, Nelly, Lil Jon, Ludacris, Mayweather travel the country to find fighters to fight for there teams in a new League. ( 20 Minutes Per Episode )

Episodes 1 -12
Iron Ring Finale ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

The Contender - Reality TV Show To Find A World Champion Boxer

Episodes 1 - 14 (1 Hour Each Episode)
Final Episode (1 Hour 30 Minutes)

Legends Of The Ring - Pre And Post And Interviews And Complete Fight

(1 Hour 30 Minutes Each Episode)

Ali, Muhammad KO15 Oscar Bonavena

Norton, Ken W12 Muhammad Ali

Ali, Muhammad W12 Joe Frazier II

Morrison, Tommy W12 George Foreman

Barkley, Iran KO3 Thomas Hearns / W12 Thomas Hearns 2

Hagler, Marvin D15 Vito Antuerfermo

Hernandez, Genaro LKO8 Mayweather / W12 Nelson

Arguello, Alexis KO14 Ray Manicini

Carbajal, Michael KO7 Humberto Gonzalez / L12 Gonzalez 2

Leonard, Ray D12 Thomas Hearns II ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )

Arguello, Alex KO13 Alfredo Escalera 2 / KO8 Boza Edwards

Morales, Erik W12 Marco Antonio Barrera

Leonard, Ray KO15 Wilfred Benitez

Hagler, Marvin KO11 John Mugabi / KO4 Vito Antuofermo 2

Duran, Roberto W12 Iran Barkley ( 2 Hours )

Fight Girls - Reality TV Show for women Muay Thai Fighters..Women live and train together in vegas with the winner of the show given a world title shot…

Episode 1-6
(45 Minutes )
Fight Girls Finale
(1 hour)

MSG – Fight Night Classics – Talks and Shows Highlights of fight or fighter ( 1 Hour Each )

Frazier Vs Ellis / Carnera Vs Baer
Carter Vs Benton
Patterson Vs Chuvalo
Griffith Vs Benvenutti
Hector Camacho Fights
George Foreman
Rocky Marciano

The Contender 2 - Reality TV Show To Find A World Champion Boxer

Episode 1 - ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )
Episode 2 - 10
(45 Minutes Each)
Finale - ( 2 Hours )

The Contender 3 - Reality TV Show To Find A World Champion Boxer

Episode 1 - 8
(45 Minutes Each)
(2 hours)

The Contender 4 - Reality TV Show To Find A World Champion Boxer

Episode 1-11
(45 Minutes Each)
Finale ( 2 Hours )

The Contender Muay Thai - Reality TV Show To Find A World Champion Muay Thai Fighter

Episode 1 - 10 ,12,13
(1 Hour Each)
Finale ( 2 Hours)

The Contender Australia - Reality TV Show To Find A World Champion Boxer

Episode 1 - 10
(1 Hour Each)
Finale ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Fox Sports International Fight League
(45 Minutes Each)

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

Fox Sports International Fight League 2
(45 Minutes Each)

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7

Fox Sports International Fight League 3
(45 Minutes Each)

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
(1 hour 30 Minutes)
Episode 8
(1 hour 30 Minutes)
Episode 9
Anacondas Vs Razorclaws ( 45 Minutes )
Anacondas Vs Tiger Sharks ( 45 Minutes )
Condors Vs Razorclaws ( 45 Minutes )
Dragons Vs Scorpions ( 45 Minutes )
Pitbulls Vs Dragons ( 45 Minutes )
Sabres Vs Wolfpack ( 45 Minutes )
Silverbacks Vs Red Bears ( 45 Minutes )
Tiger Sharks Vs Red Bears ( 45 Minutes )
Silverbacks Vs Anacondas – Semi 1 ( 1Hour 30 Minutes )
Pitbulls Vs Sabres – Semi 2 ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )
Pitbulls Vs Silverbacks – Finals ( 45 Minutes )

1988 Olympic Bouts
Hun, Park Sin W3 Roy Jones Jr
Lewis, lennox KO2 Riddick Bowe
Halbouni, Hamed KO2 Johnny Bredahl
Lawlor, Joseph KO2 Archibald Fausto
Johnson, Arthur W3 Andrea Mannai
Gul, Ramzan W3 John Lyon
Todorov, Serafim W3 David Griman
Onoko, Blessing KO3 Charles Lubulwa
Joyce, Kieran KO1 Filipo Palako Vaka

1988 Olympic Prelim Bouts ( 2 Hours )

Cramne, George W3 Charles Kane
Ellis, Romallis W3 Emile Tchuprenkie (HL)
Cramne, George W3 Nerguy Enkhbat
Zulow, Andreas W3 Romallis Ellis
Boudouani, Laurent W3 Kenneth Gould
Baik, Hyuan – Men KO2 Andrew Golota
Mercer, Ray KO2 Arnold Vanderlijde

1988 Olympic Gold Medal Bouts ( 2 Hours )

Carbajal, Michael L3 Ivaito Hristov
McKinney, Kennedy W3 Alexander Hristov
Zulow, Andreas W3 George Cramne (HL)
Wangila, Robert KO2 Laurent Boudouani
Maske, Henry W3 Egerton Davis 2
Mercer, Ray KO1 Hyun – Men Baik
Kim, Kwang – Sun W3 Andreas Tews
Parisi, Giovanni KO1 Daniel Dumitrescu
Maynard, Andrew W3 Nurmagomed Khanavazov
Yanovsky, Vyacheslav W3 Graham Cheney (HL)

2002 NY Golden Gloves ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Regla, Dominga W3 Kattlin Diaz
Stark Jr, Gary W4 Robert Acevedo II
Acosta, Alvin W4 Fransisco Figueroa
Boswell, Kevin KO2 Edwin Guity
Parham, Vaughn W4 Angel Alston

2003 USA Armed Forces Championships
(2 Hours)

1. Daniels, Torrence W4 Joseph Delvalle
2. Edwards, Johnnie W4 Jason Franco
3. Mason, Rondale W4 Anthony Little
4. Fogle, Julius KO3 Jorge Hernandez
5. Pugh, Kimico KO1 Tanisha Moore
6. Garretson, Jacob W4 Jeffery Spencer
7. Levette, Charles W4 Jonathan Williams
8. Ibrerra, Carlos W4 Keith Spencer

Real Fighting Championships – Battle Of The Bay 5
(1 Hour 10 Minutes)

2004 USA Olympic Boxoffs
(2 Hours)

1. Warren, Rau’shee KO3 Diego Hurtado
2. Siler, Ron KO2 Aaron Alafa
3. Benitez, Roberto W4 Eric Hunter
4. Escobedo, Vincente W4 Anthony Peterson
5. Allen, Rock W4 Lamont Peterson V
6. Dirrell, Andre W4 Clarence Joseph II
7. Ward, Andre W4 Marcus Johnson
8. Vargas, Devin W4 Chazz Witherspoon

2004 USA Olympic Trials
(2 Hours)

1. Warren, Rau’shee W2 Rayonta Whitfield
2. Siler, Ron W3 Mark Davis II
3. Benitez, Roberto W4 Torrence Benitez II
4. Bey Jr, Mickey W4 Ray Lampkin Jr
5. Escobedo, Vincente W4 Anthony Peterson
6. Allen, Rock W4 Devon Alexander III
7. Ward, Andre W4 Marcus Johnson II
8. Estrada, Jason W4 Mike Wilson

2005 NY Golden Gloves
(2 Hours)

1. Fontanez, Orlando W4 Daniel Martinez
2.Delvalle, Luis W4 Durrel Joseph
3.McLean, Shawn W3 Daniel Shaw
4.Pagan, Shemuel KO2 Richard Acevedo
5.Jacobs, Daniel W4 Hajro Sujak
6.Monseratte, Javier W4 Diego Villalba
7.Martin, Jean W4 Geneve Brossard

2004 Golden Gloves

1. Crespo, Israel W4 Roberto Ceron
2. Daniels, Torrence W4 Kevin Hudgines
3. Williams, Danny W4 Ray Rivera
4. Jacobs, Daniel W4 Henry Crawford
5. Crane, De’Rae KO1 Cedric Agnew
6. Butler, Rafael W4 Greg Corbin
7. Kennedy, Teon W4 Robert Phillips

2004 New York Golden Gloves
(2 Hours)

1. Ruiz, Mark W4 Omarle Gonzalez
2. Dalvalle, Luis W4 Angel Torres
3. Jacobs, Daniel W4 Anthony Hauser
4. Velasquez, Lisandra W3 Tanzee Daniel
5. Semidei, Robert W4 Orlando Fontanez
6. Rodriguez, Raymond W4 Rafael Chevalier
7. Boswell, Kevin KO2 Richard Nazario

2005 Colorado Golden Gloves
(2 Hours)

1. Lopez, Rick W4 Jacob Ortega
2. Atencio, Tommy W4 Ricardo Sandoval
3. Ramos, Jeremy W4 Marshall Christmas
4. Thalley, William W4 Joaquin Perez
5. Montoya, Mike W4 Ronald Reaves
6. Grimaldo, Jason W4 Kyle Blume
7. Bautista, Augustine W4 Gabriel Ortiz

2005 Golden Gloves Semi Finals 1
(90 Minutes)

1. Solomon, Brad W4 De Andre Latimore
2. Boggs, William W4 Jonathan Nelson
3. Robeson, Dalemanik W4 Isiah McFadden
4. Grano, Tony W4 Erick Vega
5. James, Nate W4 Andre Evans
6. Corbin, Gregory KO2 Ashanti Jordan

2005 Golden Gloves Semi Finals 2
(2 Hours)

1. Rangel, Marco W4 Richard Morales
2. Dennis Jr, Barry KO3 Jose Larrazolo
3. Russell Jr, Gary W4 Rico Ramos
4. Guillermo, Samson W4 Brian Battease
5. Magdeleno, Diego W4 Miguel Garcia
6.Lundy, Henry W4 Andres Chipres

2005 Golden Gloves Finals 1
(2 Hours)

1. Ceron, Roberto W4 Marco Rangel
2. Dennis Jr, Barry W4 Teddy Padilla
3. Russell Jr, Gary W4 Sergio Perales
4. Brewer, Prenice W4 Samson Guillermo
5. Evans, Michael W4 Diego Magdeleno
6. Bryan, Jeremy W4 Henry Lundy

2005 Golden Gloves Finals 2
(90 Minutes)

1. Solomon, Brad W4 Demetrius Andrade
2. Jacobs, Daniel W4 William Boggs
3. Rene, Rommel W4 Dakemanik Robeson
4. Fields, Eric W4 Tony Grano
5. Corbin, Gregory W4 Nate James

2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games


Paulus, Paunandes W4 Levan Stewart
Shah, Asghar Ali W4 Sada Wulf
Hastie, Mark W4 Leti Leti
Zanempi, Goodman KO2 Aaron Hassette
Kopo, Moses W4 Bastie Samir
Bizier, Kevin W4 Edward Akora
Kidd, Todd Alan W4 Som Bahadur Pun
Ajayi, Olufemi KO2 Johannes Mwetupungu
Mhura, Fundo Chifundo W4 Aaron Thomas
Mvoue, Serge Yannick W4 Tureano Dexter Johnson
Vijender, Mahamal W4 Poleti Seipua
Gabriel, Alvyn Andy W4 Mervyn Justin Lantan
Singh, Harpreet KO4 Sean Santana
Pitt, Bradley Michael W4 Daniel Anthony Price
Tjingaveta, Jatoorora W4 Macheli Letuka
Frontin, Giovanni KO3 Mohammed Bruce
Matumla, Karimu W4 Upali Bandara R.M
Nkabiti, Herbert W4 Cessaire Rivan
Russan, James W4 Ionas Christodoulou
Kora, Chavis KO2 Ebou Saine
Nwaiwu, Chukwudi W4 Jewel Lewis
Crees, Jamie W4 Carl Heild
Hamill, Dermot W4 Hashim Petro
Ntjona, Thandi W4 Yuri Dabryski
Carslaw, Kristofer W4 Joseph Blackbourn
Hamill, Thomas W4 Ellis Chibuye
Okoth, Absolom KO3 Kurt Blackwill
Trupish, Adam KO3 Kumara S.L
Perkins, Neil W4 Ahmed Saraku
Nisar, Muhammad W4 Thomas Essomba
Plange, Manyo KO2 Omari Idd Kimweri
Nasir, Mohammed W4 Peter Warui
Meshack, Letsoepa W4 Alie Kargbo
Kumar, Jitender W4 Nouman Karim
Shiba, Isho KO2 Emilian Polino
Edmonds, Matthew KO3 Leroy Isidore Jr
Ali, Abid W4 Gyanendra Kumar
Jackson, Luke W4 Gottlieb Ndokosho
Walters, Nicholas W4 Christopher Defreitas
Mehrullah, Lassi W4 Kamal Sameera A.K.G
Mabombo, Herberto KO2 Thanduxolo Dyani
Gaasite, Gomotsang W4 Gibrilla Kanu
Zappavinga, Leonardo W4 Mitch Prince
Anderson, Kenneth KO1 Vincent Kora
Jeffries, Tony KO1 Steve Wulf
Kanyanta, Kennedy W4 Christopher Jenkins
Luza, Lechedzani W4 Paulus Ambunda
Mmoloki, Nogeng W4 Shaun McKim
Dzanie, Prince Octopus W4 Paul Lare
Kketu, Thabiso KO4 Sammy Kariuki
Wanniarachchi, Manju W4 Nathan Di Carlo
Usmanee, Arash W4 Petro Mtagwa
Hastie, Jason W4 Stanley Tsenoli
Colin, Richarno W4 Jamie Gardner
Lawal, Rasheed KO3 Sepeti Qio
Kamal, Ibrahim KO3 Rickson Yamo
Gavin, Frankie W4 Ovidio Bobirnat
Bhagwan, Jai W4 Robert Turley
Singh, Parvinder W4 Charles Njock
McEwan, Craig KO3 Tevita Fonua
Degale, James KO1 Tomasi Naivaqa
Plange, Manyo KO2 Omari Kimweri

Quarter Finals

Shiba, Simanga W4 Patrick Barnes
Uutoni, Jafet KO2 Jack Willie
Langley, Darran W4 Zamzai Mohamad
Nasir, Mohammed W4 Muhammad Nisar
Mathenge, Black W4 Carl Commons
Kopo, Moses KO4 Mark Hastie
Russan, James W4 Todd Alan Kidd
Crees, Jamie W4 Chukwudi Nwaiwu
Johnson, Varghese KO3 Patrick Camille
Bolum, Nestor KO3 Eric Anaba
Kumar, Akhil W4 Bongani Mahlangu
Julie, Louis W4 Matthew Edmonds
Nogeng, Mmoloki W4 Thasibo Nketu
Menya, Charles W4 Colomban Kaldjob
Frontin, Giovanni W4 Asghar Ali Shah
Zappavinga, Leonardo KO2 Karimu Matumla
Gavin, Frankie KO3 Rasheed Lawal
Mwelase, Bongani KO2 Moabi Mothiba
Vijender KO2 Kristofer Carslaw
Ajayi, Olufemi W4 Musa Ngozo
Perkins, Neil W4 Thomas Hamill

Semi Finals

Chauke, Jackson W4 Martin Mubiru
Broadhurst, Don W4 Jitender Kumar
Smith, Stephen W4 Darren Edwards
Mehrullah, Lassi W4 Luke Jackson
Kopo, Moses W4 Black Mathenge
Russan, James KO1 Jamie Crees
Stevenson, Adonis KO4 Warren Fuavailili
Fletcher, Jarrod W4 James Degale
Singh, Harpreet KO1 Anderson Emmanuel
Pitt, Bradley W4 Awusone Yekeni
Uutoni, Jafet W4 Simanga Shiba
Langley, Darran W4 Mohammed Nasir
Kumar, Akhil W4 Nestor Bolum
Julie, Louis W4 Mmoloki Nogeng
Frontin, Giovanni W4 Charles Menya
Gavin, Frankie KO3 Leonardo Zappavinga
Mwelase, Bongani KO3 Olufemi Ajayi
Vijender, W4 Neil Perkins
Olalehin, Adura W4 Joshua Makojio
Anderson, Kenneth KO2 Benjamin Mceachran
Evans, Kevin KO3 Steven Rudic
Price, David KO4 Varghese Johnson

Gold Medal Bouts

Broadhurst, Don KO3 Jackson Chauke
Smith, Stephen W4 Lassi Muhrullah
Russan, James W / Walkover Moses Kopo
Fletcher, Jarrod W4 Adonis Anderson
Pitt, Bradley W4 Harpreet Singh
Uutoni, Jafet W4 Darran Langley
Kumar, Akhil W4 Louis Julie
Gavin, Frankie W4 Giovanni Frontin
Mwelase, Bongani W4 Vijender
Anderson, Kenneth W4 Adura Olalehin
Price, David KO3 Kevin Evans

2006 Brigade Open
(2 Hours)

Benedosso, Michael W3 Scott Yeung
Asis, Daniel W3 Dan Hogan
Calloway, Russell W3 Tom Morkes
Ramirez, Kevin W3 Patrick Mitchell
Pride, Matthew W3 Leon Perry
Jacob, Ovidu W3 Lucas Hanson
Smith, Reggie W3 Cory Kastl
Dutka, Ben W3 Seth Cotts

2007Brigade Open
(2 Hours)

Priester, Danny W3 Tom Morkes
Taylor, Jarod W3 Russ Calloway
Martinez, Alberto W3 Kevin Ramirez
Stous, Ryle W3 Leon Perry
Myers, Robert W3 Mike Njokuobi
Kastl, Cory W3 Dan Khan
Iacob, Ovidiu W3 Alonzo McNeal
Fraser, Cedric W3 Jody Chapman
Solaja, Steve W3 Reggie Smith

2006 Air Force Wing Open
(2 Hours 30 Minutes)

Lloyd, Willie W3 Dean Chuva
Homan, Jeremy W3 Exekiel Ignaco
Goc, Nicholas W3 James Baker
Pena, Luis W3 Lonnie Ash
Edwards, Jahmil W3 Ryan Price
Moore, Clifford W3 Trevor Cook
Conrad, Joe W3 Mark Ruther
Negron, Evin W3 Bruce Jamison
Casillas, Oscar W3 Colin Lafavor
Catoire, Andrew W3 Eric Garcia
Tuznik, Ian W3 John Quinn

2007 Air Force Wing Open
(1 Hours 30 Minutes)

Lloyd, Willie W3 Dean Chuva
Ignaco, Ezekiel KO1 Jesse Horton
White, Harvey W3 Matthew McPhail
Shin, Alexander W3 David Simon
Goc, Nicholas W3 Seth Gunn
Edwards, Jahmil W3 Ryan Price
Moore, Clifford W3 Mark Ruther
Conrad, Jose KO2 James Dunn
Negron, Evin W3 Bruce Jamison
Loomis, Boyce W3 Colin Lafavor
Quinn, John KO3 Eric Garcia

2006 NY Golden Gloves
(2 Hours)

Concepcion, Christian W4 Daniel Martinez
Rivera, Osvaldo W3 Jorge Hernandez
Karaolides, Lambros W3 Alexis Rodriguez
O’Connor, Bryan W3 Joes Florenciani
Vargas, Ronney KO3 Delen Parsley
Ali, Sadam W4 Emmanuel Gonzalez
Kownacki, Adam W3 Anthony Botticelli
Jacobs, Daniel W4 Raymond Rodriguez

2007 Australian Amatuer Championships Finals ( 2 Hours )

Pasani, Dave W3 Kyle Frieberg
Sutherland, Steve KO2 Andrew Missale
DiCarlo, Nathan W3 Jared Woods
Jackson, Luke W3 Paul Fleming
Little, Anthony W3 Mark Pevinsky
Balla, Qalim W3 Angus Hann
Basile, Mark W3 T. Johns
Broadhurst, Trent W3 Nathan Carroll
Corbett, Matt W3 Bryan Johnson
Forsyth, Adam WO Steve Pitt
Beahan, Danny W3 Michael Burke

2007 Golden Gloves Semi Finals
(2 Hours)

Yanez, Luis W4 Stephon Young
Muhammad, Qaid W4 Louis Padilla
Alafa, Aaron W4 Joseph Francisco
Rios, Ronnie W4 Sammy DiPace
Diaz, Jorge W4 David Clark
Williams, Hylon W4 Luis Del Valle
Ali, Sadam W4 Stan Martyniyouk
Solomon, Brad W4 Andre Sherard

2007 Golden Gloves Finals
(2 Hours 30 Minutes)

Yanez, Luis W4 Francisco Ibarra
Alafa, Aaron W4 Qaid Muhammad
Rios, Ronny W4 Jorge Diaz
Williams, Hylon W4 Raynell Williams
Ali, Sadam W4 Darwin Price
Solomon, Brad W4 Jessie Vargas
Andrade, Demetrius W4 Charles Hatley
Porter, Shawn W4 J’Leon Love
Shabazz, Siju W4 De Rae Crane
James, Nathaniel KO2 Tyler Turner

2007 New York Golden Gloves
(2 Hours)

Peters, Schavez W3 Luis Ramirez
Triunfel, Randy W3 Mikkel Les Pierre
Lamonakis, Sonya W4 Shannell Mathes
Potente, Sal W4 Adam Willett
Rosinsky, Will W4 Yuwshua Zadock
Aguilera, Nagy W4 Adam Kownacki
Hamer, Tor W3 Jerrell Miller

2007 New York Golden Gloves – Daily News 80th Edition
( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )
Ramphal, Julion W4 Jose Rivera
McDowell, Chazz W4 Joseph Arroyo
Cruz, Cristina W4 Sofia Gegoric
Ali, Sadam W4 Bryan O,Connor
Vargas, Rodney W4 Ashante Henderickson
DelValle, Luis W4 Alfredo Baeza

2007 New York Golden Gloves
( 2 Hours)
Concepcion, Cristian W4 Juan Roman
Zherebnenko, Vasiliy W3 Mathew Apolinaris
Llovet, Joseph W4 Andre Henry
Stuart Jr, Jaime W3 Eddie Barrizonte
Jeffrey, Ronica W4 Tracy Hutt
Martinez, Steven W3 Gledwin Ortiz
Jacobs, Danny W4 Phillip Jackson - Benson

2007 Cleveland Golden Gloves
( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )
Jacobucci, DJ KO2 Robert Gryaczewski
Webb, Marlon W3 Wayne Walker
McCoy, Aaron W3 Tyrone Jackson
Moss, Derrick KO2 Ralph Liddell
Harris, Travis KO1 Nonine Mackin
Nievas, Antonio W3 Gregory Robinson
Jeffy, Todd W3 Nick Johnson
Hawthorne, Mark W3 Gary Shade
Jones, David W3 Alva Watkins

2007 US Golden Gloves Semi Finals ( 2 Hours )
Vargas, Jesse W4 Tahree Carroll
Andrade, Demetrius W4 Javonn Barnes
Porter, Shawn W4 Willie Monroe Jr
Crane, DeRae W4 Joshua Garza
Shabazz, Siju W4 Alexander Johnson
James, Nathaniel W4 Joey Hanks
Turner, Tyler KO4 Jonte Willis

2007 Cleveland Golden Gloves – Part 2
( 50 Minutes )
Quaterman, Lamont KO1 Charles Singletary
Williams, Raynell W4 Mark Davis
Gonzalez, Miguel W4 Chris Hazimlihilas
Williams, DeVaughn W4 Darren Wilder

2006 Women's NY Golden Gloves
(2 Hours)

Roytblatt, Raven W4 Tracy Hutt
Castronuva, Cara W4 Christina Cruz
Greco, Vanessa W4 Kimberly Saree Torres
Mackenzie, Sascha W4 Justine Herrera
Lamonakis, Sonya W4 Tanzee Daniel
McLeod, Keisher KO3 Megan Rosario
Jeffrey, Ronica W4 Jody-Ann Weller

National Collegiate Championships 2006
(1 Hour)

Varner, Jamie KO2 Matt Pride
Jacob, Oudiu KO3 Josh Sanborn
Smith, Reggie KO3 Jason Crocco
Namauu, Henry KO1 Steve Solaja
Tuznik, Ian KO3 Dave Paddock

2007 World Amatuer Championships
Disk 1
Quarter Finals

Vodopyanov, Sergey W4 Gary Russell
Murray, Joseph W4 Gu Yu
Tanamor, Harry W4 Luis Yanez (HL)
Tishchenko, Alexey KO3 Pichai Sayota
Gavin, Frankie W4 Onur Sipal
Shynaliyev, Yerkebuian W4 Tony Jeffries
Beterbier, Artur W4 Imre Szello
Timurziev, Islam W4 Michael Hunter

Disk 2
Semi Finals

Jongjohor, Somjit W4 Vincenzo Picardi
Warren, Raushee W4 Samir Mammadov
Lomachenko, Vasyl W4 Li Yang
Kovalev, Gennady W4 Bradley Saunders
Blanco, Alfonso W4 Artayev Bakhtiyar (HL)
Korobov, Matvey KO2 Sergey Berevyanchenko
Chakhkiev, Rakhim W4 John M’Bumba
Russo, Clemente W4 Yushan Nijiati

Disk 3
Semi Finals

Tanamor, Harry W4 Amnat Ruenroang
Vodopyanov, Sergey W4 McJoe Arroyo
Badar – Uugan, Enkhbat W4 Joseph Murray
Gavin, Frankie W4 Alexey Tishchenko
Valentino, Domenico W4 Kim Song Buk
Boomjumong, Non W4 Hanati Silamu
Glazkov, Vyacheslav W4 Zhang Zhilei

North Sunshine Victoria, Australia, 13th June 2008 ( Amatuer )

McEwan, Matt Vs Josh McKinley
Suba, Corey Vs Nick Ellis
McEwan, Scott Vs Ashley McDermott
Angelino, Angelo Vs Matt Hasler
Parks, Michael Vs Eric Sultana
Iannazzo, Andrew Vs Daniel Armenta
Campbell, Brad Vs Josh Ferguson
Burton, Daniel Vs Masea Tuala
Doran, Brodie Vs Luke Barnett
Burns, Josh Vs Trent Douf
Alkanj, Mohamad Vs Zdlavko Zwirn
Burnett, Drew Vs Hunter S Wilde

Disk 4

Vodopyanov, Sergey W4 Enkhbat Badar Uugan
Selimov, Albert W4 Vasyl Lomachenko
Gavin, Frankie W4 Domenico Valentino
Sapiyev, Serik W4 Gennady Kovalev
Korobov, Matvey W4 Alfonso Blanco
Atoev, Abbos W4 Artur Beterbiev
Russo, Clemente W4 Rakhim Chakhkiev

2008 Brigade Open ( Amatuer ) 2 Hours

Garcia, Danilo W3 Ricky Garcia
Anthony, Terrell W3 Jarod Taylor
Henao-Escobar, Steve W3 Dan Sequeria
Kastl, Cory W3 Tim Clark
Garcia, Johnny W3 Dan Hogan
Paddock, Chad W3 Cedric Fraser
Chapman, Jody W3 Mike Njokuobi
Solaja, Steve W3 Nate Taylor

2008 Wing Open ( Amatuer ) 2 Hours

Chuva, Dean W3 Matthew DeMars
Simon, David W3 Alex Shin
Navin, Brian KO2 Brady Ball
Liptak, Nathan W3 Mike Dunn
Nelson, Daryn W3 Ryan Price
Moore, Clifford W3 James Dunn
Gagliardi, Lucas W3 Jacob Lambach
Loomis, Boyce KO1 Matthew Tasin
Johnson, Chris W3 Richard Kenny

2008 West NY Golden Gloves Regional ( 2 Hours )

Whitfield, Aleem W4 Matt Holscher
Davis, Johnnie W4 Fred Macklin
Brinson, Tony W4 Tim Mallory
Holmes, Excell W4 Lorenzo Davis
Griffin, Rashad W3 Andre Clements
Jordan, Brandyn W3 Chris Lotta
Muhammad, Salahudeen W3 Matthew Honeyford
Buck, John W3 Paul DeLong

2008 NY Womens Golden Gloves ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )

Currie, Camille W4 Lisa Tracy
Cruz, Christina W4 Christina Rosa
Ramirez, Laura W4 Ruth O’Sullivan
Walsh, Amanda W4 Yuko Yamamoto
Serrano, Amanda W4 Jody – Ann Weller
Anakwe, Chinazo Rena W4 Kathleen Walsh
Lamonakis, Sonya W4 Shayna J. Hargraves

2008 Olympic Invitational - ( 45 Minutes )

Yanez, Luis W4 Paulo Carvallo II
Russell Jr, Gary W4 Robson Conceicao
Wilder, Deontay KO2 Yushan Nijiati

T.O.P Army Boxing 2008 ( 2 Hours )

Ramos, Alexis W4 Connor Johnson
Mendoza, Issac W4 Yonnick McDonald
Guzman, Joe KO2 Issac Mendoza
Franklin, John W4 Michael Benedoso
Gable, Charles W4 John Jackson
Orrostieta, Adrian W4 Dustin Lara
McClam, Jeremy W4 Yonnick McDonald
Spencer, Jeffery KO1 Sean Pate

2008 College Boxing ( 2 Hours )

Schacter, David W3 Addy Pizarro
Gennaro, Thomas W3 Steven Henoa-Escobar
Stous, Ryle W3 Travis Murray
Steadman, Mike W3 Kenny Dyer-Redner
Solaja. Steve KO1 Charles Blackwell
Lynch, Aaron W3 Jeremiah Olver

2008 Bejing Olympics
Xiaoping, Zhang W4 Mourad Sahraoui
Beterbiev, Artur W4 Kennedy Katende
Colon, Carlos Negron W4 Mehdi Ghorbani
Bayeaux, Emilio W4 Jarrod Fletcher
Gongora, Carlos W4 Konstantin Buga
Estrada, Shawn W4 Ezequiel Maderna
Sivolija-Jelica, Marjo KO3 Farani Tavui
Kurbanov, Dzhakhon W4 Abbos Atoev
Shynaliyev, Yerkebulan W4 Daugirdas Semiotas
Kovalev, Gennady W4 Qiong Maimatituersun
Colin, Richimo W4 Myke Carvalho
Moussaid, Driss W4 Todd Kidd
Sotolongo, Roniel Iglesias W4 Mahaman Smalia
Joyce, Johnny W4 Gyula Kate
Diaz, Felix W4 Eduard Hambardzumyan
Saunders, Billy Joe W4 Adam Kilicci
Johnson, Toureano W4 Rolande Moses
Yang, Li W4 Robson Conceicao
Porozo, Luis W4 Roberto Navarro
Sultonov, Bahodirjon W4 Anthresh Lalit Lakra
Lomachenko, Vasyl W4 Albert Selimov
Williams, Raynell W4 Alessio Di Savino
Djelkhir, Khedafi W4 Paul Fleming
Little, Anthony W4 Julius Munyele Indongo
Strtsikyy, Olexandr W4 Gilbert Lenin Castillo
Hanati, Silamu W4 Precious Makina
Mulema, Joseph W4 Bruno Flavien Bongongo
Joo, Kim Jung W4 Jack Culcay Keth
Gheorge, Ionut W4 Jonathan Gonzalez Ortiz
Georgiev, Boris W4 Javier Molina
Saunders, Bradley KO1 Samuel Koley Neequaye
Grusac, Vitalie W4 Gerard O’Mahony
Mahmudov, Dilshod W4 Mehdi Khalsi
Andrade, Demetrius W4 Kakhaber Jvania
Balanov, Andrey W4 Muhandjae Kasuto
Cherif, Walid W4 Stephen Sutherland
Ikgopoleng, Khumiso W4 Luke Boyd
Tishchenko, Alexey W4 Saifeddine Nejmaoui
Valentino, Domenico W4 Tahar Tamsamani
Ugas, Yordenis W4 Hamza Kramou
Payano, Juan Carlos W4 Jerome Thomas
Picardi, Vincenzo W4 Cassius Chiyanika
Rangel, Hector Manzanilla W4 Issah Samir
Julie, Bruno W4 Emanuel Thabiso Nketu
Tojibaev, Hoorshid W4 Rustamhodza Rahimov
Yu, Gu W4 Joe Murray
Gojan, Veaceslav W4 Khavazhy Khatsyhav
Doniyorov, Tulashboy W4 Bernard Ngumba Irungu
Oksung, Lee W4 Rau’shee Warren
Mammadov, Samir W4 Abdelillah Nhaila
Jongjohor, Somjit W4 Eddie Valenzuela
Sarsembayev, Sergey W4 McJoe Arroyo Acevedo
Kumar, Akhil W4 Ali Hallab
Enkhbat, Badar-Uugan W4 Oscar Valdez
Danielyan, Hovhannes W4 Thomas Essomba
Oubaali, Nordine W4 Rafikjon Sultonov
Shiming, Zou W4 Eduard Bermudez Salas
Montero, Winston W4 Suleiman Wanjau Bilali
Duarte, Osmail Acosta W4 Olarnewaju Durodola
Pavlidis, IIias W4 Milorad Gajovic
Mbumba, John W4 Blanco Julio
Chakhkiev, Rakhim W4 Ali Mazaheri
Yanez, Luis W4 Jose Kelvin De La Nieve
Chygayev, Georgiy W4 David Ayrapetyan
Hernandez, Yampier W4 Sherali Dostiev
Russo, Clemente W4 Viktar Zuyev
Glazkov, Vyacheslav W4 Robert Alfonso Acea
Cammarelle, Roberto W4 Marko Tomasovic
Price, David KO2 Islam Timurziev
Abdin, Hosam W4 Non Boonjumnong
Suarez, Carlos Banteaux W4 Billy Joe Saunders
Johnson, Toureano W4 Olexandr Strets’kyy
Hanati, Silamu W4 Joseph Mulema
Jeffries, Tony W4 Eleider Alvarez
Szello, Imre KO1 Luis Alberto Gonzalez
Silva, Washington W4 Bastic Samir
Egan, Kenny W4 Bahram Muzaffer
Xiapong, Zhang W4 Artur Beterbiev
Sapiyev, Serik W4 Jonny Sanchez
Boonjumnong, Manus W4 Masatsugu Kawachi
Kovalev, Gennady W4 Richamo Colin
Sotolongo, Roniel Iglesias W4 Driss Moussaid
Diaz, Felix W4 Johnny Joyce
Seoahvandiw, Morteza W4 Ionut Gheorghe
Uranchimeg, Munkh-Erdene W4 Boris Georgiev
Torriente, Idel W4 Prince Octopus Dzaine
Imranov, Shahin W4 Galib Jafarov
Popescu, Georgian W4 Sadam Ali
Sow, Daouda W4 Kim Song-Guk
Qing, Hu W4 Oleksandr Klyschko
Andrade, Demitrius W4 Andrey Balanov
Yang, Li W4 Luis Porozo
Lomachemko, Vasyl W4 Bahodirijon Sultonov
Jongsub, Baik W4 Pichai Sayota
Javakhyan, Hrachik W4 Rasheed Olawale Lawal
Perez, Darleys W4 Asylbek Talasbaev
Tishchenko, Alexey W4 Anthony Little
Ugas, Yordenis W4 Domenico Valentino
Popescu, Georgian W4 Francisco Javier Vargas
Alarcon, Yankiel Leon W4 Kanat Abutalipov
Gojan, Veaceslav W4 Gu Yu
Kumar, Akhil W4 Sergey Vodopyanov
Enkhbat, Badar-Uugan W4 John Joseph Nevin
Djelkhir, Khedafi W4 Raynell Williams
Reyes, Arturo Santos W4 Alaa Shili
Torriente, Idel W4 Enkhzorig Zorigtbaatar
Wilder, Deontay W4 Abdelaziz Touilbini
Arjaoui, Mohammed W4 Brad Pitt
Usyk, Oleksandr W4 Yushan Nijiati
Benchabla, Abdelhafid W4 Ramadan Yasser
Kurbanov, Dzhakhon W4 Marijo Silvolija-Jelica
Sow, Daouda W4 Jose Pedraza Gonzalez
Imranov, Shahin W4 Nikoloz Izoria
Blakshin, Georgy W4 Mirat Sarsembayev
Kumar, Jitender W4 Tulashboy Doniyorov
Picardi, Vincenzo W4 Juan Carlos Payano
Cherif, Walid W4 Lee Oksung
Jongjohor, Smojit W4 Samir Mammadov
Yunusov, Anvar W4 Robenilson Viera
Parra, Alfonso Blanco W4 Argenis Nunez
Barnes, Paddy W4 Jose Luis Meza
Maszczuk, Lukasz W4 Jafet Uutoni
Shiming, Zou W4 Nordine Oubaali
Purevdorj, Serdama W4 Luis Yanez
Hernandez, Yampier W4 Georgiy Chygayev
Correa, Emilio W4 Sergiy Derevyanch
Sutherland, Darren John W4 Nabil Kassel
Artayev, Bakhtiyar W4 Matuey Korobov
Degale, James W4 Shawn Estrada
Silva, Wellington W4 Azea Augustana
Samir, Basti KO3 David Izobo
Egan, Kenny W4 Julius Jackson
Korobov, Matvey W4 Naim Terbunja

Quarter Finals

Boonjumnong, Manus W4 Serik Sapiyev
Sotolongo, Roniel Iglesias W4 Gennady Kovalev
Diaz, Felix, W4 Morteza Sepahvandi
Vastine, Alexis W4 Munkh Erdene Uranchimeg
Suarez, Carlos Banteaux W4 Hosam Abdin
Hanati, Silamu W4 Toureano Johnson
Sarsekbayev, Bakyht W4 Dishod Mahmudov
Acosta, Osmail W4 IIias Pavlidis
Chakhkiev, Rakhim W4 John Mbumba
Wilder, Deontay W4 Mohanned Arjaoui
Russo, Clemente W4 Oleksandr Usyk HL
Alarcon, Yankiel Leon W4 Worapoj Petchkoom
Julie, Bruno W4 Hector Mazanilla Rangel
Lomachenko, Vasyl W4 Li Yang
Djelkhir, Khedafi W4 Arturo Santos
Imranov, Shahin W4 Idel Torriente
Zhilei, Zhang W4 Ruslan Myrsatayev
Cammarelle, Roberto W4 Oscar Rivas
Barnes, Paddy W4 Lukasz Maszczyk
Shiming, Zou W4 Birzhan Zhakypov
Hernandez, Yampier W4 Paulo Carvalho
Tishchenko, Alexey W4 Darleys Perez
Ugas, Yordenis W4 Georgian Popescu
Sow, Daouda W4 Hu Qing
Jeffries, Tony W4 Imre Szello
Hernandez, Andris Laffita W4 McWilliams Arroyo Acevedo
Balakshin, Georgy W4 Jitender Kumar
Picardi, Vincenzo W4 Walid Cherif
Jongjohor, Somjit W4 Anvar Yunusov
Sutherland, Darren John W4 Alfonso Blanco Parra
Degale, James W4 Bakhtiyar Artayev
Correa, Emilio W4 Elshwood Rasulov
Price, David KO2 Jaroslav Jaksto
Egan, Kenny W4 Washington Silva
Kumar, Vijender W4 Carlos Gongora

Semi Finals

Jongjohor, Somjit W4 Vincenzo Picardi
Lomachenko, Vasyl W4 Yakup Kilic
Boonjumnong, Manus W4 Roniel Iglesias Sotolongo
Diaz, Felix W4 Alexis Vastine
Degale, James W4 Darren John Sutherland
Correa, Emilio W4 Vijender Kumar
Chakhkiev, Rakhim W4 Osmail Acosta Duarte
Shiming, Zou W4 Paddy Barnes
Alarcon, Yankiel W4 Bruno Julie
Djelkhir, Khedafi KO1 Shahin Imranov
Tishchenko, Alexey W4 Hrachik Hanati
Russo, Clemente W4 Deontay Wilder
Egan, Kenny W4 Tony Jeffries
Cammarelle, Roberto KO2 David Price

Gold Medal Bouts

Jongjohor, Somjit W4 Andris Laffita Hernandez
Lomachenko, Vasyl KO1 Khedafi Djelkhir
Diaz, Felix W4 Manus Boonjumnong
Degale, James W4 Emilio Correa
Shiming, Zou KO1 Serdamba Purevdor
Xiaoping, Zhang W4 Kenny Egan
Cammarelle, Roberto KO4 Zhang Zhilei

2009 Welsh ABA Finals ( 1 Hour )

Evans, Ryan W3 Danny Jones
Rees, Lewis W3 Lee Quinn HL
Evans, Craig W3 Kris Jones
Ware, Chris W3 Lee Churcher
Cage, Joe W3 Andrew Perry HL
Wyn Jones, Andrew W3 Dorian Darch

2009 Brigade Open ( 2 Hours )

Grohoski, Josef W3 Kyle Kiriyama
Thomas, Jevon W3 Johnny Garcia
Clasby, Luis W3 Deonte Dawson
Brousseau, Jimmy W3 Azeri Panahov
Stous, Ryle W3 Scott Ginther
Myers, Billy W3 Louie Renggli
Chpman, Jody W3 A.J Pisano
Elliot, Tyler KO2 Charles Paddock
Fraser, Cedric W3 Art Boyev

2009 British ABA Championships


Disk 1
Cameron, Liam W3 Dudley O’Shaughnessy
Burton, Hosea W3 Kirk Garvey
Mbwakongo, Obed W3 Lawrence Osueke
Evans, Robert W3 Wayne Adeniyi
Keane, Christopher KO2 Daryl Gardener
Valilly, Simon W3 Matthew Isa

Disk 2
Stubbs, Tommy W3 Darren Langley
Yafai, Gamal W3 Adam Whitfield
Allen, James W3 Jason Cunningham
Weaver, Iain W3 Blain Younis
Stead, Martin W3 Tom Stalker
Heffron, Ronnie KO2 Bradley Skeete

2009 NY Golden Gloves

Cruz, Christina W4 Alexis Asher
Kelly, Julie Anne W4 Gherrie Retanozzo
Lamonakis, Sonya W4 Shanell Mathes
Cameron, Shawn W4 Richie Neves
D’Angelo, Vincenzo W4 Gadiel Romero
Falconer, Leon W4 De’Vaun Lee
Williams Jr, Joseph W4 Patrick Neumaan

2009 UK ABA Finals

Yafai, Gamal W3 Adam Whitfield
Selby, Andrew W3 James Allen
Evans, Craig W3 Brian Younis
Stalker, Tom W3 Ryan Smith
Ress, Lewis W3 Bradley Skeete
Cameron, Liam W3 Dudley O’Shaughnessy
Garvey, Kirk W3 Hosea Burton
Osueke, Tawrence W3 James Quigley
Keane, Christopher W3 Wadi Camacho
Wyn Jones, Andrew W3 Ross Henderson

2009 World Amatuer Championships

Semi Finals

81 kg - Jose Larduet Gomez (CUB) L3 Artur Beterbiyev (RUS)
81 kg - Abdelkader Bouhenia (FRA) L3 Elshod Rasulov (UZB)
+91 kg - Roberto Cammarelle (ITA) KO1 Viktor Zuyev (BLR)
+91 kg - Roman Kapitonenko (UKR) W3 Zhang Zhilei (CHN)
51 kg - McWilliams Arroyo (PUR) W3 Ronny Beblik (GER)
51 kg - Misha Aloyan (RUS) L3 Tugstsogt Nyambayar (MGL)
57 kg - Vasyl Lomachenko (UKR) W3 Oscar Valdez (MEX)
57 kg - Sergey Vodopyanov (RUS) W3 Bohodirion Sultanov (UZB)
64 kg - Roniel Iglesias Sotolongo (CUB) W3 Munkh-Erdene Uranchimeg (MGL)
64 kg - Frankie Gomez (USA) W3 Gyula Kate (HUN)
75 kg - Mahimal Vijender (IND) L3 Abbos Atoev (UZB)
75 kg - Andranik Hakobyan (ARM) W3 Alfonso Blanco (VEN)
91 kg - Osmay Acosta Duarte (CUB) W3 John M'Bumba (FRA)
91 kg - Olexandr Usyk (UKR) L3 Egor Mekhontsev (RUS)
48 kg - Li Jiazhao (CHN) W3 Purevdorj Serdamba (MGL)
48 kg - Shin Jong Hun (KOR) L3 David Ayrapetyan (RUS)
54 kg - Yankiel Leon Alarcon (CUB) L3 Detelin Dalakliev (BUL)
54 kg - John Joe Nevin (IRL) W3 Eduard Abzalimov (RUS)
60 kg - Domenico Valentino (ITA) W3 Koba Pchakadze (GRG)
60 kg - Jose Pedraza (PUR) W3 Albert Selimov (RUS)
69 kg - Boturjon Mahmudov (UZB) L3 Jack Robert Culcay-Keth (GER)
69 kg - Andrey Zamkovoy (RUS) W3 Serik Sapiyev (KZK)


48 kg – Purevdori Serdamba (MGL) W3 David Ayrapetyan (RUS)
54 kg – Deyelin Dalakliev (BUL) W3 Eduard Abzalimov (RUS)
57 kg – Vasyl Lomachenko (UKR) W3 Sergey Vodopyanov (RUS)
60 kg – Domenico Valentino (ITA) W3 Jose Pedraza (PUR)
64 kg – Roniel Iglesias Sotolongo (CUB) W3 Frankie Gomez (USA)
69 kg – Jack Robert Culcan-Keith (GER) W3 Andrey Zamkovov (RUS)
75 kg – Abbos Atoev (UZB) W3 Addranik Hakobyan (ARM)
81 kg – Artur Beterbiyev (RUS) W3 Elshod Rasulov (UZB)
91 kg – Egor Mekhontsev (RUS) W3 Osmay Acosta Duarte (CUB)
+91 kg – Roberto Cammarelle (ITA) W3 Roman Kapitonenko (UKR)
51 kg – Arroyo McWilliams (PUR) W3 Tugstsogt Nyambayar (MGL)

2009 NY Golden Gloves ( 2 Hours )

Okafor, Ngoli W3 Abdelghani Bousmah
Bujaj, Stivens KO3 Dmitriy Dudenko
Kownacki, Adam W3 Davone Jones
James, Dominique W3 Frankie Garriga
Thompson, David W3 Ahman Mickens
Pagan, Shemuel W3 Vassily Zherbnenko II

2009 NY Golden Gloves

Dean, Nicole W4 Emily Kramer
Ramirez, Laura W4 Lisa Marie West
Roberts, Melissa W4 Chala Yancy

2010 NY Golden Gloves ( 1 Hour )

Suarez, Marcos W3 Marcus Hernandez
Gomez, Eddie W3 Cletus Seldin
Bujaj, Stiven W3 Joseph Williams II

2010 NY Golden Gloves ( 1 Hour )

Galarza, Frank W3 Allen Brunner
Caramanno, Anthony W3 Jordan Rodriguez
Pagan, Shemuel W3 Carlos Teron

2010 NY Golden Gloves ( 1 Hour )

Moran, Roberto W3 Davone Jones
Hardwick, Thomas W3 Earl Mewman
Browne, Marcus W3 David Thompson

2010 NY Womens Golden Gloves ( 1 Hour )

Kelly, Julie Anne W4 Camille Curry
Jensen, Christina W4 Alicia Napoleon
Cruz, Christina W4 Alexis Asher IV

2010 Womens Golden Gloves ( 1 Hour )

Moreno, Cynthia W4 Alex Love
Downing, Sacred W4 Virginia Fuchs
Han, Sephanie W4 Yolanda Ezill
DeFazio, Alyassa W4 Christina Jarson

2010 Cleveland Golden Gloves ( 2 Hours )

Tulley, Anthony W3 Christian Maynor
Williams, Raynell W3 William Flenoy
Adams, Zeddie W3 Cassius Foster
Alicea, Eddie W3 Marvin Woodall
Gausha, Terrell KO2 Kenneth Brown
Salinas, Juan W3 Ryan Forbes
Bush, Jason W3 Mark Ward

2011 Womens NY Golden Gloves ( 1 Hour )

Walsh, Kathleen W4 Christella Cepeda
Rodriguez, Nisa W4 LaTarisha Fountain
Cruz, Christina W4 Susana Mellone Spence

2011 NY Golden Gloves ( 2 Hours )

Estrada, Jaime W3 Frankie Garriga
Tassy, Max W3 Daniel Girace
Ceballo, Cristino W3 Patrick Day
Galeano, Christopher W3 Jeremy Fiorentino
Plevako, Iegor KO2 Elijah Thomas
Suarez, Marcos W3 Luis Cruz

2011 NY Golden Gloves ( 1 Hour )

Slaughter, Prince W3 Luis Mancilla
Roman, Juan W3 Hamzah Alnuzaili
Browne, Marcus W3 DeVaun Lee

2010 Commonwelth Games – Dehli, India

Prelimanry Bouts

Singh, Amandeep W3 Peter Warui
Iqbal, Haroon KO3 Sunday Elias
Bactora, Gilbert W3 Samarasekara Dissanayake
O’hara, Mark W3 Mikka Shonena
Donaldson, Angus W3 Ensa Jammeh
Mathenge, Blackmoses W3 Hashim Petro
Prince, Aaron KO3 Miguel Auguste
Kumar, Manoj KO2 Daniel Lassayo
Gaasite, Gomotsang KO1 Thomas Melville
Ulysse, Yves W3 Abdur Rahim
Lawson, Fredrick W3 Muideen Ganiyu
Taylor, Anthony W3 Mockhachane Moshoeshoe
Young, Jovan W3 Fairus Mohd
Jean, Jovette W3 Sosefo Falekano
Khan, Nisar KO1 Peter Michael
Lukmon, Lawal KO2 Imrod Bartholomew
Hooper, Damien W3 Lad Agege
Ogogo, Anthony KO2 Andrew Kometa
McEwen, Nathon W3 Lungile Dyamdeki
O’kane, Eamonn W3 Ranil Jayathilakage
Kidunda, Seleman KO3 Musa Ngozo
Fata, Afaese W3 Devon Boatswain
Harding, Keiran W3 Habib Ahmed
Michaelidis, Michalis W3 Joseph Deireragea
Kasuto, Mujandjae KO3 Siphiwe Lusizi
Bangali, Suruz W3 Suranga Mudannayaka
Gallagher, Patrick W3 Joseph Mulema
Mothiba, Maobi W3 Azumah Mohammed
Mumba, Godfrey W3 Reece Shagourie
Singh, Dilbag W3 Viliami Latu
Ndumgu, Joseph W3 Cobia Breedy
Sogbamu, Waheed W3 Nawaz Khan
Bhagwan, Jai W3 Colin Caleb
Jackson, Luke W3 Tsepo Lepoqo
Roddy, Kautoa W3 Daly Darroux
George, Dalton KO3 Jewel Lewis
Lamptey, Benjamin W3 Kaisa Ioane
King, Keithland KO2 Steven Thanki
St Pierre, Joseph W3 Freddie Evans
Farkhan, Muhamad W3 Paneng Kokole
Hield, Carl KO1 Hubert Lucien
Brown, Aston W3 Rayton Okwiri
Clayton, Custio W3 Jospeh Mwaisalenge
Smith, Callum W3 Ritiati Betero
Hammond, Cameron W3 Kehinde Ademuyima
Waseem, Muhammad W3 Chaminda Tennakoon
Micah, Duke W3 Lebogang Pilane
Moloney, Andrew TW1 Paul Kava
Barnes, Paddy W3 Iain Butcher
Fuad, Muhamad W3 Bathusi Mogajane
Singh, Amandeep W3 Haziza Matsui
Balla, Ibrahim W3 Thabiso Nketu
Kumar, Akhil W3 Qadir Khan
Njangiru, Benson W3 Camillos Kaikai
Jordon, Dexter KO1 Neo Thamahane
Moloney, Jason W3 Miachael Conlan
Oteng, Oteng W3 Johannes Simon
Mayengbam, Suranjoy W3 Manyo Plange
Subrie, Mohd W3 Brian Mwabu
Selby, Andrew W3 Tommy Stubbs
Iqbal, Haroon W3 Gilbert Bactora
Falekaono, Ikani W3 Jahziel Lewis
Knowles, Valentino W3 Emil Kaoka
Mathenge, Blackmoses W3 Chimwemwe Chiotcha
Kumar, Manoj W3 Gomotsang Gaasite
Ulysse, Yves W3 Fredrick Lawson
Saunders, Bradley W3 Anthony Taylor
Bowes, Phillip W3 Khir Akyazacan
Colin, Louis W3 Luke Woods
Nashivela, Elias WDQ2 Albert Blaize
Singh, Vijender KO2 Dick Ombaka
Lukmon, Lawal KO1 Louis Olivier
Ogogo, Anthony W3 Damien Hooper
O’kane, Eamonn W3 Nathon McEwen
Fata, Afaese W3 Seleman Kidunda
Harding, Keiran W3 Jovan Young
Jean, Jovette W3 Nisar Khan
Haqq, Tariq Abdul W3 Meer Khan
Parker, Joseph W3 Didier Bence
Yepmou, Blaise KO3 Andrew Jones
Munihango, Tobias W3 Michael Nakafwa
Ageidu, Jake W3 Jubilee Arama
FA, Junior W3 Amin Isa
Samota, Paramjeet KO3 Andre Reid
Stalker, Thomas W3 Kamal Sameera
Jackson, Luke W3 Nogeng Mmoloki
Roddy, Kautoa WDQ2 Dalton George
Taylor, Josh W3 Benjamin Lamptey
Moala, Lomalito W3 Martin Chibela
Rynn, Alex W3 Mark O’hara
St Pierre, Joseph W3 Keithland King
Mukhin, Alexey W3 Ross Henderson
Ochola, Elly KO3 David Alova
Yekeni, Awusone KO3 Semisi Kalu
Mbwakongo, Obed W3 Dinesh Kumar
Johnson, Callum W3 Krystian Borucki
Asare, Jermaine W3 Ahmed Saraku
Hala, Filimaua W3 Lennon Bannis
McCullagh, Tyrone W3 Ibrahim Balla
Kumar, Akhil W3 Iain Weaver
Julie, Louis W3 Revocatus Shomari
Papuni, Reece W3 Travis Tapatuetoa
McCarthy, Thomas W3 Leoanard Machchichi
Makonjio, Joshua W3 Rodney Prosper
Mulivai, Dane W3 Mussa Ajibu
Lukas, Sakaria W3 Joseph Ham
Wanniara, Manju W3 Andrique Allisop
Okoth, Nicholas KO2 Benedict Telovae
McGoldrick, Sean W3 Jessie Lartey


Uutoni, Jafet W3 Jason Lavigilante
Waseem, Muhammad W3 Duke Micah
Barnes, Andrew W3 Andrew Moloney
Singh, Amadeep W3 Fuan Muhamad
Njangiru, Benson W3 Dexter Jordan
Oteng, Oteng W3 Jason Moloney
Mayengbam, Suranjoy W3 Mohd Subrie
Haroon, Ibqal W3 Andrew Selby
Moala, Lomalito W3 Alex Rynn
Hield, Carl W3 Joseph St Pierre
Smith, Callum W3 Aston Brown
Seoko, Tirafalo W3 Sakaria Lukas
Wanniarachchi, Manju W3 Nicholas Oktoth
McGoldrick, Sean W3 Tyrone McCullagh
Julie, Louis W3 Akhil Kumar
Bhagwan, Jai W3 Waheed Sogbamu
Stalker, Thomas W3 Luke Jackson
Taylor, Josh W3 Kautoa Roddy
FA, Junior W3 Jake Ageidu
Samota, Paramjet W3 Alexey Mukhin
O’kane, Eamonn W3 Afaese Fata
Harding, Keiran W3 Nisar Khan
Yekeni, Awusone W3 Elly Ochola
Vallily, Simon KO3 Arsene Fokou
Ward, Steven W3 Manpreet Singh
Simmons, Stephen W3 Samir El – Mais
Haqq, Tariq Abdul W3 Joseph Parker

Semi Finals

Uutoni, Jafet W3 Muhammad Waseem
Barnes, Paddy W3 Amadeep Singh
Wanniarachchi, Manju KO2 Tirafalo Seoko
McGoldrick, Sean W3 Louis Julie
Stalker, Thomas W3 Jai Bhagwan
Taylor, Josh W3 Lomalito Moala
Smith, Callum W3 Carl Hield
Gallagher, Patrick W3 Dilbag Singh
Njangiru, Benson W3 Oteng Oteng
Mayengbam, Suranjoy W3 Harron Iqbal
Kumar, Manjor W3 Valentino Knowles
Saunders, Bradley W3 Louis Colin
Ogogo, Anthony W3 Vijender Singh
O’kane, Eamonn W3 Keiran Harding
Vallily, Simon WO Awusone Yekeni
Ward, Steven W3 Stephen Simmons
Haqq, Tariq Abdul W3 Blaise Yepmou
Samota, Paramjeet W3 Junior FA
McCarthy, Thomas W3 Joshua Makonjio
Johnson, Callum KO2 Jermaine Asare

Gold Medal Bouts

Barnes, Paddy W3 Jafet Uutoni
Wanniarachchi, Manju W3 Sean McGoldrick
Light Flyweight Medal Presentation
Stalker, Thomas W3 Josh Taylor
Bantamweight Medal Presentation
Gallagher, Patrick W3 Callum Smith
Lightweight Medal Presentation
Johnson, Callum W3 Thomas McCarthy
Welterweight Medal Presentation
Light Heavyweight Medal Presentation
Mayengbam, Suranjoy WO Njangiru Benson
Kumar, Manoj W3 Bradley Saunders
Flyweight Medal Presentation
O’kane, Eamonn W3 Anthony Ogogo
Light Welterweight Medal Presentation
Vallily, Simon KO1 Steven Ward
Middleweight Medal Presentation
Samota, Paramjeet W3 Tariq Abdul Haqq
Heavyweight Medal Presentation
Super Heavyweight Medal Presentation

2011 AIBA World Amatuer Boxing Championships

Quarter Finals

Falcao, Esquiva W3 Danabek Suzhanov
Khytrov, Ievgen W3 Aleksandar Drenovak
Juratoni, Bogdan W3 Andranik Hakobyan
Usyk, Oleksand W3 Artur Beterbiev
Karneyeu, Siarhei KO3 Chouaib Bouloudinat
Mammadov, Teymur W3 Jose Larduet
Xuanxuan, Wang W3 Vassili Levit
Campbell, Luke W3 Detelin Dalakliev
Nevin, John W3 Orzubek Shayimov
Yunusov, Anvar W3 Sergey Vodopiyanov
Alvarez, Lazaro W3 Joseph Diaz
Murata, Ryota W3 Darren O’Neil
Toledo, Yasnier W3 Han Soon
Zhailauov, Gani W3 Jai Bhagwan
Joshua, Anthony W3 Roberto Cammarelle
Pfiefer, Erik W3 Viktar Zuyev
Dychko, Ivan W3 Filip Hrgovic
Medzhidov, Magomedrasul KO2 Erislandy Savon
Mekhontsev, Egor W3 Oleksandr Gvozdyk
La Cruz, Julio W3 Damien Hooper
Niyazymbetov, Adilbek KO3 Meng Fanlong
Rasulov, Elshod W3 Eshan Rouzbahani
Valentino, Domenico W3 Miklos Varga Lomachenko, Vasyl W3 Fazliddin Gaibnazarov
Ayrapetyan, David W3 Jose de la Nieve
Purevdorj, Serdamba KO1 Yosbany Veitia
Jong, Shin W3 Devendro Laishram
Berinchyk, Denys W3 Gaybatulla Gadzhialieyev
Stalker, Thomas W3 Manoj Kumar
Dos Santos, Everton KO3 Gyula Kate
Mangiacapre, Vincenzo W3 Munkh Erdene Uranchimeng

Semi Finals

Sapiyev, Serik KO2 Egidijus Kavaliauskas
Shelestyuk, Taras W3 Krishan Vikas
La Cruz, Julio W3 Egor Mekhonstev
Niyazymbetov, Adibek W3 Elshod Rasulov
Joshua, Anthony KO1 Erik Pfiefer
Madzhidov, Magomedrasul W3 Ivan Dychko
Murata, Ryota W3 Esquiva Falcao
Khytrov, Ievgen KO2 Bogdan Juratoni
Usyk, Oleksandr W3 Siarhei Karneyeu
Mammadov, Teymur KO2 Wand Xuanxuan
Aloian, Misha W3 Raushee Warren
Selby, Andrew W3 Jasurbek Latipov
Lomachenko, Vasyl W3 Domenico Valentino
Toledo, Yasnier W3 Gani Zhailauov

Gold Medal Bouts

Khytrov, Ievgen W3 Ryota Murata
La Cruz, Julio W3 Adilbek Niyazymbetov
Usyk, Oleksandr W3 Teymur Mammadov
Medzhidov, Magomedrasul W3 Anthony Joshua
Shimming, Zou W3 Jong Shin
Aloian, Misha W3 Andrew Selby
Alvarez, Lazaro W3 Luke Campbell
Lomachenko, Vasyl W3 Yasniel Toledo
Dos Santos, Everton W3 Denys Berinchyk
Shelestyuk, Taras W3 Serik Sapiyev

Battle Of The Badges 2010 - FDNY Vs NYPD – 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Soukas, John W3 Mark Sinatra
Aristilde, Leonardo W3 Ricky Velazquez
Reno, Mike W3 Russell Jung
Martin, DJ W3 Mike Russo
Phillips, John W3 John Ryan
Cruz, Rob W3 Mike Tracey

Battle Of The Badges 2011 – 3 ( Hours )

Soukas, John W3 Mark Sinatra
Aristilde, Leonardo W3 Ricky Velazquez
Reno, Mike W3 Russell Jung
Martin, DJ W3 Mike Russo
Phillips, John W3 John Ryan
Cruz, Rob W3 Mike Tracey
Ishaq, Johnny W3 Brian McNicholas
Allen, Joel W3 Mark Pachot
Irizarry, Felipe W3 Tito Medina

Albert Hall Amatuer Cup 2011
UK Combined Services Vs USA Armed Forces

Khan, Shamin W3 Tom Payne
Canale, Joseph W3 Chris Smith
Price, Darnell W3 Jack Jones
Antoine, Tyler W3 Adam Levey
Faerber, David W3 Joe Kirby
Truslove, Marc KO3 Felix Magallenez
Ormston, Paul W3 Angelo Lonero
Rosado, Freddy W3 Shaun Dick
Whitfield, Adam W3 Jesus Aguilera

USA Vs China 2010 - Amatuer ( 2 Hours )

Flores, Eric W3 Ding Hu
Zhang, Jiawei KO2 Ricky Rodriguez
Manuel, Patricia W4 Cheng Dong
Hart, Jesse W3 Jianting Zhang
Defazio, Alyssa W4 Jinzi Li
Meng, Fanlong W3 Marquice Weston
Shimming, Zou W3 Santos Vasquez

2012 NY Golden Gloves

Vargas, Ronniel W3 Benjamin Baez
Roman, Juan W3 Michael Stoute
Cruz, Christina KO2 Florina Novac
Zherebnenko, Vassiliy W3 Bryant Cruz
Hughes, Michael W3 Yurick Mamedov
Day, Patrick W3 Christopher Galeano
Marte, Joshua Ray W3 Timothy Dougherty
Humphrey, Jerry W3 Anthony Merete
Williams, Joseph W3 Max Tassy
Caramanno, Anthony W3 Oscar Moreno
Shiraldo, Joe W3 Dequan Burgos
Ferrer, Wesley W3 Vrian Ceballo

2012 AIBA European Olympic Qualifying Event, Trabzon, Turkey


Pehlivan, Ferhat W3 Aleksander Emilov Aleksandrov
Oubaali, Nordine W3 Selcuk Eker
Ishchenko, Pavlo (Walkover ) Magomed Abdulhamidov
Petrauskas, Evaldas ( Walkover ) Vazgen Safaryants
Sener, Yakup W3 Chabane Fehim
Nolan, Adam Patrick W3 Patrick Wojcicki
Kilicci, Adem ( Walkover ) Anthony Ogogo
Muzaffer, Bahram W3 Vatan Huseynli
Pulev, Tervel W3 Vladimir Cheles
Omarov, Magomed KO2 Tony Victor James Yoka

2012 ABA Championship Finals

Bateson, Jack W3 Jack Malik (HL)
McCully, Joe W3 Joel Spragg
Bellotti, Reece W3 Joseph Maphosa
Ashfaq, Qais W3 Simon Corcoran
Leather, Joshua W3 Robbie Matthews
Adolphe, Louis W3 Robbie Davies
Muchapondwa, Tamuka W3 Lewis Ritson
Fawaz, Kelvin W3 Louis Cunningham
Dignum, Danny W3 Peter Martin
Garvey, Kirk W3 Peter Bebbington
Jumah, Deion W3 Declan Fusco
Barclay, Simon W3 Gregg Bridet
Joyce, Joseph W3 Frazer Clarke

2012 AIBA World Women's Championships - Qinhuangdao, China

Gabuco, Josie W4 Xu Shiqi
Cancan, Ren W4 Nicola Adams
Kuleshova, Alexandra W4 Terry Gordini
Brown, Tiara W4 Sandra Kruk
Taylor, Katie W4 Sofia Ochigava
Ok , Pak-Kyong W4 Magdalena Stelmach
Badulina, Maria W4 Raquel Miller
Marshall, Savannah W4 Elena Vystropova
Meiqing, Yuan W4 Franchon Crews
Yunfei, Li W4 Yuldus Mamatkulova

2012 Americas Olympic Qualifiers

Vargas, Francisco W3 Jamel Herring
Hunter, Michael W3 Julio Castillo
Breazeale, Dominic W3 Gerardo Brisbal
Gausha, Terrell W3 Junior Castillo
Browne, Marcus W3 Yamaguchi Falcao
Perea, Ytalo W3 Dominic Breazeale

2012 London Olympics


Diaz jr, Joseph W3 Pavlo Ishchenko
Vodopiyanov, Sergey W3 Alberto Ezequiel Melian
De Jesus, Robenilson Viera W3 Orzubek Shayimov
Nevin, John Joseph W3 Dennis Ceylan
Abutalipov, Kanat W3 Wessam Slamana
Valdez, Oscar Fierro W3 Shiva Thapa
Ogogo, Anthony W3 Junior Martinez Castillo
O’Neill, Darren W3 Muideen Akanji
Hartel, Stefan W3 Enrique Collazo
Kasuto, Mujandjae W3 Sobirdzhon Nazarov
Harcsa, Zoltan W3 Jose Espinoza Mena
Parrinello, Jahyn W3 Jonas Matheus
Balla, Ibrahim W3 Seddick Lbida
Dalakliev, Detelin W3 Ayabonga Sonjica
Alcantara, William Encarnacion W3 Braexir Lemboumba
Shimizu, Satashi W3 Isaac Dogboe
Atoev, Abbos W3 Badr-Eddine Haddioui
Gausha, Terrell KO3 Andranik Hakobyan
Vijender W3 Danabek Suzhanov
Kilicci, Adem W3 Nursahat Pazziyev
Drenovak, Aleksander W3 Marlo Delgado Suarez
Rahou, Abdelmalek W3 Jesse Ross
Romero, Wellington W3 Eduar Marriaga
Mejri, Ahmed W3 Shafiq Chitou
Sanchez, Felix W3 Juan Huertas Garcia
Zhailauov, Gani W3 Saylom Ardee
Bhagwan, Jai W3 Andrique Allisop
Liu, Qiang W3 Luke Jackson
Belous, Vasilii W3 Selemani Kidunda
Byamba, Tuvshinbat W3 Yannick Mitoumba
Vastine, Alexis W3 Patrick Wojcicki
Clayton, Custio W3 Oscar Molina Casillas
Hammond, Cameron W3 Moustapha Abdoulaye Hima
Evans, Freddie W3 IIyas Abbadi
Taylor, Josh W3 Robson Conceicao
Petrauskas, Evaldas W3 Miklos Varga
Keles, Faith W3 Abdelkader Chadi
Gaibnazarov, Fazliddin W3 Yhyacinthe Mewoli Abdon
Brahimi, Samir W3 Jackson Darren Woods
Neto, Julio Henriques W3 Jong Choi Pak
Ocasio, Jeyvier Cintron W3 Oteng Oteng
Njangiru, Benson W3 Hesham Abdelaal
Nyambayar, Tugstsogt W3 Elvin Mamishzada
Almatbouli, Ihab W3 Lukmon Lawal
Florentino, Yamaguchi Falcoa W3 Sumit Sangwan
Fanlong, Meng W3 Ahmed Barki
Ramirez, Jose W3 Rachid Azzedine
Han, Soonchul W3 Mohamed Eliwa
Spence, Errol W3 Myke Riberio De Carvalho
Nolan, Adam W3 Carlos Sanchez Estacio
Zamkovoy, Andrey W3 Qiong Mai Maititursun
Lusizi, Siphiwe W3 Ahmed Abdulkareem Ahmed
Perez, Gabriel Maestre W3 Amin Ghasemi Pour
Suzuki, Yasuhiro W3 Mehd Khalsi
Elmekachari, Yahia W3 Jakhon Qurbonov
Hooper, Damien W3 Marcus Browne
Oubaali, Nordine W3 Ajmal Faisal
Micah, Duke W3 Jason Lauigilante
Butdee, Chatchai W3 Selcuk Eker
Carrazana, Robiisy Ramirez W3 Katsuaki Susa
Suleimenov, IIyas W3 Salomo Ntuve
Mercado, Carlos Gongora W3 Vatan Huseynli
Rouzbahani, Eshan W3 Jeysson Monroy Varela
Gvozdyk, Olekdandr W3 Mikhail Dauhaliavets
Amador, Osmar Bravo W3 Bosko Draskovic
Kolling, Enrico W3 Christian Donfack Adjoufack
Soto, Yosbany Veitia W3 Billy Ward
Barriga, Mark W3 Manuel Cappai
Zhakypov, Birzhan W3 Jeremy Beccu
Essomba, Thomas W3 Abdelali Darra
Singhlaishram, Devendro KO1 Bayron Molina Figueroa
Sotolongo, Roniel Iglesias W3 Cesar Villarrago Aldama
Rahmonov, Uktamjon W3 Anderson Rojas Mina
Sener, Yakup W3 Serge Ambomo
Yeleussinov, Daniyar W3 Jamel Herring
Toloutibandpi, Mehdi W3 Jonathan Alonso Flete
Kate, Gyula W3 Eslam Mohamed
Marcano, Jantony Ortiz W3 Tetteh Sulemanu
Pehlivan, Ferhat W3 Carlos Suarez
Pilataxi, Carlos Quipo W3 Jose Dela Nieve Linares
Pongprayoon, Kaeo W3 Mohamed Flissi
Aleksandrov, Aleksandar W3 Juliano Fernando Gento Maquina
Kumar, Manoj W3 Serdar Hudayberdiyev
Colin, Richarno W3 Abdelhak Aatakni
Uranchimeg, Munkh Erdene W3 Zdenek Chladek
Horn, Jeffrey W3 Gilbert Choombe
Houya, Aberrazak W3 Gaybatulla Gadzhialiyev
Yigit, Anthony W3 Francisco Vargas Ramirez
Estrada, Lazaro Alvarez W3 Joseph Diaz Jr
De Jesus, Robenilson Vieira W3 Sergey Vodopiyanov
Nevin, John Joseph W3 Kanat Abutalipov
Fierro, Oscar Valdez W3 Anvar Yunusov
Beterbiev, Artur W3 Michael Hunter
Pulev, Tervel W3 Xuanxuan Wang
Jara, Yamil Peralta W3 Chouaib Bouloudinats
Medzhidov, Magomedrasul KO2 Meji Mwanba
Omarov, Magomed W3 Dominic Breazeale
Arjaoui, Mohammed W3 Blaise Yepmou Mendouo
Cammarelle, Roberto W3 Ytala Perea Castillo
Campbell, Luke W3 Jahyn Vittorio Parrinello
Dalakliev, Detelin W3 Ibrahim Balla
Ouadahi, Mohamed Amine W3 William Encarnacion Alcantara
Abdulhamidov, Magomed W3 Satoshi Shimizu
Mammadov, Teymur W3 Jai Tapu Opetaia
Gomez, Jose Larduet WDQ2 Ali Mazaheri
Karneyeu, Siarhei W3 Julio Castillo Torres
Dychko, Ivan W3 Erik Pfiefer
Kean, Simon W3 Tony Yoka
Zhang, Zhilei KO2 Johan Linde
Joshua, Anthony W3 Erislandy Savon Cotilla
Lomachenko, Vasyl W3 Wellington Arias Romero
Sanchez, Felix Verdejo W3 Ahmed Mejri
Zhailauov, Gani W3 Jai Bhagwan
Lopez, Yasnier Toledo W3 Qiang Liu
Ogogo, Anthony W3 Ievgen Khytrov
Hartel, Stefan W3 Darren O’Neill
Harcsa, Zoltan W3 Mujandjae Kasuto
Florentino, Falcao Esquiva W3 Soltan Migitinov
Valentino, Domenico W3 Josh Taylor
Petrauskas, Evaldas W3 Faith Keles
Giabnazarov, Fazliddin W3 Jose Ramirez
Han, Soonchul W3 Vazgen Safaryants
Atoev, Abbos W3 Bogdan Juratoni
Vijender W3 Terrell Gausha
Kilicci, Adem W3 Aleksandar Drenovak
Murata, Ryota W3 Abdelmalek Rahou
Aloian, Misha W3 Samir Brahimi
Ocasio, Jeyvier Cintron W3 Juliao Henriques Neto
Latipov, Jasurbek W3 Hesham Abdelaal
Nyambayar, Tugstsogt W3 Voncenzo Picardi
Shelestyuk, Taras W3 Vasilii Belous
Vastine, Alexis W3 Tuvshinbat Byamba
Clayton, Custio W3 Cameron Hammond
Evans, Freddie W3 Egidijus Kavaliauskas
Oubaali, Nordine W3 Raushee Warren
Conlan, Michael W3 Duke Micah
Carrazana, Robeisy Ramirez W3 Chatchai Butdee
Selby, Andrew W3 IIyas Seleimenov
Spence, Errol W3 Krishan Vikas
Zamkovoy, Andrey W3 Adam Nolan
Perez, Gabriel Maestre W3 Siphiwe Lusizi
Sapiyev, Serik W3 Yasuhiro Suzuki
Zou, Shiming W3 Yosbany Veitia Soto
Zhakypov, Birzhan W3 Mark Barriga
Barnes, Paddy W3 Thomas Essomba
Florentino, Yamaguchi Falcao W3 Meng Fanlong
Rasulov, Elshod W3 Yahia Elmekachari
Mekhontcev, Egor W3 Damien Hooper
Ayrapetyan, David W3 Jantory Ortiz Marrano
Pehlivan, Ferhat W3 Ramy Elawady
Pongprayoon, Kaeo W3 Carlos Quipo Pilataxi
Aleksandrov, Aleksandar W3 Jonghun Shin
Stalker, Thomas W3 Manoj Kumar
Uranchimeg, Munkh Erdene W3 Richarno Colin
Horn, Jeffrey W3 Abderrazak Houya
Berinchyk, Denys W3 Anthony Yigit
Nrzazymbetov, Adilbek W3 Carlos Gongora Mercado
Rouzbahani, Eshan W3 Bahram Muzzaffer
Gvozdyk, Oleksandr W3 Osmar Bravo Amador
Benchabla, Abdelhafid W3 Enrico Kolling


Estrada, Lazara Alvarez W3 Robenlison Vieira DeJesus
Nevin, John Joseph W3 Oscar Valdez Fierro
Campbell, Luke W3 Detelin Dalakliev
Shimizu, Satoshi W3 Mohamed Amine Ouadahi
Usyk, Oleksandr W3 Artur Beterbiev
Pulev, Tervel W3 Yamil Prealta Jara
Mammadov, Teymur W3 Siarhei Kariieyev
Russo, Clemente W3 Jose Larduet Gomez
Lomachenko, Vasyl W3 Felix Verdejo Sanchez
Zhailauov, Gani W3 Yasnier Toledo Lopez
Petrauskas, Evaldas W3 Domenico Valentino
Han, Soonchul W3 Fazliddin Gaibnazarov
Ogogo, Anthony W3 Stefan Hartel
Florentino, Esquiva Falcao W3 Zoltan Harcsa
Atoev, Abbos W3 Vijender
Murata, Ryota W3 Adem Klicci
Medzhidov, Magomedrasul W3 Magomed Omarov
Cammarelle, Roberto W3 Mohammed Arjaoui
Dychko, Ivan W3 Simon Kean
Joshua, Anthony W3 Zhilei Zhang
Aloian, Misha W3 Jayvier Cintron Ocasio
Nyambayar, Tugstsogt W3 Jasurbek Latipov
Conlan, Michael W3 Nordine Oubaali
Carrazana, Robeisy Ramirez W3 Andrew Selby
Shelestyuk, Taras W3 Alexis Vastine
Evans, Freddie W3 Custio Clayton
Zamkovoy, Andrey W3 Errol Spence
Sapiyev, Serik W3 Gabriel Maestre Perez
Zou, Shiming W3 Birzhan Zhakypov
Barnes, Paddy W3 Devendro Singh Liashram
Ayratpetyan, David W3 Ferhat Pehlivan
Pongprayoon, Kaeo W3 Aleksandar Alekandrov
Sotolongo, Roniel Iglesias W3 Uktamjon Rahmonov
Mangiacapre, Vincenzo W3 Daniyar Yelevssinov
Urachimeg, Munkh Erdene W3 Thomas Stalker
Berinchyk, Denys W3 Jeffrey Horn
Florentino, Yamaguchi Falcao W3 Julio La Cruz Peraza
Mekhontcev, Egor W3 Elshod Rasulov
Niyazymbetov, Abilbek W3 Eshan Rouzbahani
Gvozdyk, Oleksandr W3 Abdelhafid Benchabla


Zou, Shiming W3 Paddy Barnes
Pongprayoon, Kaeo W3 David Ayrapetyan
Nevin, John Joseph W3 Lazaro Alvarez Estrada
Campbell, Luke W3 Satoshi Shimizu
Sotolongo, Roniel Iglesias W3 Vincenzo Mangiacpre
Berinchyk, Denys W3 Munkh Erdene Uranchimeg
Florentino, Esquiva Falcao W3 Anthony Agogo
Murata, Ryota W3 Abbos Atoev
Usyk, Oleksandr W3 Tervel Pulev
Russo, Clemente W3 Teymur Mammadov
Nyambayar, Tugstsogt W3 Misha Aloian
Carrazana, Robiesy Ramirez W3 Michael Conlan
Lomachenko, Vasyl W3 Yasnier Toledo Lopez
Han, Soonchul W3 Evaldas Petrauskas
Evans, Freddie W3 Taras Shelestyuk
Sapiyev, Serik W3 Andrey Zankovoy
Mekhontcev, Egor W3 Yamaguchi Falcao Florentino
Niyazymbetov, Aldibek W3 Oleksandr Gvozdyk
Cammarelle, Roberto W3 Medzhidov Magonedrasul
Joshua, Anthony W3 Ivan Dychko

Womens Prelims

Magliocco, Karlha W4 Erica Matos
Hmangte, Chungneijang Mery Kom W4 Karolina Michalczuk
Petrova, Stoyka W4 Siona Fernandes
Jonas, Natasha W4 Quanitta Underwood
Dong, Cheng W4 Mihaela Lacatus
Araujo, Adriana W4 Saida Khassenov
Pritchard, Alexis W4 Rim Jouini
Volnova, Marina W4 Elizabeth Andiego
Laurell, Anna W4 Namoi Lee Fischer Rasmussen
Li, Jinzi W4 Roseli Feitosa
Ogoke, Edith W4 Elena Vystropova

Womens Quarters

Ochigavaw, Sofya W4 Alexis Pritchard
Volnova, Marina W4 Savannah Marshall
Shields, Claressa W4 Anna Laurell
Li, Jinzi W4 Mary Spencer
Torlopova, Nadezda W4 Edith Ogoke
Cancan, Ren W4 Elena Savelyeva
Esparza, Marlen W4 Karlha Magliocco
Hmangte, Chungneijang Mery Kom W4 Maroua Rahali
Adams, Nicola W4 Stoyka Petrova
Taylor, Katie W4 Natasha Jonas
Chorieva Mavzuna W4 Cheng Dong
Araujo, Adriana W4 Mahjouba Oubtil

Womens Semis

Cancan, Ren W4 Marlen Esparza
Adams, Nicola W4 Chungneijang Mery Kom Hmangte
Taylor, Katie W4 Mavzuna Chorieva
Ochigava, Sofya W4 Adriana Araujo
Shields, Claressa W4 Mariana Volnova
Torlopova, Nadezda W4 Jinzi Li

Womens Gold Medal Bouts

Adams, Nicola W4 Cancan Ren
Taylor, Katie W4 Sofya Ochigava
Shields, Claressa W4 Nadezada Torlopova

Mens Gold Medal Bouts

Shiming, Zou W3 Kaeo Pongprayoon
Campbell, Luke W3 John Joseph Nevin
Sotolongo, Roniel Iglesias W3 Denys Berinchyk
Murata, Ryota W3 Esquiva Falcao Florentino
Usyk, Oleksandr W3 Clemente Russo
Carrazana, Robeisy Ramirez W3 Tugstsogt Nyambayar
Lomachenko, Vasyl W3 Soonchul Han
Sapiyev, Serik W3 Freddie Evans
Mekhontcev, Egor W3 Adilbek Niyazymbetov
Joshua, Anthony W3 Roberto Cammarelle

2013 AIBA World Championships

Zhakypov, Birzhan W3 Yosbany Soto
Flissi, Mohamed W3 David Rodriguez
Chalabiyev, Javid W3 Kairat Yeraliyev
Nikitin, Vladimir W3 Mykola Butsenko
Akshalov, Merey W3 Everton Lopes
Lopez, Yasnier W3 Munkh Erdene Uranchimeg
Quigley, Jason W3 Artem Chebotarev
Russo, Clemente W3 Teymu Mammadov
Tishchenko, Evgeny W3 Yamil Peralta
Latipov, Jasurbek W3 Andrew Selby
Aloian, Misha W3 Chatchai Butdee
Conceicao, Robson W3 Domenico Valentino
Estrada, Lazaro W3 Berik Abdrakhmanov
Yeleussinov, Daniyar W3 Arajik Marutjan
Despaigne, Arisnoidys W3 Gabriel Maestre
Niyazymbetov, Adilbek W3 Oybek Mamazulunov
Peraza, Julio W3 Joseph Ward
Medzhidov, Magomedrasul W3 Roberto Cammarelle
Dychko, Ivan W3 Erik Pfeifer

Zhakypov, Birzhan W3 Mohamed Flissi
Aloian, Misha W3 Jasurbek Latipov
Chalabiyev, Javid W3 Vladimir Nikitin
Estrada, Lazaro W3 Robson Conceicao
Akshalov, Merey W3 Yasnier Lopez
Yeleussinov, Daniyar W3 Arisnoidys Despaigne
Alimkhanuly, Zhanibek W3 Jason Quigley
Peraza, Julio W3 Adilbek Niyazymbetov
Russo, Clemente W3 Evgeny Tishchenko
Medzhidov, Magomedrasul KO3 Ivan Dychko

2016 APB / WSB Olympic Qualification Event


Yilmaz, Yasin W3 Jose Javier Rosario
Tommasone, Carmine W3 Oleh Dovhun
Ruenroeng, Amnat W3 Artur Bril
Tryc, Mateusz Jerzy W3 Norbert Nenesapati
Palacio, Juan Carlos Carrillo KO1 Petar Mavkovic
Ciobanu, Petru W3 Dilbag Singh
Solonenko, Denys W3 Shi Guojun
Esquivel, Jonathan W3 Spas Genov
Calic, Marko W3 Israel Duffus
Torres, Julio Cesar Castillo W3 Cam F Awesome
Fatych, Maksyn W3 Gaurav Bidhuri
Touba, Hamza W3 Hermogenes Elizabeth Castillo
Tharumalingam, Thulasi W3 Massimiliano Ballisai
Matviichuk, Volodymyr W3 Carlos Portillo
Bachkov, Hovhannes W3 Raymond Peter Moylette
Ndiaye, Youba Sissokho W3 Serhii Bohachuk
Neeraj, Goyat W3 Dimitrios Poulikos Tsagkrakos
Marutjan, Arajik W3 Paul Kroll

Quarter Finals

Jonghun, Shin W3 Nazar Kurotchyn
Altamirano, Joselito Velazquez W3 Angelino Rafael Cordova Martinez
Njangiru, Benson Gicharu W3 Riccardo D'Andrea
Gokcek, Ibrahim W3 Ham Sangmyeong
Mora, Hector Luis Garcia W3 Edgardo Oscar Rolon Varela
Tryc, Mateusz Jerzy W3 Ladislav Kutil
Palacio, Juan Carlos Carrilo W3 Petru Ciobanu
Solonenko, Denys W3 Rogelio Romero
Njikam, Hassan Ndam W3 Jonathan Esquivel
Blanc, Leandro W3 Carlos Suarez
Suarez, Marlo Javier Delgado W3 Raul Sanchez Marte
Sipal, Onder W3 Francisco Alexis Concepcion Abreu
Pinto, Endry Jose Saavedra W3 Arman Aramais Hakobyan
Paskali, Xhek W3 Bogdan Andrei Juratoni
Mata, Edgar Ramon Munoz W3 Ahmad Samir Abdelomoaz Henfy
Nascimento, Cosme Dos Santos W3 Istvan Bernath
Haipeng, Mu W3 Newfel Ouatah
Arkhypenko, Rostylav W3 Magomed Omarov

Semi Finals

Pilataxi, Carlos Eduardo Quipo W3 Leandro Blanc
Altamirano, Joselito Velazquez W3 Shin Jonghun
Njangiru, Benson Gircharu W3 Victor Rodriguez
Mora, Hector Luis Garcia W3 Ibrahim Gokcek
Tharumalingam, Thulasi W3 Carlos Aquino
Bachkov, Hovhannes W3 Volodymyr Matviichuk
Suarez, Marlo Javier Delgado W3 Onder Sipal
Pinto, Endry Jose Saavedra W3 Xhek Paskali
Calic, Marko W3 Alfonso Jose Flores Millan
Torres, Julio Cesar Castillo W3 Gevorg Mamkain
Rivas, Yoel Segundo Finol W3Maksym Fatych
Touba, Hamza W3 Ceiber David Avila Segura
Garza, Lindolfo Delgado W3 Yasin Yilmaz
Ruenroeng, Amnat W3 Carmine Tommasone
Marin, Juan Pablo Romero W3 Youba Sissokho Ndiaye
Marutjan, Arajik W3 Goyat Neeraj
Palacio, Juan Carlos Carrillo KO2 Mateusz Jerzy Tryc
Njikam, Hassan Ndam W3 Denys Solonenko
Mata, Edgar Ramon Munoz W3 Cosme Dos Santos Nascimento
Arkhypenko, Rostyslav W3 Mu Haipeng

Box Off's ( 3rd Place )

Segura, David Avila W3 Maksym Fatch
Tommasone, Carmine W3 Yasin Yilmaz
Ndiaye, Youba Sissokho W3 Goyat Neeraj
Blanc, Leandro W3 Shin Jonghun
Rodriguez, Victor W3 Ibrahim Gokcek
Sipal, Onder W3 Xhek Paskali

Gold Medal Bouts

Rivas, Yoel Segundo Finol W3 Hamza Touba
Garza, Lindolfo Delgado KO2 Amnat Ruenroeng
Palacio, Juan Carlos Carrillo W3 Hassan Ndam Njikam
Mata, Edgar Ramon Munoz W3 Rostyslav Arkhypenko
Altamirano, Joselito Velazquez W3 Carlos Eduardo Quipo Pilataxi
Bachkov, Hovhannes KO3 Thulasi Thargumalingam
Suarez, Marlo Javier W3 Endry Jose Saavedra Pinto
Torres, Julio Cesar Castillo W3 Marko Calic

2016 Rio Olympic Games Boxing


Yafai, Galal W3 Simplics Fotsala
Martinez, Yurberjen W3 Patrick Lourenco
Carmona, Samuel W3 Artur Hovhannisyan
Tommasone, Carmine W3 Lindolfo Delgado
Narimatsu, Daisuke W3 Luis Angel Cabrera
Balderas, Carlos W3 Berik Abdrakhmanov
Sep, Hrvoje W3 Abdelrahman Salah
Nogueira, Juan W3 Jason Whateley
Velazquez, Joselito W3 Leandro Blanc
Hamunyela, Mathias W3 Rufat Huseynov
Hernandez, Nico W3 Manuel Cappai
Tojibaev, Hurshid W3 Hakan Erseker
Cordina, Joseph W3 Charly Suarez
Yunusov, Anvar W3 Shan Jun
Borges, Michel W3 Hassan N'dam N'Jikam
Carrillo, Juan Carlos W3 Erkin Adylbek Uulu
Okolie, Lawrence W3 Igor Jakubowski
Lacruz, Enrico W3 Chun-En Lai
Abdurashidov, Adlan W3 Thadius Katua
Benbaziz, Reda W3 Mahmoud Abdelaal
Okwiri, Rayton W3 Andrey Zamkovoy
Tuvshinbat, Byambyn W3 Alberto Palmetta
Donnelly, Steven W3 Zohir Kedache
Stanionis, Eimantas W3 Liu Wei
Mina, Carlos Andres W3 Serge Michel
Buatsi, Joshua KO3 Kennedy Katende
Ramiez, Albert W3 Petr Khamukov
Oumiha, Sofiane W3 Teofimo Lopez
Ruengroeng, Amnat W3 Ignacio Perrin
Joyce, David W3 Andrique Allisop
Giyasov, Shakhram W3 Youba Sissokho
Margaryan, Vladimir W3 Winston Hill
Cissokho, Souleymane W3 Imre Bacskai
Ardee, Sailom W3 Pavel Kastamin
Mullenberg, Peter W3 Eshan Rouzbahani
Mammadov, Teymur W3 Denys Solonenko
Dauhaliavets, Mikhail W3 Valentino Manfredonia
Argilagos, Joahnys W3 Galal Yafai
Warui, Peter Mangai W3 Lu Bin
Martinez, Yurberjen W3 Rogen Ladon
Carmona, Samuel W3 Paddy Barnes
Chamov, Simeon W3 Onur Sipal
Maestre, Gabriel W3 Arajik Marutjan
Harcsa, Zoltan W3 Arslanbek Achilov
Assomo, Christian Mbilli W3 Dmytro Mytrofanov
Tishchenko, Evgeny W3 Juan Nogueira
Russo, Clemente W3 Hassen Chaktami
Tulaganov, Rustam W3 Julio Cesar Castillo
Abdullayev, Adbulkadir W3 Paul Omba Biongolo
Dusmatov, Hasaboy W3 Joselito Velazquez
Zhakypov, Birzhan W3 Mathias Hamunyela
Pilataxi, Carlos Quipo W3 Gankhuyagiin Gan Erdene
Hernandez, Nico W3 Vasily Egorov
Mangiacapre, Vincenzo W3 Juan Pablo Romero
Kelly, Josh W3 Walid Sedik Mohamed
Delgado, Mario W3 Endry Jose Pinto Saavedra
Alimkhanuly, Zhanibek W3 Anthony Fowler
Levit, Vasiliy KO3 Yu Fegkai
St Pierre, Kennedy W3 Chouaib Bouloudinats
Peralta, Yamil W3 David Graf
Savon, Erislandy W3 Lawrence Okolie
Alvarez, Lazaro W3 Carmine Tommasone
Balderas, Carlos W3 Daisuke Narimatsu
Tojibaev, Hurshid W3 Joseph Cordina
Conceicao, Robson KO2 Anvar Yunusov
Abbadi Iiyas W3 Anauel Ngamissengue
Shakhsuvarly, Kamran W3 Zhao Minggang
Rodriguez, Misael W3 Waheed Karaawi
Ntsengue, Wilfried W3 Jorge Vivas
Laurent, Clayton W3 Erik Pfeifer
Dorjnyambuugiin, Otgondalai W3 Enrico Lacruz
Benbaziz, Reda W3 Adlan Abdurashidov
Oumiha, Sofiane KO3 Amnat Ruenroeng
Selimov, Albert W3 David Joyce
Abdin, Hosam Bakr W3 Merven Clair
Yadav, Vikas Krishan W3 Charles Conwell
Sipal, Onder W3 Benny Muziyo
Lewis, Daniel W3 Tomasz Jablonski
Majidov, Magomedrasul W3 Mohamed Arjaoui
Asanau, Dzmitry W3 Hector Luis Garcia Mora
Tsendbaatar, Erdenebatyn W3 Benson Gicharu Njangiru
De Jesus, Robenilson W3 Fahem Hammachi
Gaibnazarov, Fazliddin KO3 Dival Malonga
Kumar, Manoj W3 Evaldas Petrauskas
Russell, Gary W3 Richardson Hitchins
Bauderlique, Mathieu W3 Juan Carlos Carrillo
Mina, Carlos Andres W3 Joe Ward
Avagyan, Aram W3 Arashi Morisaka
Bundee, Chatchai W3 Qais Ashfaq
Nikitin, Vkadimir W3 Boe Warawara
Baatarsukhiin, Chinzorig W3 Thulasi Tharumalingam
Bachkov, Hovhannes W3 Luis Arcon
La Cruz, Julio Cesar W3 Mehmet Nadir Unal
Borges, Michel W3 Hrvoje Sep
Melian, Alberto W3 Abdul Omar
Mhamdi, Bilel W3 Inkululeko Suntele
Yeraliyev, Kairat W3 Javid Chalabiyev
Sotomayor, Lorenzo W3 Volodymyr Matviychuk
Amzile, Hassan W3 Jonas Junias
McCormack, Pat W3 Ablaikhan Zhussupov
Cissokho, Souleymane W3 Parviz Baghirov
Ardee, Sailom W3 Simeon Chamov
Yeleussinov, Daniyar W3 Josh Kelly
Mammadov, Teymur W3 Peter Mullenberg
Niyazymbetov, Adilbek W3 Mikhail Dauhaliavets
Sangmyeong, Ham W3 Victor Rodriguez
Hamout, Mohamed W3 Mykola Butsenko
Ramirez, Robeisy W3 Shiva Thapa
Biyarslanov, Arthur W3 Obada Al Kasbeh
Gozgec, Batuhan W3 Mahaman Smaila
Teixeira, Joedison W3 Abdelkader Chadi
Rabil, Mohammed W3 Rayton Okwiri
Donnelly, Steven W3 Byambyn Tuvshinbat
Giyasov, Shakhram W3 Eimantas W3 Shakhram Giyasov
Igleias, Roniel KO1 Vladimir Margaryan
Buatsi, Joshua KO3 Elshod Rasulov
Benchabla, Abdelhafid W3 Albert Ramirez
Kob, Tatyana W4 Stanimira Petrova
Bujold, Mandy W4 Yodgoroy Mirzaeva
Potkonen, Mira W4 Adriana Araujo
Junhua, Yin W4 Hasana Lachgar
Lopez, Arlen KO1 Zoltan Harcsa
Assomo, Christian Mbilli W3 Marlo Delgado
Alimkhanuly, Zhanibek W3 IIyas Abbadi
Valencia, Ingrit W4 Judith Mbougnade
Ourahmoune, Sarah W4 Zohra Ez Zahraoui
Mayes, Mikaela W4 Jennifer Chieng
Testa, Irma W4 Shelley Watts
Shakhsuvarly, Kamran W3 Artem Chebotarev
Abdin, Hosam W3 Wilfried Ntsengue
Yadav, Krishan Vika W3 Onder Sipal
Melikuziev, Bektemir W3 Daniel Lewis
Konki, Elie W3 Hamza Touba
Abarca, Elias Emigdio W3 Kharkhuugiin Enkh Amar
Jianguan, Hu W3 Selcuk Eker
Abgaryan, Narek W3 Ronald Serugo
Kharroubi, Achraf W3 Moroke Mokhotho
Joyce, Joe KO1 Davilson Morais
Jalolov, Bakhodir KO2 Edgar Munoz
Ajagba, Efe KO1 Nigel Paul
Dychko, Ivan W3 Magomedrasul Majidov
Sattibayev, Olzhas W3 Jeyvier Cintron
Zoirov, Shakhobidin W3 Brendan Irvine
Vargas, Antonio W3 Juliao Henriques Neto
Finol, Yoel W3 Leonel de los Santos
Asenov, Daniel W3 Fernando Martinez
Yoka, Tony W3 Clayton Laurent
Ishaish, Hussein W3 Mihai Nistor
Pero, Leiner W3 Guido Vianello
Hrgovic, Filip W3 Ali Eren Demirezen
Iakushina, Iaroslava W4 Chen Nien Chin
Shakimova, Dariga W4 Ariane Forin
Conlan, Michael W3 Aram Avagyan
Nikitin, Vladimir W3 Chatchai Butdee
Tsendbaatar, Erdenebatyn W3 Dzmitry Asanau
Stevenson, Shakur W3 Robenilson De Jesus
Dunaytsev, Vitaly W3 Baatarsukhiin Chinzorig
Qianxun, Hu W3 Hovhannes Bachkov
Gaibnazarov, Fazliddin W3 Manoj Kumar
Russell, Gary W3 Wuttichai Masuk
Bandeira, Andreia W4 Atheyna Bylon
Marshall, Savannah W4 Anna Laurell Nash
Jiawei, Zhang W3 Ham Sang Myeong
Ramirez, Robeisy W3 Mohamed Hamout
Melian, Alberto TW2 Bilel Mhamdi
Akhmadaliev, Murodjon W3 Kairat Yeraliyev
Harutyunyan, Artem W3 Arthur Biyarslanov
Gozgec, Batuhan W3 Joedison Teixeira
Sotomayor, Lorenzo W3 Hassan Amzile
Toledo, Yasniel W3 Pat McCormack
Mamishzada, Elvin W3 Olzhas Sattibayev
Zoirov, Shakhobidin W3 Antonio Vargas
Finol, Yoel W3 Muhammad Ali
Flissi, Mohamed W3 Daniel Asenov
Aloyan, Misha W3 Elie Konki
Avila, Cieber W3 Elias Emigdio
Jianguan, Hu W3 Narek Abgaryan
Veitia, Yosvany W3 Achraf Kharroubi

Quarter Finals

Dusmatov, Hasanboy W3 Birzhan Zhakypov
Hernandez, Nico W3 Carlos Quipo Pilataxi
Levit, Vasiliy W3 Kennedy St Pierre
Savon, Erislandy W3 Yamil Peralta
Argilagos, Joahnys W3 Peter Mangai Warui
Martinez, Turberjen W3 Samuel Carmona Herrera
Tishenko, Evgeny W3 Clemente Russo
Tulaganov, Rustam W3 Abdulkadir Abdullayev
Alvarez, Lazaro W3 Carlos Balderas
Conceicao, Robson W3 Hurshid Tojibaev
Dorjnyambuu, Otgondalai W3 Reda Benbaziz
Oumiha, Sofiane W3 Albert Selimov
Cissokho, Souleymane W3 Sailom Ardee
Yeleussinov, Daniyar W3 Gabriel Maestre
Rabii, Mohammed W3 Teven Donnelly
Giyasov, Shakhram W3 Roniel Iglesias
La Cruz, Julio Cesar W3 Michel Borges
Bauderlique, Mathieu KO3 Carlos Andres Mina
Buatsi, Joshua W3 Abdelhafid Benchabla
Niyazymbetov, Adilbek W3 Teymur Mammadov
Potkonen, Mira W4 Katie Taylor
Junhua, Yin W4 Yana Alekseevna
Lopez, Arlen W3 Christian Mbilli Assomo
Shakhsuvarly, Kamran W3 Zhanibek Alimkhanuly
Belyakova, Anastasia W4 Mikaela Mayer
Mossely, Estelle W4 Irma Testa
Rodriguez, Misael W3 Hosam Bakr Abdin
Melikuziev, Bektemir W3 Vikas Krishan Yadav
Cancan, Ren W4 Mandy Bujold
Nikitin, Vladimir W3 Michael Conlan
Stevenson, Shakur W3 Erdenebatyn Tsendbaatar
Dunaytsev, Vitaly W3 Hu Qianxun
Gaibnazarov, Fazliddin W3 Gary Russell
Yoka, Tony W3 Hussien Ishaish
Hrgovic, Filip KO2 Lenier Pero
Victoria, Ingrid Valencia W4 Peamwilai Laopeam
Ourahmoune, Sarah W4 Zhania Shekerbekova
Ramirez, Robeisy W3 Jiawei Zhang
Akhmadaliev, Murodjon KO1 Alberto Melian
Harutyunyan, Artem W3 Batuhan Gozgec
Sotomayor, Lorenzo W3 Yasniel Toledo
Joyce, Joe W3 Bakhodir Jalolov
Dychko, Ivan W3 Efe Ajagba
Shields, Claressa W4 Yaroslava Yakushina
Shakimova, Dariga W4 Khadija El Mardi
Qian, Li W4 Andreia Bandeira
Fontijn, Nouchka W4 Savannah Marshall
Zoirov, Shakhobidin W3 Elvin Mamishzada
Finol, Yoel W3 Mohammed Flissi
Aloyan, Misha W3 Cieber Avila
Hu, Jianguan W3 Yosvany Veitia

Semi Finals

Martinez, Yuberjen W3 Joahnys Argilagos
Dusmatov, Hasanboy W3 Nico Hernandez
Levit, Vasiliy W3 Erislandy Savon
Tishchenko, Evgeny W3 Rustam Tulaganov
Conceicao, Robson W3 Lazaro Alvarez
Oumiha, Sofiane W3 Dorjnyambuugiin Otgondalai
Giyasov, Shakhram W3 Mohammed Rabii
Yeleussinov, Daniyar TW2 Souleymane Cissokho
La Cruz, Julio Cesar W3 Mathieu Bauderlique
Niyazymbetov, Adilbek W3 Joshua Buatsi
Adams, Nicola W4 Ren Cancan
Ourahmoune, Sarah W4 Ingrit Valencia
Ramirez, Robeisy W3 Murodjon Akhmadaliev
Lopez, Arlen W3 Kamran Shakhsuvarly
Melikuziev, Bektemir W3 Misael Rodriguez
Zoirov, Shakhobidin W3 Yoel Finol
Aloyan, Misha W3 Hu Jianguan
Gaibnazarov, Fazliddin W3 Vitaly Dunaytsev
Sotomayor, Lorenzo W3 Artem Harutyunyan
Yoka, Tony W3 Filip Hrgovic
Joyce, Joe W3 Ivan Dychko
Shields, Claressa W4 Dariga Shakimova
Fontijn, Nouchka W4 Li Qian

Gold Medal Bouts

Dusmatov, Hasanboy W3 Yuberjen Matinez
Tishchenko, Evgeny W3 Vasily Levit
Conceicao, Robson W3 Sofiane Oumiha
Yeleussinov, Daniyar W3 Shakhram Giyasov
La Cruz, Julio Cesar W3 Adilbek Niyazymbetov
Mossely, Estelle W4 Yin Junhua
Adams, Nicola W4 Sarah Ourahmoune
Ramirez, Robeisy W3 Shakur Stevenson
Lopez, Arlen W3 Bektemir Melikuziev
Shields, Claressa W4 Nouchka Fontijn
Zoirov, Shakhobidin W3 Misha Aloyan
Gaibnazarov, Fazliddin W3 Lorenzo Sotomayor
Yoka, Tony W3 Joe Joyce

Medal Ceremonies

Mens Light Flyweight
Mens Heavyweight
Mens Lightweight
Mens Welterweight
Mens Light Heavyweight
Womens Lightweight
Womens Flyweight
Mens Bantamweight
Mens Middleweight
Womens Middleweight
Mens Flyweight
Mens Light Welterweight
Mens Super Heavyweight
2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games


Nyika, David W3 Yakita Aska
Forrest, Scott W3 Elly Ochola
Clarke, Cheavon W3 Scott Forrest III
Tanwar, Naman W3 Frank Masoe SAM
Whateley, Jason W3 Damien Sullivan
Whateley, Jason W3 Naman Tanwar
Nyika, David W3 Cheavon Clarke
Nyika, David W3 Jason Whateley ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

91+ KG

Mailata, Patrick W3 Mitchell Barton
Agnes, Keddy W3 Arsene Fokou Fosso
Mailata, Patrick W3 Stephen McMonagle
Kumar, Satish W3 Nigel Paul TTO
Clarke, Frazer W3 Toese Vou Siutu
Kumar, Satish KO2 Keddy Agnes
Clarke, Frazer W3 Patrick Mailata
Clarke, Frazer W3 Satish Kumar ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

81 KG

Waterman, Clay W3 Sean Lazzerini
Plodzicki-Faoagali, Ato W3 Awais Ali Khan
Waterman, Clay W3 Mbachi Kaonga
Lee, Sammy W3 Regarn Simbwa
Lee, Sammy W3 Clay Waterman
Plodzicki Faoagali, Ato W3 Harley O'Reilly
Lee, Sammy W3 Ato Plodzicki-Faoagali ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

75 KG Women

Price, Lauren W3 Rady Gramane
Parker, Caitlin W3 Natasha Gale
Parker, Caitlin W3 Millicent Agboegbulem
Price, Lauren W3 Tammara Thibeault
Price, Lauren W3 Caitlin Parker ( Plus Medal Ceremomy )

75 KG

Donnelly, Steven W3 Kyran Jones
Docherty, John W3 Jean Alberte II
Docherty, John W3 Ben Whittaker II
Ntsengue, Dieudonne Wilfried Seyi W3 Ryan Scaife
Donnelly, Steven W3 Henry Tyrell
Krishan, Vikas W3 Benny Muziyo
Krishan, Vikas W3 Steven Donnelly
Ntsengue, Dieudonne Wilfried Seyi W3 John Docherty
Krishan, Vikas W3 Dieudonne Seyi Ntsengue ( Plus Medal Ceremony )


Eccles, Rosie W3 Aubiege Azangue
Scott, Kaye W3 Itunu Oriola
Ryan, Sandy W3 Lovlina Borgohain
Parent, Marie-Jeanne W3 Lorna Simbi
Eccles, Rosie W3 Magan Maka
Ryan, Sandy W3 Marie-Jeanne Parent
Eccles, Rosie W3 Kaye Scott
Ryan, Sandy W3 Rosie Eccles ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

69 KG

Walsh, Aidan W3 Gul Zaib
Newns, Stephen W3 Curlun Richardson
Walsh, Aidan W3 Leroy.Hindley
McCormack, Pat W3 Musa Bwogi
Hill, Winston W3 Stephen Newns
Kumar, Manoj W3 Terry Nickolas
Walsh, Aidan W3 Winston Hill
McCormack, Pat W3 Manoj Kumar
McCormack, Pat W3 Aidan Walsh ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

64 KG

Edwards, William W3 Alston Ryan
McCormack, Luke W3 Sean McComb II
Blumenfeld, Thomas W3 Robbie McKechnie
Silungwe, Nkumbu W3 William Edwards
Jonas, Jonas W3 Dinindu Ponnawela Vidanalage Don
McCormack, Luke W3 Liam Wilson

64 KG

Lartey, Jessie W3 Sinethemba Blom
Blumenfeld, Thomas W3 Nkumbu Silungwe
Blumenfeld, Thomas W3 Jessie Lartey
Jonas, Jonas W3 Luke McCormack
Jonas, Jonas W3 Thomas Blumenfeld ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

60 KG Women

Stridsman, Anja W3 Sarita Devi
Odunuga, Yetunde RSC3 Caroline Veyra
Murney, Paige W3 Alanna Nihell
Garton, Troy W3 Aratwa Kasemang
Stridsman, Anja W3 Troy Garton
Paige, Murney W3 Yetunde Odunuga
Stridsman, Anja W3 Paige Murney ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

60 KG

McGivern, James RSC2 Emmanuel Ngoma
Kaushik, Manish W3 Calum French
Garside, Harry W3 Nathaniel Collins
McGivern, James W3 Jean John Colin
McDonagh, Michael W3 Thadius Katua
Kaushik, Manish W3 James McGivern
Garside, Harry W3 Michael McDonagh
Garside, Harry W3 Manish Kaushik ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

Womens 57 KG

Glover, Vikki W3 Valerian Spicer
Pritchard, Alexis RSC1 Mantoa Ranone
Pritchard, Alexis W3 Keshani Hansika
Walsh, Michaela RSC3 Keamogetse Kenosi
Nicolson, Skye W3 Christelle Aurore Ndiang
Aubin-Boucher, Sabrina W3 Vikki Glover
Walsh, Michaela W3 Alexis Pritchard
Nicholson, Skye W3 Sabrina Aubin-Boucher
Nicolson, Skye W3 Michaela Walsh ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

Mens 56 KG

Walker, Kurt W3 Jack Bowen
Basran, Eric W3 Zweli Dlamini
Mohammed, Hussamuddin W3 Everisto Mulenga
Walker, Kurt W3 Moroke Mokhotho
McGrail, Peter W3 Samuel Yaw Addo
Walker, Kurt W3 Eric Basran
McGrail, Peter W3 Hussamuddin Mohammed
McGrail, Peter W3 Kurt Walker II ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

52 KG

Irvine, Brendan W3 Rajab Mahommed
Solanki, Gaurav W3 Charles Keama
McFadden, Reece W3 Syed Muhammad Asif
Bandara, M Vidanalange Ishan W3 Thabo Molefe
Solanki, Gaurav W3 M Vidanalange Ishan Bandara
Irvine, Brendan W3 Reece McFadden
Solanki, Gaurav W3 Brendan Irvine ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

51 KG Women

McNaul, Carly KO2 Ayisat Oriyomi
Ongare, Christine RSC1 Dulani Jayasinghe
Whiteside, Lisa W3 Pinki Rani
Whiteside, Lisa W3 Taylah Robertson
McNaul, Carly W3 Christine Ongare
Whiteside, Lisa W3 Carly McNaul ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

Women 48 KG

Koddithuwakku, Anusha Dilrukshi RSC1 Brandy Barnes
O'Hara, Kristina W3 Lynsey Holdaway
Kom, MC Mery W3 Megan Gordon
Benny, Tasmyn W3 Lethabo Modukanele
Kom, MC Mery W3 Anusha Koddithuwakky III
O'Hara, Kristina W3 Tasmyn Benny
Kom, MC Mery W3 Kristina O'Hara ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

49 KG

Yafai, Galal W3 Simplice Fotsala
Amit W3 Aqeel Ahmed
Ranasinghe, Thiwanka W3 Berry Namri
Yafai, Galal KO2 Sharvin Kumar Beedassee
Miiro, Juma W3 Shaffi Hassan
Yafai, Galal RSC3 Thiwanka Ranasinghe
Amit W3 Juma Miiro
Yafai, Galal W3 Amit ( Plus Medal Ceremony )

Boxers Vs Other Style Fighters

Disk 1 Antonio Inoki Vs Muhammad Ali ( 1976 )
Antonio Inoki Vs Leon Spinks ( 1986 )
Nobuhiko Takada Vs Trevor Berbick ( 1991 )
Masakatsu Fanaki Vs Roberto Duran ( 1992 )

Disk 2 Kiyoshi Tamura Vs Mathew Saad Muhammad ( 1992 )
Kazuyuki Fujita Vs Imamu Mayfield ( 2003 )
Genki Sudo Vs Butterbean ( 2004 )
Yoshiro Akiyama Vs Frans Botha ( 2004 )
Kimbo Slice Vs Ray Mercer ( 2007 )
Evander Holyfield Vs Matt Hardy ( 2007 )

Iron Heart 10 - No Holds Barred Event
(1 Hour)

World Kombat League - Kick Boxing
(45 Minutes)

Genesis MMA
(1 Hour)

Showtime Elite XC - Shamrock Vs Baroni
(2 Hours 10 Minutes)

ShoXC -
(2 Hours )

Showtime - Challengers Series – Kaufman Vs Hashi )

Showtime Elite XC - Denry Vs Malaipet ( 2 Hours )

Showtime - Challengers Series – Del Rosario Vs Mahe ( 2 Hours 30 Minutes )

Showtime - Challengers Series – Feijao Vs Lawal

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Riggs Vs Taylor ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Strike Force Challenger 11 - Bowling Vs Voelker II ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )

Showtime Strike Force 41 - Henderson Vs Babalu 2 ( 2 Hour 20 Minutes )

Showtime Strike Force - Diaz Vs Noons ( 2 Hour 20 Minutes )

Showtime Strike Force Challenger 13 - Woodley Vs Saffiedine

Showtime Strike Force - World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament

Showtime Strike Force - Henderson Vs Fejao

Showtime Strike Force - World Grand Prix ( Prelim Fights )

Showtime Strike Force - World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament - Final

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Beerbohm Vs Healy

Showtime Strike Force - Dias vs Cyborg

Showtime Strike Force - Diaz vs Daley

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Fodor Vs Terry

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Voelker Vs Bowling III

Showtime Strike Force - Henderson Vs Fedor

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Gurgel Vs Duarte

Showtime Strike Force - World Grand Prix - Barnett Vs Kharitonov

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Larkin Vs Zwicker

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Britt Vs Sayers

Showtime Strike Force - Rockhold Vs Jardine

Showtime Strike Force - Tate Vs Rousey

Showtime Strike Force - Rousey Vs Kaufman ( Prelims )

Showtime Strike Force - Rousey Vs Kaufman

Real Fighting Championships 6
(1 Hour)

The Fight Club CA , TFC - Ford Vs Speer ( 2 Hours )

Fight Fests Best KO’s
(50 Minutes)

Yama Pit Fighting

Fightzone- Gladiator Challenge 2003
(1 Hour 10 Minutes)

Fight Fest 2
(45 Minutes)

Bodog Fight - Episodes 1,2
(1 Hour Each )
Bodog Fight - St Petersburgh
(1 Hour)
Bodog Fight - New Jersey - 2 Episodes
(1 Hour Each )
Bodog Fight - 2 Episodes – Emelianenko Brothers
(1 Hour Each )

Genesis MMA
(45 Minutes)

Heavy Duty Mainstream MMA
(70 Minutes)

Strike Force At The Dome - MMA Event

World Victory Road - Sengoku

Dream 1 - MMA Event

Affliction – Fedor Vs Silva

Affliction 2 – Day Of Reckoning

Cage Warriors - Jay’s Brawl Call ( 25.00 )

Conquest Of The Cage – MMA - ( 1 Hour 45 Minutes )

Combat Fighting Championships 2
( 1 Hour 20 Minutes)

CWC - Scotland The Brave ( 75 Minutes )

CWC - Nightnmare ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Mainstream MMA 4 – Epic Crowing
(65 Minutes)

Sengoku – Soul Of The Fight 2010

K-1 World Grand Prix Championship 2010

K-1 Dynamite 2010

Australian Cage Fighting Championships
( 1 Hour 10 Minutes )

Australian Cage Fighting Championships 2
( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Ultimate Warrior Challenge
( 1 Hour 10 Minutes)

Toughman 2007 - Oklahoma Regional ( 45 Minutes )

Toughman 2007 - Arizona Regional ( 45 Minutes )

Toughman 2007 - Florida Regional ( 45 Minutes )

Toughman 2008 ( 45 Minutes )

Toughman 2008 - Missouri ( 45 Minutes )

Showtime Elite XC - Elite Challenger Series
(2 Hours )

Showtime Elite XC - Uprising
(2 Hours 30 Minutes )

Elite Xtreme Fighting - Kimbo Slice
(2 Hours )

Showtime Elite XC - Elite Challenger Series – Rosa Vs Hamman ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Elite XC - Elite Challenger Series – Hamman Vs Suganuma ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Showtime Elite XC - Elite Challenger Series – Alvarez Vs Ebanez ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Elite XC - Slice Vs Abbott ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Elite XC - Berry Vs Shamrock( 1 Hours 30 Minutes )

Showtime Elite XC - Le Vs Shamrock ( 2 Hour 20 Minutes )

Showtime Elite XC - Slice Vs Thompson ( 2 Hours 20 Minutes )

Showtime Elite XC - Return Of The King ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Elite XC - Lawlor Vs Smith 2 ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )

Showtime Elite XC - Silva Vs Eilers ( 70 Minutes )

Showtime Elite XC - Slice Vs Petrucelli ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Elite XC - Elite Challenger Series – Herman Vs Schall ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Elite XC - Elite Challenger Series Reis Vs Cullum ( 2 Hours 40 Minutes )

Showtime Strike Force - Diaz Vs Shamrock

Showtime Strike Force - Le Vs Smith ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Aina Vs Evangelista ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Villasenor Vs Cyborg ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Bears Vs Woodley ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )

Showtime Strike Force - Cyborg Vs Carano ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Strike Force - Fedor Vs Rogers ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Strike Force - Le vs Morgan ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Strike Force - Melendez Vs Kato ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Strike Force - Misaki Vs Riggs

Showtime Strike Force / Miami - Diaz Vs Zaromskis

Showtime - Challengers Series – Johnson Vs Mahe ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Strike Force - Heavy Artillery - Overeem Vs Rogers ( 2 Hours 30 Minutes )

Showtime Strike Force Challenger - Linland Vs Casey ( 2 Hours )

CBS Strike Force - Shields Vs Henderson Part 1 ( 2 hours 30 minutes )

Showtime Strike Force - Werdum Vs Fedor ( 2 Hours )

Showtime Strike Force Challenger 12 - Riberio Vs Wilcox

Showtime Strike Force - Melendez Vs Masvidal

Showtime Strike Force - World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament Final - Barnett Vs Cormier

Showtime Strike Force - World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament Final - Barnett Vs Cormier ( Prelims )

Ultimate Warrior Challenge II ( 1 Hour 10 Minutes )

UFC : From Bloodsport To Big Time - CNBC ( 45 Minutes )

The Daily Line - UFC 117 Post ( 1 Hour )

Ultimate Royce Gracie ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

M-1 Global 2007

M-1 Global –Arrab Vs Nuschik - ( 1 Hour )

M-1 Global Sumenov Vs Onikenko ( 45 Minutes )

WEC - Live
(1 Hour 30 Minutes)

WEC Wrekcage - 27
(35 Minutes)

WEC Wrekcage - 28
(1 Hour 30 Minutes)

WEC Wrekcage - 29
(45 Minutes)

WEC Wrekcage - 31 (1 Hour 40 Minutes )

WEC 31 - Outside The Cage ( 50 Minutes )

WEC Wrekcage - 32 ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )
WEC - Condit Vs Prater ( 2 Hours )

WEC - Outside The Cage – Faber / Pulver ( 1 Hour )

WEC - Faber Vs Pulver (2 Hours 15 Minutes )

WEC 35 - Condit Vs Miura ( 1 Hour 50 Minutes )

WEC 37 - Torres Vs Tapia ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )

WEC 38 - Varner Vs Cerrone ( 1 Hour 40 Minutes )

WEC 40 - Torres Vs Mizugaki ( 2 Hour 15 Minutes )

WEC - Brown Vs Faber 2 -

WEC - Bowles Vs Torres ( 2 Hours )

WEC - Brown Vs Garcia ( 2 Hours )

WEC - Cerrone Vs Ratcliff

WEC - Varner Vs Henderson

WEC - Aldo Vs Brown

WEC - Hudson Vs Cerrone

WEC 48 - Aldo Vs Faber

WEC 49 - Varner Vs Shalorus

WEC - Bowles Vs Cruz ( 2 Hours )

WEC - Cruz Vs Benavidez 2 - ( 3 Hours )

WEC 51 - Aldo Vs Gamburyan ( 3 Hours )

WEC - Alborto ( 1 Hour )

WEC 52 - Faber Vs Mizugaki ( 3 Hours )

WEC 53 - Pettis Vs Henderson ( 4 Hours )

UWC – Man O’ War ( 3 Hours )

UWC 6 - Capital Punishment

UWC – Confrontation ( 2 Hours )

WFC 5 - Cage Wars ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

X – 1 - Night Of Champions ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

MMA Explosion - ( 2 Hours )

Pure Combat - Home Turf ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

AOF 4 : Damage - Baton Vs Petruzelli ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

AOF - Seasons Beatings ( 80 Minutes )

Art Of Fighting 5 - Baten Vs Turner ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Art Of Fighting 7 - Payday ( 80 Minutes )

Conquest Of The Cage - Bush Vs Showalter ( 2 Hours )

Unconquered Begins - MMA ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Unconquered : November Reign ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Vendetta – Night Of Vengeance / Noble Vs Carter

WFC 8 - Battle Of The Bay 2 ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

2010 - MMA Awards - Spike TV ( 45 Minutes )

Cage Wars - Decade : Monson Vs Mosloboiev

RFC 11 - Greco Vs Sousa ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Bellator 13 – ( 1 Hour )

Bellator 14 - Season 2 Quarter Finals ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 15 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 16 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 17 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 18 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 19 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 20 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 21 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 22 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 23 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 31 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 33 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 34 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 35 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 36 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 38 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 39 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 41 - ( 1.30 )

Bellator 42 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 44 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 45 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 46 - ( 2 Hours )

Bellator 47 - ( 2 Hours )

UWC - Petruzelli Vs Rutherford ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Mainstream 9 – New Era ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

Raging Wolf 8 – Cage Supremacy ( 1 Hour 30 Minutes )

M-1 Global Challenge ( 2 Hours )

MMA 30 - UFC 100 ( 20 Minutes )
MMA 30 - Vanderlia Silva ( 20 Minutes )
MMA 30 - WEC 42 ( 20 Minutes )
MMA 30 - Stephan Bonnar / Frank Mir ( 20 Minutes )
MMA 30 - 2009 Awards - ( 1 Hour )
MMA 30 - Magic Clothing – Latasha Marcolla ( 30 Minutes )
MMA 30 - Ariany Celeste To Prom ( 30 Minutes )
MMA 30 - WEC 44 & UFC 106 ( 30 Minutes )

Human Weapon : Documentaries On Different Forms Of Martial Arts
(45 Minutes Each)
Muay Thai
Savate Street Fighting
Krav Maga
US Marine Corps
Kung Fu
Passport To Pain : Season 1 Recap

Fight Quest : Documentaries On Different Forms Of Martial Arts where 2 guys train in each different style then fight against someone from that style ( 1 Hour Each )
Mexico - Boxing
China - Kung Fu
Japan - Kyo Kushin Karate
Korea - Hapkido
Phillipines - Kali
France - Savate
Indonesia - Silat
Brazilian - Ju Jitsu
Israel - Krav Maga

boxing documentaries